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Kallista Mutten Car Accident: What Happened To Justin Stein Fiance And Charlise Mutten Mother?

Kallista Mutten, the mother of missing Charlise Mutten, is well-known for causing a car accident while high on meth in 2017. Find out more about her rash past behaviour in the video below!

Backlash has erupted against Kallista Mutten, who has been chastised for her sloppy parenting.

Charlise Mutten, her nine-year-old daughter, went missing on January 13 while she was under her care.

The child Charlise’s disappearance has dominated the headlines and social media, with netizens attempting to locate her.

Meanwhile, Kallista and her fiance are facing legal action as a result of their previous run-ins with the law.

Details of Kallista Mutten’s car accident

In 2017, Kallista Mutten was involved in a fatal car accident that claimed the life of a friend.

Karen KazBunch, 53, had died as a result of the tragedy.

Mutten was high on meth at the time of the accident, and this was the primary cause of death.

As a result, she was given a three-year sentence with a two-year non-parole period.

What happened to Justin Stein’s fiancée Charlise Mutten and her mother Kallista Mutten?

In 2017, Kallista Mutten and her fiance Justin Stein were both facing prison sentences.

While Mutten was arrested for careless driving resulting in death, her fiance, Stein, pleaded guilty to a major narcotics charge.

In 2017, he was sentenced to six and a half years in jail as a convicted narcotics offender.

The prior year, he was caught with a marketable quantity of a border-controlled substance.

Stein is now on parole, and the recent inexplicable abduction of his stepdaughter has earned him a reputation as a negligent dad.

Stein and the Mullet mother-daughter combo were relaxing on Stein’s family’s opulent wedding estate in Wildenstein, Mount Wilson, in the Blue Mountains.

Since then, the young Charlise has been missing, and any information about her whereabouts has been withheld.

Given the hopelessness of the situation, Stein and Kallista have agreed to help the parents find their daughter.

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