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Photos: Alexis Avila Facebook – Hobbs New Mexico Baby Found In Dumpster, Woman Arrested


Photos: Alexis Avila Facebook - Hobbs New Mexico Baby Found In Dumpster, Woman Arrested

Upon further investigation of Alexis Avila’s Facebook page, it seems that she is the woman from Hobbs who was arrested and charged with attempted murder after dumping her infant in a dumpster.

Hobbs police have accused Alexis Avila, 18, with attempted murder in connection with the death of her newborn infant.

The incident took place on Friday, and video proof was obtained of it.

A report was received at 8 p.m. Friday in Hobbs, New Mexico, which is just three miles from the Texas state line. Police arrived and paramedics transported the infant to a hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

The child’s condition, on the other hand, has been described as stable.

The mother, Alexis Avila, was located when authorities utilised surveillance video from the incident to identify a suspect car and track down the mother. According to the authorities, she acknowledged to giving birth and then dumping the infant thereafter.

New Mexico does not have a Safe Haven Act, which would enable someone to abandon a newborn up to 90 days old with medical personnel without fear of facing criminal prosecution provided the child had not been mistreated or neglected prior to the abandonment.

Avila may or may not have been aware of the legislation at the time of the incident. The nearest hospital was around four miles distant from where the abandoned infant had been left.

The Hobbs, New Mexico, baby was discovered in a dumpster, according to Alexis Avila’s Facebook photos.

Because of a scarcity of information, it is impossible to determine Alexis Avila’s level of expertise on Facebook. Neither her name nor any photographs of her have been made public at this time, either.

During a routine patrol of the 1400 block of North Thorp Street in Hobbs, the Hobbs Police Department spotted the newborn in a dumpster in the area.

In the aftermath, the infant was taken to a local hospital for treatment before being flown to Lubbock for additional treatment.

Following the distribution of the press release, Alexis Avila subsequently revealed that she had given birth to the kid and then discarded it.

Charges Against Alexis Avila and Mugshots: Was She Arrested?

Alexis Avila, an 18-year-old mother, was arrested and charged with child abuse and attempted murder after she abandoned her newborn infant in a garbage and hid from authorities.

Ms. Avila will appear in Lea County District Court on January 10, 2022, to answer her charges.

Alexis Avila’s mugshots, on the other hand, have not been made public due to legal restrictions. As new information becomes available, we will keep you informed on the current status of the issue.

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