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Is malden ma a good place to live?

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Malden is a beautiful neighborhood. The neighborhood is not overly noisy, and the people who live there are nice. Malden is home to a plethora of excellent educational institutions, dining establishments, and recreation spots. You won’t have to worry about your safety in Malden City because there is an abundance of transportation available to get you to work, school, or anywhere else in the city for a night out with friends.

What is the average number of crimes committed per year in Malden, Massachusetts?

The total crime rate in Malden is 15 per 1,000 persons, which places it in close proximity to the average crime rate for all cities and towns in America, regardless of their population size. In Malden, the probability of becoming a victim of crime is one in every sixty-eight, as determined by our examination of statistics provided by the FBI.

What is it that Malden is famous for?

The locals of this region took part in the early struggle against the British, contributing to the region’s historically significant role in the American Revolution. In the previous century, Malden gained notoriety for being the location of the first Converse Rubber Shoe Company, which is a site that may still be visited in the present day.

Is Malden a town with a lot of money?

In spite of its proximity to the center of Boston and the fact that it is only seven miles away, Malden has maintained a lower cost of living than neighboring areas such as Cambridge and Somerville. … The population of Malden is extremely diversified, and the city itself is made up numerous neighborhoods, each of which has its own distinct allure and appeal.

Is Malden MA diverse?

The average city in the United States is not nearly as varied as Malden is. The racial composition of each neighborhood in Malden, Massachusetts is depicted on the map located above. The darker the shade, the more dominant one race is in that section of town. White people make up 52.5% of Malden’s total population, making them the city’s clear-cut majority.

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Is Malden MA urban or suburban?

With a total population of 60,984, Malden is considered to be a suburb of Boston. Middlesex County is home to the city of Malden. The majority of inhabitants in Malden choose to rent their houses, which contributes to the city-like atmosphere that residents enjoy. Restaurants, coffee shops, and parks may be found in plenty in the city of Malden.

Is Malden Ma’a suburb?

A northern suburb of Boston, Malden is a city in Middlesex County in the state of Massachusetts, United States. It is located along the Malden River, which is a tributary of the Mystic River.

Where can I find the wealthiest town in Massachusetts?

The following are the ten most prosperous communities in Massachusetts for 2021:
  • Newburyport.
  • The Town of Braintree
  • The Town of Franklin
  • Woburn.
  • The Town of Watertown
  • Medford.
  • Waltham.
  • The town of Amesbury.

Is Wayland a town with a lot of money?

Wayland is a prosperous suburban town that has a low population density and a highly regarded educational system. People have a strong attachment to their community and are engaged participants in both town meetings and extracurricular activities at local schools.

Where can I find the most impoverished part of Boston?

The percentage of college students in Boston who live below the poverty line is 28.2%. o Having children is a reality for 48.6% of college students who live below the poverty line. South Boston Waterfront (3.1%), West Roxbury (5.5%), and Beacon Hill (9.8%) all have percentages of poverty that are significantly lower than the city’s average.

Is Malden Ma a safe area?

You won’t have to worry about your safety in Malden City because there is an abundance of transportation available to get you to work, school, or anywhere else in the city for a night out with friends. In addition, there is a significant amount of walking done in Malden because it is the safest city. The only thing that should be changed about this city is that the residents should do a better job of keeping it clean.

Do you require a car while in the Malden area?

When you live in Malden, you are just minutes away from Routes 93, 128, and 1, and you are only 7 miles from Boston. The location simply cannot be beat. You won’t have any trouble getting where you need to go, regardless of whether you have a car or not, because there are many different options for public transportation.

What county is Malden, Massachusetts?

Malden, which is situated in Middlesex County and lies five miles to the north-northwest of Boston, is home to around sixty thousand people. On its southern side, it shares a boundary with the city of Everett. On the western side is Medford.

How dangerous is Everett, Massachusetts?

In Everett, the odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime or a property crime are one in fifty-three, respectively. According to statistics provided by the FBI, Everett is not one of the safest communities in the United States. Everett has a greater percentage of criminal activity in comparison to the rest of Massachusetts than 91 percent of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes combined.

How Risky Is It to Live in Brookline, MA?

When it comes to safety, Brookline ranks in the 82nd percentile, which indicates that just 18 percent of cities are safer, while 82 percent of cities are more dangerous. Only Brookline’s official borders are taken into consideration in this research. Check out the table on adjacent places that we’ve provided below for information on nearby cities. Throughout a typical year, there are 15.88 incidents of criminal behavior for every 1,000 people that call Brookline home.

Which state in the United States has the most money?

According to the Available Statistics, This State Represents the United States’ Most Prosperous
  • State of New Hampshire …
  • Washington. …
  • Connecticut. …
  • California. The median income for a household is 0,440. …
  • Hawaii. The average income of a household is 3,102. …
  • State of New Jersey The median income for a household is 5,751. …
  • Massachusetts. The median income for a household is 5,843. …
  • Maryland. The average income of a household is 6,738.

Is Wayland a pleasant town to live in?

The town of Wayland is a wonderful place to live, particularly for those with families. It is a community that is kind, secure, and closely woven together. The majority of people benefit greatly by participating in the public education system. Also, the distance from Boston is about right, meaning that it is not overly close nor very far, making for a simple commute.

Which state will be the wealthiest in the United States in the year 2020?

The median income of a household in Maryland is higher than any other state in the country, making it the wealthiest state in the country. With a total population of 6,006,401 individuals, it holds the nineteenth spot on the list of countries with the largest population counts. In addition to this, it has a poverty rate that is only 9.7 percent, which is the second lowest in the world.

Where in Massachusetts do the majority of the state’s millionaires call home?

In addition to the Greater Boston area, there are additional regions in the state of Massachusetts that have the largest number of households worth a million dollars or more. One is Cape Cod, which has a 7.6 percent unemployment rate, and another is Vineyard Haven, which has a 7.4 percent unemployment rate.

What is a good wage to expect in Massachusetts?

Although ZipRecruiter has seen salaries as high as 7,763 and as low as ,273, the majority of salaries within the Average jobs category currently range from ,781 (25th percentile) to ,400 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making ,784 annually in Massachusetts. These figures are based on the current job market in Massachusetts.

What is the atmosphere like in the city of Medford, Massachusetts?

The majority of residents in Medford are homeowners, which contributes to the city’s unique urban suburban mix atmosphere. There is an abundance of nightclubs, dining establishments, coffee shops, and parks in Medford. The city of Medford is home to a large number of young professionals, and its citizens lean left. The quality of Medford’s public schools is significantly higher than typical.

What is it like to live in Watertown?

One of the most desirable places to settle down in all of Massachusetts is Watertown, which is located in Middlesex County. The majority of people who live in Watertown are homeowners, which contributes to the city’s unique urban suburban mix vibe. There is an abundance of nightclubs, dining establishments, coffee shops, and parks in Watertown. … The quality of Watertown’s public schools is significantly higher than the state average.