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Should reexamine be hyphenated?

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no hyphen – .

Reconquer, Reexamine, Reestablish, and Regain Access

Which one do you use: reexamine or reexamine?

You are said to have reexamined anything any time that you give it an additional close inspection. The prefix re-, which means “again,” is added to the verb examine, which derives from the Roman examinare, which means “to test, try, consider, or think.”

Do you use a hyphen in the word rework?

Because there is no risk of confusion arising from its use with any other word, the prefix “re” should not be hyphenated. For illustration, I need to repress the garment.

Does the word “re-election” come with a hyphen?

The Most Recent Hyphen

Thus, the correct spelling should be “reelection.” The regulations governing the use of hyphens in compound modifiers and other contexts have been relaxed by the Associated Press (AP), which recognizes that the general purpose of hyphens is to improve reader comprehension.

What exactly is meant by the term “reexamine”?

transitive verb. 1: to examine (someone or something) once more, typically with the intention of doing so from a new perspective evaluate the patient/evidence, as well as reexamine our own presumptions I believe that it is more beneficial to reexamine long-standing institutions and tinker with them rather than to completely do away with them.

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What are some synonyms for the term reexamine?

On this page you will find 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related words for the word reexamine. Some of the alternative names for this word include: check carefully, scrutinize, reevaluate, review, reconsider, go back over, re-examine, reappraise, re-evaluate, and thoughts.

What does the prefix “re” mean in the word release?

verb meaning “to release (something) again” in transitive sense “rereleasing” vintage films…

Is it reelected or reelected? reelected or reelected

When someone who has already been elected, such as a politician or an official, is reelected, it means that they have won another election and are therefore entitled to continue in their position as, for instance, president of an organization or an official in that organization.

What exactly does it mean to Relect?

To vote for (a person, a political party, etc.) in order to appoint them to an official post for an additional term.

Should “re-evaluate” have a hyphen in it?

When you add a prefix to a word that begins with a capital letter, such as in the phrase “anti-American,” you must use a hyphen. Second, a hyphen is required in order to prevent the creation of a double i or double a in the following words: anti-insect, ultra-active. (Yet a double e or double o is ok: reassess, cooperate.)

Does the phrase “Re did” have a hyphen in it?

It is true that “re” means “again,” but because leaving out the hyphen could have led to confusion with another word, “re” should be hyphenated. For illustration purposes, the stamps have been reissued. There is no need to employ a hyphen because the word “re” simply cannot be confused with any other word.

Does the word reuse have hyphens?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) only has the word “reuse” (without the hyphen) listed as a headword, however the following are its first two citations: 1838 Extra Globe 23 Aug.

What does it mean to re educate?

rehearse as a transitive verb: to train once more in particular, to rehabilitate through the process of education.

What does the word “re-examine” mean when it’s used in a sentence?

Sentence examples containing the word “re-examine”
  1. It is imperative that the heads of police departments quickly reevaluate their objectives…
  2. Yet there is no question that we need to revisit the subject….
  3. The problem requires fresh consideration in light of the most recent scientific developments…
  4. Yet, the specialists agree that she should be reexamined in order to get a more comprehensive evaluation.

Is hesitance a valid word?

to oppose something, to strive against something, to revolt, to exhibit hesitation, etc.

What is the definition of relict in the English language?

(First Entry of Two) 1: widow. 2: a member of a formerly extinct group of organisms that has managed to keep its species alive also known as a relict, a remnant of a species that was once quite common and now only lives in a certain region. 3a: a rock or relief feature that is still present after other sections of the landscape have vanished.

Is “reelect” a valid word in Scrabble?

a word unscrambler as well as a Scrabble word finder

Words that can be made using reelect in Scrabble.

What exactly does it mean to let out?

1. phrasal verb. When something or someone releases water, air, or breath out, they allow it to flow out or escape. This may also be said of when they breathe out.

What kind of adjective best describes release?

releasable. able to be released; being appropriate for release.

What’s the difference between releasing something and letting it go completely?

The difference between the verbs release and released is that release can mean to let go (of); to cease to retain or contain; or release can also mean to lease again; to grant a new lease of; to allow back; while released is the noun form of the verb.

What exactly does it mean to restudy?

re-examine is a transitive verb that means to examine something or someone again. Hence, I was up all night revising the symphony from the very first bar, acting as though I had never seen it before in my life.-

What is the proper way to once again say review?

  1. 1 go over again, look at again, reassess, recapitulate, reconsider, re-evaluate, re-examine, rethink, revise, run over, take another look at, think over, go over, look at again, rethink, revise, run over, go over, look at again, rethink, revise, run over, rethink
  2. 2 to bring to mind; to remember; to call to mind; to recall; to recollect; to ponder on; to remember; to conjure up.

A re review is an example of what?

a transitive verb that means to look over (anything) once more reexamined the data/case… It would be necessary to discard a number of the reviews, and every one of these studies would need to be reexamined by a different qualified individual…- Susan Wilczynski.

Is “re educated” even a real word?

or the verb forms re-educate (when used with an object), re-educated, and re-educating. to educate once more, especially for fresh reasons; to rehabilitate or reform by means of education, training, political indoctrination, etc.