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Parm Sandhu Husband Rod Jarman: Meet Chief UK Police Superintendent


Parm Sandhu Husband Rod Jarman: Meet Chief UK Police Superintendent

Is there any information on Parm Sandhu’s spouse and her married life that she has shared with the public? Learn more about the former police officer by visiting his website.

Parm Sandhu is a British author, broadcaster, and media consultant who lives in the United Kingdom. The majority of people are familiar with her from her time as the Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police till her retirement in 2019.

Parm Sandhu made news in 2018 when she accused the Scotland Yard of racial and gender discrimination throughout her promotions. She has now resigned from her position. As of June 2021, she had finally reached a settlement with the company, possibly getting a six-figure payment and agreeing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Who is the husband of Parm Sandhu?

The actress Parm Sandhu is presently married to Rod Jarman, a former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Department (Met Police).

According to our information, the former Chief Superintendent was married to then Inspector Steve Reed and they had a kid together. He claims she violently assaulted the girlfriend of her ex-husband at a football game that her kid was participating in.

Parm has always been committed to the United Kingdom police division, and she has chosen her companions from among the same Black and Blue cops.

Meet Parm Sandhu, the Chief Superintendent of the United Kingdom Police.

During her 30 years of service, Parm Sandhu worked very hard to achieve her position as Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom.

She worked her way through the ranks, from Constable to Chief Superintendent, all the while encountering racial and gender-based remarks throughout her professional life. She is one of the Metropolitan Police’s few ethnic minority female officers who holds a top position. Parm is of Sikh descent and was born and raised in the city of Birmingham.

In a similar vein, Parm was honoured with the Asian Women of Achievement Award in 2006 for her contributions to the police department. She has been outspoken about the unfairness she has experienced in front of the media since the incident occurred.

Parm Sandhu may be followed on Twitter.

Parm Sandhu has used her official Twitter profile to inform her fans about the event and the media attention it has received.

The news has appeared on the websites of a number of well-known publications, including The Independent. Furthermore, the Knight Ayton Management organisation is in charge of her present position as a broadcaster.

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