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Netflix: Who Is Terra Field? – Transgender Employee Suspended Reddit,Age & Instagram

Netflix: Who Is Terra Field?  - Transgender Employee Suspended Reddit,Age & Instagram

Since her suspension from Netflix for taking a stance on the new Dave Chapelle special, “The Closer,” Terra Field has become one of the most talked-about workers on the streaming service.

At this point, Terra Field is most known on social media as the Netflix employee who was fired after taking a position against the new Dave Chapelle special, “The Closer.”

According to an article published on The Verge, Field’s suspension was mostly caused by her attempting to join a director-level meeting to which she had not been invited.

Let’s move on to Terra’s professional life, shall we? Terra began her professional career as an information technology manager in the year 2004 AD, when she worked as a network administrator for the Clayton Board of Education in Clayton, New Jersey, before moving on to other positions.

Similarly, when it comes to her Netflix job history, according to her Linkedin profile, she began working for the corporation in February 2019. She has also served as Vice President of the Trans Netflix Employee Resource Group, which she co-founded in 2012.

A transgender employee at Terra Field has been fired, according to Reddit.

Terra Field, who identifies as transgender, has been suspended from Netflix after raising her voice in opposition to Dave Chappelle’s comedy special on the site, in which the comedian takes many barbs at the trans community and sees the comic make suggestive remarks about the community.

So, immediately after her suspension from the streaming site, she rushed to Twitter to express her displeasure, writing a couple of messages in which she claimed that Chapelle “attacks the trans community and the basic legitimacy of being trans.”

Additionally, she has received overwhelming support from audiences all around the world for her bravery, and she has expressed her gratitude to all of her fans for their unwavering support during this difficult time.

Netflix, on the other hand, has said that she has been suspended for attending a meeting to which she had not been invited, and Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos has stated that she will not be fired from her position.

Terra Field Era is a period of time in which the earth was formed.

When it comes to Terra Field’s age, she seems to be in her thirties. The software developer, on the other hand, has been mum about her age in the public realm until now.

The next day, on October 3, she celebrated her birthday with her friends, whom she refers to as her “foundfamily.” She used her Instagram account to provide a few pictures of the festivities.

Terra Field may be found on Instagram.

Her Instagram handle is @terrable42, and she is a regular contributor to the platform.

Despite the fact that she is receiving a great deal of public attention these days, she is only followed by 832 people on Twitter and has tweeted more than 300 times.

Furthermore, the vast majority of her Instagram postings are either selfies or posts about her close pals, which is not surprising.

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