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Is phil harding archeologist married?

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After a whirlwind courtship, retired doctor Philip Harding and retired matron Margie Mickan tied the knot earlier this month. They had their first encounter with one another in September of 2017, during an interview on ABC Television.

What became of Phil Harding, who worked for Time Team?

Despite the fact that I work as a Fieldwork Archaeologist at Wessex Archaeology and make frequent appearances on the Time Team show on Channel 4, I am probably best recognized for my work on that show.

Where exactly does Time Team’s Phil Harding make his home?

For the past quarter of a century, I’ve called Salisbury home, and I really don’t see myself ever moving away. I suffer from severe bouts of claustrophobia whenever I’m in a city, but here it’s quite simple to travel to the surrounding countryside, so it’s like having the best of both worlds.

Who is the woman who is married to Phil Harding?

After a whirlwind courtship, retired doctor Philip Harding and retired matron Margie Mickan tied the knot earlier this month. They had their first encounter with one another in September of 2017, during an interview on ABC Television.

Is Time Team still airing new episodes?

It was reported that Channel 4 would be canceling the program after it had aired for 20 seasons and more than 230 episodes. A few days later, the Guardian published an article reporting that Time Team had disbanded. A television institution that, over the course of twenty years, had made British archaeology more approachable and popular than it had ever been had its run come to an unremarkable conclusion.

Phil Harding Q&A – Salisbury 2020: Digital Big Weekend

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Who was the lucky woman that Raksha Dave wed?

a person’s private life. Dave got married to Nigel Jeffries, a specialist in medieval and post-medieval ceramics at the Museum of London, in April of 2017. Nigel Jeffries works there.

Why did they decide to discontinue producing episodes of Time Team?

Cancellation. In 2012, Aston made the announcement that he would be departing the show after criticizing recent format changes that put less of an emphasis on archaeological pursuits. After that, Channel 4 made the announcement that the last Time Team series would air in 2013.

When exactly did Mick stop working with the time team?

After a bout of illness in 2003, Mick’s role on Time Team became less prominent. In 2012, he quit the show after criticizing a drop in the academic standards of the show, and he had previously departed the show in 2012.

Where is the member of the time team Matt?

Our Brand New Guy Residing in Wales

We are happy to share the news that Matt Williams has become a member of the Wessex Archaeology team, which is continually growing. In his new role as Business Manager for Wales, Matt will conduct his day-to-day operations from our recently opened location in Welshpool.

Is Phil Harding still employed at this time?

The trench-excavator for Time Team is Phil Harding, who also serves as a member. When he is not filming, Phil continues to work as a field archaeologist with Wessex Archaeology. He has been a participant in a project that aims to create a list of all of the known Palaeolithic sites in Britain.

Is Tony Robinson a meat-eater or a plant-based eater?

and discussed his choice to transition to a vegan way of eating. Robinson stated that his choice to abstain from drinking in January motivated him to look for further ways to enhance his health… After he made certain changes to his diet, he has shed almost 50 pounds!

What are the reasons behind Tony Robinson’s knighthood?

Sir Tony Robinson, who played Blackadder, was honored with a knighthood during a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace. The ceremony was presided over by Prince William. The 67-year-old actor, who is best known for his role as Baldrick in the BBC comedy series, was awarded a knighthood in the Birthday Honours list in honor of the public and political service he has provided.

Is it possible that Tony Robinson suffers from ADHD?

Robinson struggled with anxiety disorders, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to court documents cited by the Wisconsin State Journal.

Where is Stewart Ainsworth now, and what became of him?

He has worked at a variety of archaeological sites around the United Kingdom and in other countries. In 1985, he became a member of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, which is now known as English Heritage. He is currently the leader of the Landscape Investigation Unit, which has its headquarters in York, England.