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Should i tell vivaldi to buy the van rogh?

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Vivaldi will also compete for it during the bidding process, so if you want to make more money off of it (purchase it for a lower price), you shouldn’t tell him about it. Otherwise, he would try to outbid you.

Should you put the van ROH painting up for sale?

It is possible, with the Blood and Wine expansion, to keep the painting while still fulfilling the mission by first hanging it in Corvo Bianco and then selling it to Marcus. This sequence of events must be followed in order. Despite this, the painting will continue to be displayed in Corvo Bianco even after it has been sold.

Should I tell Vivaldi?

But, DO NOT share the secret with your close friend Vivaldi! If you do that, the total cost will jump to 80 crowns from the original 20! After making the purchase of the painting, you are free to choose the optional mission at any moment to deliver it to a patron of the artist’s work… The side quest has been finished now that the painting has been sold.

Where can I sell the preliminary painting I did on my van?

Marcus Hodgson, a book seller in Novigrad, is interested in purchasing the van Rogh picture.

What should I look for when shopping in the auction house in The Witcher 3?

There are three things that are going to be auctioned off:
  • Van Gogh’s “Starry Night Over the Pontar” was one of the 20th century’s most famous paintings.
  • A unique sculpture of an eagle, and if you put in a little additional effort, it will allow you to participate in a treasure hunt worth 300.
  • A pair of eyeglasses that were originally owned by The Professor, a hired assassin, and are currently being sold for 350.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone — Horst Borsodi’s Appearance and Successful Bidding at the Auction #19

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Should I choose Horst’s side or Ewald’s?

On the inside, you will be presented with two options for switching sides: If you stay with Ewald, you will eventually face off against Horst, his two guards, and Quinto. After the struggle is ended, Ewald will insist on keeping the house for himself, which means you will have to fight him as well. When you are finished, you are free to take the house and all of its contents with you.

With which of the Borsodi brothers should I align myself?

Horst Borsodi was born in Novigrad to Maximilian Borsodi and his partner into a vast and, at the time, already wealthy Borsodi family. His grandfather, Maximilian Borsodi, was the patriarch of the family. He grew up in close proximity to his older brother, Ewald.

Would it be possible to hang Starry Night over the pontoon?

Rookie. Despite the fact that it was obtained during a quest, the Starry Night over Pontar River painting can be displayed. However, as a quest item, it cannot be taken with you from New Game to New Game Plus.

Who exactly is this Van ROH?

Iris Bilewitz, who subsequently became Iris von Everec (after marrying Olgierd), sold her artwork under the name Van Rogh, which was an alias or, to be more accurate, a pen name.

Where can I obtain a Viper steel sword?

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Viper steel sword is a type of craftable steel sword that is also a component of the Viper School Gear set. Among the ruins of the Amavet Fortress, which are located in White Orchard, you can see the diagram.

Which painting should be considered authentic in Witcher 3?

The Art Dealer Demonstrate to him that he is incorrect by picking the appropriate painting, which is the Portrait of a Merchant. In exchange for pointing out the correct piece, the dealer will provide you with the following piece of advice: place a bid on the painting by the up-and-coming artist known as Van Rough, and then sell it to a fan who is also a collector in Novigrad for a considerably greater price.

How much cash do you recommend I bring with me to the Witcher 3 auction?

Go to Oxenfurt and visit the auction house there. It is imperative that you bring along a significant amount of money with you. It will be extremely helpful to have 1000 crowns in order to purchase the diagrams for the collective Serpentine School Gear, and roughly 500 crowns will be required in order to win other goods (two) that are related to the side quests.

Where may we possibly find Marcus TK Hodgson?

In Novigrad, Hodgson is a bookseller who has a shop just a few steps from from Hierarch Plaza. He is skilled in Gwent.

Is olgierd good or bad?

The Witcher 3: Why Allowing Olgierd to Perish Is the Better Course of Action in Heart of Stone… The excellent ending of The Witcher 3’s Heart of Stone DLC is usually thought to involve interfering with Gaunter O’Dimm’s mission to acquire Olgierd Von Everec’s soul and beating the Master Mirror at his own game.

Which of these candidates should I select for Open Sesame?

In this side quest, you have the option of working with either Casimir or Quinto, both of whom are safecrackers. Regardless of who you pick, the outcome of the quest could be very different depending on your decision, so be careful. When you meet Casimir, he will be on the verge of committing himself by blowing himself up.

What is the key to success in caretaker?

Attacking The Caretaker immediately after he utilizes one of his powerful attacks, such as his shovel smash or shovel charge, is the most effective strategy for dealing with him. You can also use Northern Wind Bombs to freeze him in place, allowing you to hit him with a Rend that is fully charged. As his health drops below a particular threshold, he will begin to conjure ghosts and fight those he has summoned.

Are you able to rescue Hugo Hoff?

Unfortunately, there is no way to save him, and as a result, you will have to recruit Eveline at this point in order to complete this stage of the quest.

Should I make the purchase of the painting titled Witcher 3?

Regardless of whether you purchase the picture or not, it will show up in The Belles of Beauclair in the future. There are eight possible conclusions to be drawn from the painting: There are three distinct postures, each of which may or may not include the griffin. If the player opts for the sword pose, there is a fourth pose with one of each crest that was used during the tournament.

In The Witcher 3, is it possible to repeat previously completed missions?

No. If you do not complete a mission, you will either need to load a previous save from before that mission or start a new game.

Where in The Witcher 3 can I locate the Wolfsbane item?

Wolfsbane is an component that is used in alchemy, and it may be obtained from any of the following merchants:
  • Anezka in Lobinden.
  • Vilmos Bartok in Flotsam.
  • Mottle outside Vergen.
  • Sambor within the campsite of those who followed the camp.
  • In the Kaedweni base camp, you’ll find Myron.
  • List of relics located within the Kaedweni camp.
  • Felicia Cori in Vergen or Loc Muinne.

What are the steps I need to do to acquire the Viper sword in Witcher 3?

It is only possible to obtain this lethal blade by completing the final main quest of Hearts of Stone, which is titled “Whatsoever a Man Soweth.” In order for Geralt to locate it, he must to make the decision to assist Olgeird von Everec before Gaunter O’Dimm can collect on his obligation. When you are within the puzzle, take the path in the middle that goes under the archway, and when you get to a fork, bear left.

Which portrait is van der Knoob?

Yaromir is a dealer in fine art, and if you convince him that you, too, admire a good painting, he will instruct you to show him some paintings by an artist named Edward van der Knoob. The portrait of a businessman is the piece of art that you are required to specify.

Who exactly is this Witcher professor?

The Professor, also known as the Magister in Polish, is a crafty assassin who appears to have been one of the apparent commanders of Salamandra’s assault on the Kaer Morhen fortress, along with the enigmatic magician Azar Javed. The Professor is known for his smart word choice and his clever remarks. This is one of his defining characteristics.