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Is it sought or saught?

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When used as verbs, sought and sought are distinct from one another because sought means “to seek,” whereas sought means “to reconcile” or “to become reconciled.”

Is “sought” indeed a word?

(intransitive, UK dialectal) To reconcile; get reconciled. (UK dialectal) Reconciliation; peace.

What is the meaning of saught?

: peace, quiet, ease.

Is it accurate to say sought?

Seek’s past tense and past participle are both referred to as sought.

What exactly do you mean by the term sought?

1: to make use of or resort to: to go. 2a: to look for; to embark on a search for. b: to make an effort to learn. 3: to inquire about or seek; this action seeks guidance. 4: to strive for or pursue the acquisition of: to search for renown.

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What kind of pay is being sought?

It refers to the yearly wage that one can anticipate receiving. Wednesday, April 21, 2021, at 9:18 a.m. roadman. Oh, you’re welcome, Barry.

Where else could you find it appropriate to use the word sought?

Requested Samples of Sentences

She willingly sank into his embrace, and she welcomed the soft lips that sought to reattach themselves to her own. As her anxiety level rose, Deidre looked for a way to flee the scene. He came looking for you?

The phrase “sought after” was used in the following sentence:

Sought-after sentence example
  1. I never sought after a strange muse.” …
  2. You may get a good sense of what to wear this summer by taking a look at some of the swimwear that is being offered by the industry’s most sought-after designers and manufacturers. This will be helpful whether you are planning a trip to the beach or attending a pool party.

How do you use sought out?

: to search for and find (someone or something) His parents sought out the best doctors in the field. Infections are hunted out and eliminated by white blood cells.

What are some synonyms for the word sought?

On this page, you can find the definition of sought along with 41 alternative definitions, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and words related to sought. Some of the alternative words for sought that you can find here include desired, needed, searched, striven, assayed, courted, pursued, probed, attempted, investigated, and essayed.

Is seeked a word?

The verb “To seek” is translated into the past tense as “sought.” The word “sought” does not exist in the English language and should not be used… When used in normal contexts, the verb “seek” indicates that there is some level of challenge, but that the process of looking for something is straightforward.

In the Bible, what does it imply when it says “sought”?

transitive verb. 1 : to resort to : go to. 2a: to look for; to embark on a search for.

What are some synonyms for the word sought for?

Find a replacement for the word search for. This page contains a list of 9 terms that are synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and connected to the word look for. Some of the alternative words and expressions that you can find here include: research, search, seek, hunt, look-to, pry, follow, anticipate, and look.

Is it desirable or do people actively seek it out?

In any case, the word that should have been used is “sought-after” rather than “sort-after.” As “sought” is the past tense of “seek,” being “sought-after” means that people are actively looking for you. OR: He looked for or sought assistance; he was looking for or seeking assistance.

What is the correct usage of the word “coarse” in a sentence?

Coarse sentence example
  1. Silk fabrics, coarse woollen cloth, paper, and clocks are all manufactured along the river. The river is home to an abundance of coarse fish.
  2. After then, there was raucous, vulgar laughter as well as joyful shouting…
  3. Rostov was taken aback by the fact that the wounded soldier was so filthy, crude, and repulsive despite being so close to the Emperor.

Do you combine the two words “sought after”?

The two terms do not necessarily need to be separated by a hyphen when used alone. It is necessary to include the hyphen when the phrase “sought after” is used in the capacity of an adjective qualifying a noun… In this particular instance, the hyphen is not required. In this instance, the phrase “sought after” functions as a complement to the sentence.

Why is it that approval is being sought?

1 n-uncount If you are successful in gaining someone’s acceptance for anything that you ask of them or recommend, then they will give in to your request or suggestion. frequently with poss, frequently with supp, N for n (=sanction).

Will people want to have you as a companion?

Something that is highly sought after is in high demand, typically due to the fact that it is either extremely rare or of very high quality.

Though, how would you put that into a sentence?

  1. [S] [T] Even though I warned him not to, he went ahead and came. (… Despite his best efforts, there was no noticeable shift in the situation. (… [S] [T] Despite his advanced age, he doesn’t show any signs of illness. ( …
  2. [S] [T] She persisted in her job despite the fact that she was exhausted. ( …
  3. [S] [T] Despite the fact that he apologized, my anger has not subsided at all. ( …
  4. [S] [T] Despite the fact that I did not want to drink by myself, I did.

What exactly is the distinction between sorting and seeking?

To sort is to arrange in a methodical manner or to find a solution to a issue. To seek after something is the same as to search for it.

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