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Keith Markovich Blog Controversy, Why Is Kmarko Barstool Fired? : Here’s What Happened

Keith Markovich Blog Controversy, Why Is Kmarko Barstool Fired? : Here's What Happened

Is Kmarko from Barstool no longer employed? People are interested in learning what occurred after the hashtag #FireKmarko became popular on social media last year. Listed below is all we know about the blogger as of this writing.

Kmarko, whose real name is Keith Markovich, is well-known for his blogging for Barstool Sports. The company’s readers and viewers have often expressed their disdain for him. He worked as a Senior Editor for the firm as well as an Executive in charge of production for a period of time. According to Markovich’s Twitter profile, he used to be the EIC at Barstool Sports.
During the previous year, the hashtag #FireKmarko became one of the most popular trending topics, and many asked that he be fired from the corporation for his behaviour. He let a non-employee to continue engaging in unethical behaviour, which resulted in widespread confusion among the company’s readers. Moreover, in 2011, he came under criticism for a racial remark that he made.
Kmarko from Barstool was never dismissed, despite the fact that he received a great deal of negative feedback from the audience. He continues to contribute articles and blogs to the company’s platform on a regular basis. Keith was not fired, but he did lose his job and was demoted as a result of the incident.
Several people were taken by surprise by this, since they had expected Keith Markovich to be dismissed after such a large demonstration. He appeared on The Dave Portnoy Show to chat about what he’s been up to and to speak with Dave Portnoy for the first time in a year about his career.
If Portnoy had wanted meaningful answers, he would have called in @kirkmin to the table during this debate. #FireKmarko https://t.co/PIJrL4pLot
October 19, 2021, Meemaw Geary on Twitter: “Thank you for your support.”
Markovich is still employed by the firm as a contributor and writer, and he has written and published articles and blogs on a regular basis.

In the wake of the Keith Markovich blog controversy, this is what happened.

As a result of Keith’s decision to allow a non-Barstool employee to submit a political guest blog on the company’s website, the hashtag #FireKmarko became popular on social media.
His blog scandal spurred viewers and former colleagues to call for his dismissal as a result of the incident. They were dissatisfied with what Markovich had done, and the ideas and political viewpoints expressed in the essay sparked heated debates among readers. The #FireKmarko campaign officially began in June 2020.
Last year, the topic was also popular on Reddit, with people expressing their views on why Kmarko should be fired from his position.

Who Is Keith Markovich and What Does He Do?

Keith is not included on Wikipedia, although there are a few of Wiki-bio sites that have information on him.
He was previously in a relationship with his coworker Kelly Keegs, but the couple called it quits in 2019. Keegs is a well-known face of the brand, and she also presents the podcast “Whine With Kelly.”
Given his successful career at Barstool Sports, it’s possible that Markovich has a substantial net worth. He has not, however, disclosed the specifics of his revenues to the general public.
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