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TikTok: Silly Goose Trend Or Meme-How Did It Start & Who Started It?

 On TikTok, what is the Silly Goose trend? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about it.

On TikTok, one of the most popular viral phenomena is Silly Goose.

When it comes to creating viral material, the video-sharing platform is on top. This is one of the most recent trends.

TikTok: Is It A Meme Or A Silly Goose Trend?

On the social media platform TikTok, one of the many trends is Silly Goose.

Some people even use it as a meme. When you use the expression “silly goose” to describe someone, you are usually implying that they are acting foolish in some way. It is expressed with affection to someone you care for. It’s condescending if it’s not used in this context.

In February 2021, this was a hot trend. TikTok users make content out of ridiculous things.

How and Who Started the Silly Goose Trend?

According to reports, the Silly Goose trend began on May 20, 2020, when TikToker, @mrhamilton, developed the Silly Goose music.

“Well, you can go ahead and get in the pond if you’re going to act like a dumb goose,” Casey Hamilton says in his video. Before becoming renowned on TikTok, the user worked as a teacher at Plant City High School. He currently has 6.3 million followers and over 220 million likes on his Instagram account.

Then, in February 2021, a Valentine’s Day movie about the idiom, Silly Goose, became viral on TikTok as a meme.

Kayla Sims dressed up for a date night, recorded her boyfriend’s reaction, and shared the video on TikTok. The user had not anticipated the video’s unexpected popularity, in which her boyfriend, Stephan Monroe, refers to her as a foolish goose.

The TikTok video, on the other hand, became immensely popular, making its way to different Instagram and Twitter meme pages. Thousands of comments flooded the couple’s social media as a result of her creation’s unexpected rise in popularity.

Sims and Monroe’s Valentine’s Day video became the Silly Goose viral meme, which spread over Tiktok and other social media sites. The video has over 13.5 million views as of right now. As a result, we can argue that the couple is the originators of the meme.

People had mixed reactions to the video, with a few nice responses but the bulk being negative. The pair received a lot of backlash as a result of it. Nonetheless, we may say that they were the ones who began the meme.

Sims is a nuclear engineering major who wants to use his newfound celebrity to bring awareness about issues, despite the fact that it is bad. Monroe claims that the hurtful comments have an impact on content providers as well as other users.

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