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Lovie Simone Mother LaNise Oppong And Her Twin Sister Yorie Oppong In Photos

 Lovie Simone’s mother and father are both of African-American and Ghanaian descent. Below, you’ll find additional interesting details about her personal life.

Greenleaf, a drama series on the Oprah Winfrey Network, stars Lovie Simone as Zora Greenleaf.

Her acting experience has taken everyone by surprise, as she has landed a number of high-profile projects.

Simone has appeared in a number of films and television series, both in the United States and abroad.

Her films include “Monster,” “Share,” “Selah and the Spades,” “The Craft: Legacy,” and “The Walk.”

Her hit TV shows include “Greenleaf,” “Orange Is The New Black,” “Blue Bloods,” “Social Distance,” and “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.”

LaNise Oppong, Lovie Simone’s mother

LaNise Oppong, her mother, and her Ghanian father gave birth to Lovie Simone.

Her caring parents reared her in Orange County after she was born in The Bronx.

As of yet, Simone has not revealed any additional information on her parents’ whereabouts.

Similarly, despite the demands of her followers, we have yet to gain access to her family’s comprehensive facts and photos.

Simone’s full name is Lovie Simone Oppong, however she is better known in her field as Lovie Simone.

Her parents undoubtedly encouraged her, as they assisted her in enrolling in an acting school at an early age.

Take a look at photos of Lovie Simone and her twin sister Yorie Oppong.

Yorie Oppong, Lovie Simone’s twin sister, has yet to be photographed.

The acting prodigy appears to be quite conscious of her family’s presence in public.

As a result, she has yet to choose for a complete exposure of her family’s details and photographs in the media.

Similarly, her social media accounts, namely Instagram, are solely dedicated to professional photos and business situations.

Yorie, who is said to be a musical prodigy, has a twin sister named Simone.

Yorie is currently concentrating on her neo-soul musical career and has recently released a poetry collection called Greenhouse.

The Oppong family is blessed with such talents in the arts of acting and music.

The Oppong twin sisters do have a younger brother and sister, which is a plus.

They have not, however, made a public appearance or interacted with the media as of yet.

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