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Should i keep maelon’s research?

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The Data of Maelon and Eve’s Destiny

Despite the fact that you are initially given the choice between “His study was terrible” and “Might be worth preserving,” the main decision does not arrive until much later. Mordin will save Maelon’s data if you selected “You should help the krogan” or “Hang onto the data” as your response.

Should you throw away Maelon’s work on the research?

Mordin utilizes the data to stabilize Eve, which ultimately results in her survival at Priority: Tuchanka. Assuming Maelon’s data was kept, this scenario plays out. In the event that it was destroyed, Eve will perish while on the mission… In the event that this does not occur, Mordin will either give his life so that the cure for the genophage can be distributed or Shepard will kill him.

What are the repercussions of allowing Maelon to live?

Mordin offers to Maelon that he move to Omega and open his own medical practice there if he is given the chance to survive. In addition, Maelon won’t be able to resume his job because STG is able to cover their traces, and other Krogan wouldn’t be willing to believe that he could cure the genophage, thus they would most likely kill him as soon as they saw him. This will make it impossible for Maelon to restart his work.

Does Mordin usually die me3?

Mordin will have to stay behind in the exploding Shroud tower during the primary plot mission of Mass Effect 3, which is titled “Priority: Tuchanka,” in order for him to be able to effectively distribute a cure for the Genophage. There is no way for Mordin to survive the explosion in the vast majority of gameplay situations, and as a result, he will perish as a result of the event.

Do you have what it takes to rescue Mordin and Wrex?

It is not feasible to save both Wrex and Mordin at the same time, and doing so will cause both of them to perish as a result of the events that take place in Mass Effect 3. Having said all of that, the next significant choice that will need to be made by you will be during the mission involving Mordin’s Loyalty. It is also important to the process, so you shouldn’t skip it if you want good results.

How to RESCUER EVE in Mass Effect 3 (Using the Tuchanka Bomb and Maelon’s Data)

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Is it possible to save Mordin’s life in any way?

The only way to save Mordin is for Wreav, who is in control of the Krogan, to wipe off the data for the genophage in Mass Effect 2. You are unable to save both Mordin and Wrex at the same time. If Wrex is in charge of the Krogan, then there is no way to persuade Mordin to let the genophage cure that has been tampered with disperse through peaceful means.

In Metal Gear Solid 2, how do you make sure Mordin doesn’t die?

In order to preserve Mordin’s life, you must fulfill two requirements: 1) Maelon’s data in ME2 must not have been preserved, and 2) Urdnot Wreav must be in charge of the Krogans.

How does Mordin die?

On the final mission of the game, which is referred to as the “Suicide Mission,” the player’s decisions will determine whether or not Mordin lives or dies, just like every other member of the squad. If the player does not successfully accomplish his loyalty task, there is a greater probability of his passing away.

Can Thane be able to withstand me3?

In Mass Effect 3, we have tried everything, but there is simply no way to save Thane. He will always suffer a fatal injury at the hands of Kai Leng, regardless of what choices you made in the previous game in the trilogy or what choices you make in the third and final entry of the series.

Is it possible to treat the Genophage without using Mordin?

In the event that Shepard decides to use the Crucible in order to create organic and synthetic life, the genophage will be healed regardless of whether or not Mordin or Padok were successful in releasing a cure on Tuchanka.

Is Padok WIKS capable of curing the Genophage infection?

Padok is able to finish the curing process within the Shroud while the Thresher Maw is keeping the Reaper Destroyer preoccupied. If Shepard makes the decision to assist in curing the genophage, then Wiks will sacrifice his life so that the cure might be spread.

How exactly do you win Mordin’s allegiance?

Speak to Mordin about it.

This Loyalty Mission is unlocked if you have unlocked Jack’s Loyalty Mission by completing Horizon and are then able to unlock this mission. When it is available, you will know because Kelly will propose having a conversation with him whenever you are near the Galaxy Map on the CIC.

Is it possible to eradicate the phage and yet receive financial support?

