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Should i side with crater or foundation?

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Who Should You Become Allies With in Order to Complete the Vault 79 Quest? In general, the answer is that you should go with Foundation if you want shotguns, and you should go with Crater if you want heavy weaponry. In either case, regardless of whatever path you choose, you have the opportunity to earn awards from both the Alliance and the Horde.

Is it possible for you to form an alliance with crater and foundation?

As befits Fallout 76’s increased emphasis on people, one of the game’s newest additions is a pair of NPC factions called the Settlers at Foundation and the Raiders of The Crater. You can associate yourself with both of these factions for good benefits, and both of them are new to the game.

In Fallout 76, which faction should you choose to support?

It appears that the vast majority of players choose to play as Settlers right up until the point where they can obtain Chinese Stealth Armor. After then, and especially toward the end of the game, they will take the side of the Raiders due to the fact that achieving maximum reputation with the Raiders makes it possible to acquire the Gauss Minigun as well as the ArmCo Ammo Construction Appliance.

Are you able to fight on the side of the Raiders as well as the settlers?

Deciding Between Becoming a Settler or a Raider

The majority of individuals are under the impression that it is impossible to select both, despite the fact that this is not the case. When players are presented with a option, they mistakenly assume that they may pick only one of the two possible outcomes, despite the fact that there are desirable rewards for BOTH of the possible outcomes.

Who is the best person to ask about the Vault 79?

Have a discussion about the prospects of Vault 79 with the Overseer. After this, you will have the option to speak with Meg, who is with the Raiders, or Paige, who is with the Settlers. You are able to complete all of their quests; however, you will only need to complete one of these two quests in order to go on to the next one when you have finished the Overseer, Overseen quest.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders: A Complete List of Raider and Settler Prizes – Who Do You Want to Fight For?

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Is it possible to cheat death while also keeping trade secrets?

Yes. You are free to complete either set of quests up until you reach the ones that are labeled “Siding with…”

What exactly do you get when you open Vault 79?

Obtainable through the Hidden Treasure side quest, the Vault 79 facilities management keycard is a keycard. Provides access to the ID card reader. The gold processing room is located to the west of the reactor and contains one thousand gold bullion. A possible magazine can be found on the table to the right in the barracks.

Should one align themselves with the settlers or the raiders?

You should go for the raiders if you want to get your hands on the gauss minigun, and you should go for the settlers if you want to use the gauss shotgun or the industrial hand. You are not prevented from receiving any award whatsoever due to the fact that you can eventually achieve maximum reputation with both factions.

Is it possible for you to reach the maximum reputation with raiders and settlers?

When you achieve specific tier criteria, you’ll be eligible for some sweet rewards. In addition, it is feasible to achieve the highest potential reputation with both of the factions.

In Fallout 76, which group is the most beneficial to join?

When you have completed that mission, it will be much more difficult to accomplish, particularly if you want to retain all of the bullion for yourself. The Settlers and the Raiders are the two major groups that can be found in the Crater and the Foundation respectively. The Raiders represent the “bad” faction, while the Settlers are the “good” faction in this conflict.

In Fallout 76, are you able to become a member of the BOS?

In Fallout 4, you had to choose whether to side with the Minutemen, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, or the Institute. However, in Fallout 76, you do not have to choose a faction to support because you are free to join any and all of the available groups. After all, nobody is there to shame you for your traitorous actions.

How exactly do you form an alliance with the crater?

You have been given the mission to speak with Rocksy about a Raider who has abandoned their post and must be eliminated. After chatting with Rocksy, you will need to face the raider and use the [ATTACK] option when speaking to the raider in order to successfully complete the mission. Upon the completion of the raider’s elimination, you should make your way back to The Crater to confer with Rocksy.

Where exactly is Crater fo76 located?

The Crater is a place in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia in the United States of America. Before the year 2103, people used to refer to the spot as the crashed space station.

If you join the Raiders, will you still have access to the Gauss shotgun?

Before you can purchase the plan, you will, however, need to have achieved the maximum possible reputation with the faction as well as the status of ally with the settlers. So, if you participated in the narrative of the wastelander and chose to side with the opposite party, the raiders, you will not be able to purchase the plans from Samuel.

When you open Vault 79, how much gold do you get?

The entire value of the gold we obtain is 710 BILLION dollars. It’s no surprise that I’ve been experiencing gold fever ever since I set eyes on this vault for the very first time. In a nutshell: 1762 crates containing a total of 1,043,204 bars with a value of about 710 BILLION USD.

In Fallout 76, what do the Raiders bring to the table?

Plans can be purchased from both the Raiders and the Settlers of Appalachia in return for Gold Bullion, which is a form of currency in Fallout 76. As your reputation with a certain faction improves from Skeptical to Ally, further plans will become open to you to choose from.

Was Vault 76 a Controlvault?

It was not intended to be a place for the “best and brightest” people in America to live while they rebuilt following the bombing.

How exactly does one acquire the key to the Hornwright stronghold?

The secure location of the safe room is the Hornwright Estate; however, despite the fact that the elevator goes all the way down to there, access is restricted using a laser grid. It is necessary for the player character to travel all the way to the very top of the Mega-Mansion in order to utilize Penelope Hornwright’s computer, which is located in her room at the westernmost point of the mansion, in order to print a keycard.

Where is the key to the Hornwright safe room?

The executive level of the top floor of the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters is where you’ll find the keycard that gives you admission to the Hornwright Estate. On a cart in the basement of the Hornwright summer residence is where another can be found. This one is located inside.

Where exactly is the sensor module for the Eyebot?

Locations. In the course of the quest Trade Secrets, it is possible to retrieve a single Eyebot sensor module from any Eyebot that has been destroyed. If a Charisma check with Penelope Hornwright is successful with a score of 4 or above, a map marker will be added to the location of a wrecked Eyebot that was found in the workshop of the Hornwright Estate.