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Is storage hunters fake?

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The life of Brandon and Lori Bernier on the show is discussed in an interview with Digital Spy. During the course of our conversation, Jesse cautioned us not to use the “B word,” a reference to his fellow hunters Brandon and Lori Bernier. He did so in order to make it clear that the competition they portray on-screen is based in reality…

Is there a script for the storage Hunter?

The star of the show, David Hester, claims that the highest-rated program on A&E is a hoax. In the event that you have never watched an episode of the series, the plot revolves around a group of professional purchasers who place bids on delinquent storage units in the hopes of finding anything that may be sold for a profit.

Is Sean Kelly a legitimate auctioneer? [Sean Kelly]

Background. Sean Kelly spent his childhood in Germany. After finishing school, he got a job as a store investigator for a while before joining the military, where he trained to be a German interpreter and was eventually assigned to work in Iraq. After that, he worked as an auctioneer during the day and hosted comedy clubs at night.

Is there any truth to the fight that happened on Storage Wars?

The lawsuit continued on to make a number of additional allegations regarding the “Storage Wars.” According to the information presented, the auctions and interviews are also fabricated… It was made very evident that Hester was “not comfortable participating in this sham” during the entirety of the legal proceeding.

What is Brandon and Lori’s combined net worth?

Wealth of Brandon and Lori Bernier Brandon and Lori Bernier are entrepreneurs in the storage auction industry, and they have accumulated a net worth of one million dollars throughout the course of their careers.


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Who is the most financially successful player on Storage Wars?

The cast and crew of Storage Wars’s net worth
  1. million was awarded to Thom Beers. The cast of Storage Wars and the chief executive officer of FreemantleMedia North America The name is Thom Beers….
  2. Justin Bryant – million. …
  3. Barry Weiss – million. …
  4. Nabila Haniss – million. …
  5. Laura Dotson – .5 million. …
  6. Four million dollars for Darrell Sheets…
  7. Dan Dotson – .5 million. …
  8. Dave Hester – million.

Do we know if Brandon and Lori have tied the knot?

So I went ahead and did it, and now my husband and I have been married for 17 years, so we have been at it for quite some time.” “Because of this and the fact that Brandon and I have been working in this industry for a combined total of 20 years, we have been exposed to a great deal of variety, and as a result, we have a working knowledge of a variety of components.

Why did Brandi and Jarrod decide to end their relationship?

Due to the circumstances of their past, they have an obviously unhealthy relationship. For instance, Jarrod made it abundantly plain that he would outbid Brandi on units that he did not even want to get in order to prevent her from acquiring them. It has come to light that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz have been separated for a number of years.

Do Jarrod and Brandi still share a romantic relationship?

Despite this, Jarrod and Brandi revealed in the first episode of the thirteenth season that they are no longer together. Although they broke up in 2018, Jarrod and Brandi chose to conceal the fact that they had ended their relationship for more than two years. Payton and Cameron are the only children they have in common, despite the fact that they were never married.

Who was taken out by the Storage Wars?

On February 11, 2013, the body of Mark Balelo was discovered inside his vehicle in the state of California. The entrepreneur and former cast member on “Storage Wars” had frequently discussed the struggles he was experiencing in his personal life during their conversations.

Where is Sean Kelly now, and what has become of him?

In recent weeks, word of Kelly’s crash went around the cycling community. Today, he turned to social media to clarify that he was doing well and that he was recovering well from his injuries… Due to a fall I took while mountain biking, I’ll be switching my primary mode of transportation to walking for the next few weeks.I shattered a few ribs and broke my collarbone in the fall.

On the show Storage Wars, who had cosmetic surgery?

3. The producers requested that Brandi have cosmetic surgery. According to the rumors, the producers requested that Brandi get plastic surgery. It would appear that their goal was to increase ratings.

Is there any chance that Barry, from Storage Wars, is still alive?

Did Barry Weiss die? He did not leave the storage facility auction block because Barry had passed away, contrary to popular belief. In point of fact, Barry departed because he desired to return to his previous occupation, which he referred to as “professional slacker.” (This seems to be very typical of Barry.) Throughout the course of an interview, he referred to his time spent on Storage Wars by saying, “I had a blast.”

On the show Storage Wars, what became of Brandi’s marriage to her husband?

In April 2021, when the show Storage Wars entered its thirteenth season, fans learned that Jarrod and Brandi had ended their relationship. Brandi revealed that she and Jarrod had separated in November 2018 on the very first edition of their talk show.

Why did they cast someone else in the role of the Good Witch instead of Tara?

Ashley Leggat is one of the few cast members to return for subsequent seasons of the television series in which she starred. Due to scheduling issues, Rebecca Dalton took over for Leggat in the second season of the show.

On the show Good Witch, what ended up happening to Lori and Brandon?

Because the two were no longer a part of the series, their narrative arcs were scrapped. Because Brandon was involved in a more significant plotline in Middleton, it would have made sense for Tara to return to school; yet, the question of why Brandon left keeps coming up. There was never any clarification provided on The Good Witch.

What kind of a score does Brandon have on Storage Wars?

It has been estimated that Brandon Sheets, an American reality television personality and professional buyer, has a net worth of 0,000 at the present time.

Is Barry Weiss a wealthy man?

Barry Weiss Value at Risk: A professional storage-treasure hunter and an American reality television personality, Barry Weiss has accumulated a net worth of million throughout the course of his career. On the show, Barry was referred to as “The Collector” because to the extensive collection of priceless antiquities that he owned…

Why did Dave decide to stop working at Storage Wars?

Due to legal considerations, Dave Hester was let go from his position.

Fans of “Storage Wars” who are really devoted might have noticed something peculiar about the fourth season: Dave Hester did not appear in it. Due to the fact that he and A&E were engaged in a legal dispute at the time, Dave was let go from his position at the network for the duration of one season.

On Storage Wars, is Rene still married to her husband?

What happened to Rene and Casey on ‘Storage Wars’? Did they end up divorcing? We were overjoyed to learn that the couple has maintained their marriage and has successfully made the move from television to YouTube. Their channel, which takes its name from the California town where the couple first met, Poway,

Was Sean Kelly ever victorious in his bid for the green jersey?

In 1980, Kelly rode to victory in a staggering six stages of the Vuelta, which enabled him to win the overall points classification for the Grand Tour for the first time. In 1982, he won stage 12 of that race, which earned him the first of his four Tour de France green jerseys. That same year, he also won the intermediate sprints jersey, which is no longer awarded.

Is there any news about the fate of Storage Hunters?

Storage Hunters was canceled in 2013, despite the fact that it was a ratings hit in the United States.

How many times did Sean Kelly take first place at the Paris-Roubaix race?

His record in these competitions speaks for itself: he won the Tour of Lombardy three times, Milan-San Remo, Paris-Roubaix, and Liège-Bastogne-Liège twice each, and the Tour of Flanders and Gent-Wevelgem once each. In 1983, when the World Championships were held in Altenrhein, Switzerland, Kelly was the prohibitive favorite to win the competition.