You did not successfully cure the genophage, but you will receive support from the Salarians. The only way to ensure that Wrex stays alive is to protect the council member. It is very upsetting whether you lose Wrex, Thane, or Kirrahe; either way, you will be grieving for quite some time.

What are the repercussions of failing to disclose the sabotage on the shroud?

If you DID NOT disclose the Shroud sabotage AND WREX AND EVE ARE BOTH DEAD, you will be presented with the opportunity to Charm and Intimidate the STG Doctor in order to convince him or her to abandon the STG mission.

How do you keep Krogan female alive?

The only way to ensure that Eve will continue to exist is to play through Old Blood on an imported character and then save the game. Eve’s continued existence has two important repercussions: If Eve were to perish, the Krogan War Assets would be reduced by a factor of -50. Her continued existence puts a stop to this.

Should I expose the sabotage in the shroud?

You will be able to prevent Mordin from being killed if you do not divulge the sabotage, but Wrex will attack you. Mordin will die a noble death if the Genophage is cured, but he will have lived a good life. While you are having the final conversation with Mordin, you have the option of either trying to postpone him (which won’t succeed) or telling him about the sabotage.

What exactly is Thane’s problem?

Thane is a drell, an extraterrestrial creature that resembles a lizard. He tells you that he has Kepral’s Syndrome, a lung condition that prevents patients from being able to absorb oxygen and, eventually, from being able to breathe at all. He does this while his breath is raspy.

If Thane passes away in ME2, what will happen next?

If you romanced Thane in Mass Effect 2, you have the option to continue your relationship with him in Mass Effect 3. If he does not survive, Captain Kirrahe will instead offer himself as a sacrifice to save the salarian councilor. This implies that you will no longer have access to Captain Kirrahe as a War Asset if Thane does not make it.

After Thane’s death, are you able to find a romantic partner?

It is essential to keep in mind that after Thane passes away, Shepard will not be able to develop romantic feelings for any other character if they did not already end their relationship with him. Gamers may also observe that completing Thane’s romance in Mass Effect 3, unlike the others, will not gain the Paramour Achievement. This is because Thane is not a playable character in the game.

Why did Tali die me2?

Tali is a Quarian scientist, and Shepard’s ship, the Normandy, is of particular interest to her…. Tali is at danger of passing away if Shepard is unable to fulfill her loyalty assignment, if she is assigned to a position that calls for high defenses, or if the improper combination of squad members is used.

How long has Garrus been around?

According to this scenario, Shepard would have been 29 years old when the first game was released, while Garrus would have been 25 years old at the time. In contrast to the majority of other animals, the aging process of turians is strikingly analogous to that of humans. Both species have a normal lifespan of approximately 140 years in the Mass Effect universe.

When did Mordin arrive on Virmire?

In the beginning of the story, Mordin admits that he worked under Captain Kirrahe during the Virmire mission in Mass Effect. He also makes a remark about Captain Kirrahe’s propensity for giving speeches and using the phrase “hold the line.” In the event that Mordin passes away while leading the second fire team in the Suicide Mission, the following will be his final words: “Tell them…

Should I eliminate the base of the Reaper, or should I keep it?

When it comes to the Collector Base, on the other hand, destroying it is the way to go in order to earn Paragon points, and players who do so will receive those points. Likewise, keeping the base will grant you Renegade points.

What will happen if I am not successful in curing the Genophage?

In addition to this, Wrex will ultimately discover the fact that you did not cure the genophage and will confront you about it during Priority: The Citadel III, which resulted in his death and a decrease in the krogan’s military power. If Wreav is the leader of the Urdnot, he is never going to figure out what’s going on.

Will grunt make it through Mass Effect 3?

To keep Grunt alive in Mass Effect 3, players will need to have secured his Loyalty. This is similar to the need for keeping numerous friends from Mass Effect 2 alive. This assures that Grunt will make it through Attican Traverse: Krogan Team regardless of the choice the player makes throughout the mission.