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RIP | Aoife Beary Stroke: Cause Of Death Of The Berkeley Balcony Collapse Survivor Revealed


Aoife Beary, a survivor of the Berkeley Balcony Collapse, died of a stroke at the age of 27. In the piece below, we take a look at her personal life as well as other topics.

Aoife Beary was a survivor of a 2015 Berkeley balcony fall that claimed the lives of six individuals and injured seven more. She was also a former pharmacology student at the University of Chicago. Beary studied at Oxford Brookes University in England in recent years.

Beary had also gained notoriety as a result of the balcony incident. According to reports in the media, she was admitted to a hospital with a stroke on December 29 and died on Saturday in Dublin.

Beary handled the severe effects of her injury with amazing fortitude and grit, according to UCD’s Dean of Science Joe Carthy. People are now curious about the incident that occurred after her death, which we’ve detailed here.

Aoife Beary Passes Away From Stroke

Aoife Beary, a survivor of the fatal Berkeley balcony collapse in 2015, died of a stroke. It’s unclear whether the stroke was related to her injuries before the balcony collapse.

Meanwhile, she was celebrating her 21st birthday with a group of Irish students in 2015, despite mourning a life-threatening brain injury, organ lacerations, and several broken bones sustained in the Berkeley balcony tragedy.

The wooden subsidy beams that supported the balcony had deteriorated due to water damage, it was later discovered. And that the company that built the balcony had paid out millions in settlements for structural flaws.

What Happened During The Berkeley Balcony Collapse? Survivor: What Happened During The Berkeley Balcony Collapse?

On June 16, 2015, a balcony on which they were standing collapsed, killing five Irish J-1 visa students and one Irish-American and injuring seven others.

Aoife Beary was one of the survivors of the incident. At the time, the balcony was located on the fifth floor of Library Gardens, a Berkeley apartment building located at 2020 Kittredge Street.

In the fall, Aoife sustained a major brain injury and later underwent open-heart surgery. She also sustained a number of injuries, including shattered bones and lacerations to her organs.

She was cured and rehabilitated in hospitals in both California and Dublin after the catastrophe. She died on Saturday night in Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital, after suffering a stroke on Wednesday.

In the years following the disaster, she lobbied for construction firms to share public safety data and report any work-related crimes or compensations to California’s building regulator.

The firm that built the balcony that Beary and her companions used had a history of legal actions against it that the state’s permitting body, which oversees the industry, was unaware of.

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