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On fleck urban dictionary?

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At the very least, the expression “on fleek” may be traced back to 2003, when it was first defined in Urban Dictionary. This article gives the definition of the phrase as “smooth, lovely, and sweet.” In 2009, a second definition was proposed for the word, which was to be used as a synonym for “amazing.”

What is meant by the expression “put your gal on fleek”?

It is believed that Kayla Newman first used the slang term “on fleek” to refer to something that was “completely accomplished.” These are the words that will go on forever. On fleek is commonly used to describe a person’s appearance or style, but it may also be used to describe anything that is “flawless.” On fleek is occasionally abbreviated to just fleek.

Is it in top form or in top Fleck?

It is clear from both the video and the common usage of the term that “on fleek” refers to something that is, in essence, “on point” – that is, something that appears to be in good shape, is carried out without error, and so on. It’s just another way to complement somebody elseā€”or yourself, for that matter.

What exactly does it mean to be in tip-top shape?

In point of fact, the American Dialect Society has just added “on fleek” to the list of contenders for the title of “Word of the Year 2015” in the category of “Most Likely to Succeed.” And the word fleek is frequently used in the expression “on fleek.” It is used in the same sense as the phrase “on point,” which simply means “completely done” or “absolutely right.”

What exactly is the meaning of on Fleck?

a little marking or streak; speckle. a very minute piece of something; a speck or a fleck of dust. verb. Also known as “flecker,” this verb means to make fleck marks or cover anything with flecks.


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What is the meaning of Fleck in the English language?

transitive verb. 1: speck, dot whitecaps dotted the ocean’s deep blue surface. 2: to flavor as though by sprinkling with flecks his humor is flecked with irony – James Atlas fleck.

What does it mean to be flaky?

A person who is flaky is eccentric, and it is likely that they do not function in society in the same way that everyone else does. You are considered unreliable if you make a commitment to attend a party but then fail to show up. Individuals are considered flaky (also written flakey) if they are eccentric and do things in an unusual way; nonetheless, it is not actually a compliment to call someone flaky.

What exactly constitutes a ratchet girl?

Among women, the term “ratchet” is frequently used as a term of empowerment. Ratchet is a slang term that can indicate “excited” or “great.” But, in the past, people have insulted women by using this term, saying things like “overdramatic” or “promiscuous” when referring to their behavior.

What exactly does YEET stand for?

Oof is an exclamation that can be used either to express one’s personal anguish or dismay or to sympathize with the agony or dismay of another person. A sexy and physically attractive person is referred to as a “snack” in this slang term. Yeet is an exclamation that can be used to express enthusiasm, approval, triumph, pleasure, delight, and other positive emotions.

What exactly does it mean to say something that is on point?

Being “on point” means that something is “absolutely right” or “perfect.” The phrase is commonly used to characterize someone as “on their game” or “looking sharp” in the context of slang. Similar words: impeccable, faultless.

WHO said on fleek?

In a video that was uploaded to Vine on June 21, 2014 under the username “Peaches Monroee” by a teen from the Chicago area named Kayla Newman, Newman proudly declared that she had just had her eyebrows done for the first time and that her eyebrows were “on fleek.” This video is credited with popularizing the term.

What does flexing signify when used as a slang term?

What else does flex mean? To flex, as the term is used in slang, means “to show off,” whether it refers to one’s physical appearance, one’s possessions, or any other aspect of oneself that one considers to be superior to that of others. It is common practice to condemn the act of flexing as a power maneuver, which is seen as both arrogant and fake.

What’s the modern equivalent of the phrase “on fleek”?

As I mentioned before, the term “on fleek” may be giving way to “snatched.” They share the same meaning, which is an very positive feature. Incredible, and every detail was attended to. It’s a highly upbeat and optimistic approach to talk about anything.

Is the term “fleek” still hip?

Strong evidence indicates that “On fleek” and “selfie” are just not popular anymore and are on their way out, as stated by the Alan Turing Institute in London, which evaluated data trends from the Urban Dictionary.

What exactly is meant by the expression “on flick”?

It refers to a state in which something or someone is flawless. For example, my eyebrows are perfectly groomed.

What does eyeliner on fleek mean?

On Fleek is the ideal eyeliner to use when going for a look that is dramatic and defined. What does ‘on fleek’ mean? It’s a mix of the words “fly” and “sleek,” which together signify “beautiful” and “stylish.” To sum it up in a single word: “excellent.”

What exactly is YW stand for?

You’re welcome is represented on the internet by the abbreviation yw, which is an acronym. Yw can also stand for “yeah, whatever,” “you whitey,” and “you know what.”

Is “YET” considered a foul word?

Yet, most people use the word “yeet” in a way that is not correct; the word itself is not meaningless…. Yeet is a word that can be used as an exclamation while throwing something, and it also has the meaning “to toss.” Moreover, it is employed as a nonsense term, which is typically done in order to add humor to an action or a vocal reaction.

What exactly is a baby YEET?

U.S. Viral video Infant Tiktok Instagram. Chris Rooney and his niece Marleigh, who is two years old and is also known as “the yet baby,” have become online celebrities as a result of Chris Rooney’s documentation of his niece’s development of life skills on their TikTok channel, which has garnered more than three million followers.

What does Boujee ratchet mean?

The word “bougie” is antonymous with “ghetto” and “ratchet.” To be ghetto, poor, dirty, or lacking in elegance is a common definition of the term “ratchet.” A common definition of “ratchet” is “ghetto,” “poor,” “messy,” or “inelegant.”

What does a pawl mean?

: a pivoted tongue or sliding bolt on one part of a machine that is adapted to fall into notches or interdental spaces on another part so as to permit motion in only one direction.

What does it mean to ratchet up the pressure?

phrasal verb. ratchet something up means to increase it frequently and by small increments, or to cause anything to increase in that manner.

What is flaking in dating?

Because wasting your life trying to find someone who isn’t going to show up would be better spent doing anything else, really. A more polite approach to describe someone who is unreliable is to call them “flaky.” It is a word that may also be used to describe a charming and delicate pastry, which may lead you to believe that it is not nearly as nasty as it actually is.

How can you tell if someone is a flake when they don’t follow through?

A person who considers themselves to be a free spirit is often given a negative connotation when they are referred to be “flaky.” Those who are flaky have difficulty managing their time, remaining organized, and controlling their impulses, which means that they are more likely to forget things, be late, cancel plans, and have difficulty keeping up with their duties.

What exactly is a friend who is flaky?

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a co-worker, the majority of people’s social circles include at least one unreliable individual. Those who say they would attend an event but then either forget or back out at the last minute are included in this category.