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Is it reprehensible or irreprehensible?

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The difference between the terms abhorrent and irreprehensible is that reprehensible is defined as blameworthy, censurable, and guilty, but irreprehensible is defined as not reprehensible, blameless, and without blame; innocent.

Irreprehensible… is that even a word?

not deserving of condemnation; blameless; free from fault; innocent.

What does Irreprehensible mean?

: not deserving of condemnation or criticism; exempt from blame or criticism behavior that is, overall, deplorable.

What is the correct spelling of “reprehensible”?

To say something is without reproach is to describe it using words like blameless, exemplary, good, irreproachable, lily-white, or unblamable.

What are some examples of deplorable behavior?

The terms reprehensible, blameworthy, blamable, guilty, and culpable all refer to actions that merit condemnation or retribution. The behavior that is described by the strong adjective “reprehensible” should elicit harsh censure from others.

Criminally abhorrent | Meaning of criminally repulsive

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What exactly does it mean to be morally reprehensible?

[adjective] (typically linked to the verb adjective) You can argue that a certain pattern of behavior or an idea is repugnant if you consider it to be extremely undesirable and unethical in some way.

What is an illustration of the word “reprehensible”?

One definition of the word “reprehensible” is “worthy of being criticized or reprimanded.” Cheating on a test is an example of anything that is morally repugnant. Deserving criticism or condemnation.

Which of these words is most synonymous with the concept of reprehensible?

synonyms for repulsive
  • culpable.
  • disgraceful.
  • objectionable.
  • sinful.
  • amiss.
  • blamable.
  • blameworthy.
  • censurable.

What does it mean to call anything “reprehensible” in a sentence?

“And the father and mother taking their daughter kissed her and let her depart, warning her to worship the father and mother of her husband, love her husband, to rule well the meiny, to govern the house, and to keep herself irreprehensible, which is to say, without reproof.” “And the father and mother taking their daughter kissed her and let her depart.”

What does it mean when we say that something is egregious?

1: easily noticeable in particular: faults that are extreme and glaringly obvious in their badness padding of the evidence to an unacceptable degree – Christopher Hitchens.

Who or what is meant by the term repugnant?

A person is considered to be repugnant if they engage in behavior that is in contradiction to what they have asserted that they want to do in the future. A person who is opposed to a particular political standpoint is an illustration of the term repulsive.

What does Prehensible mean?

: capable of being seized.

What exactly is meant by the phrase “integrity above reproach”?

(also outside the pale of suspicion) such that there is no room for criticism; the utmost achievement. “his integrity is unquestionable” “Feeling, intonation, and expressiveness were all on par with the level of the piece itself, which is to say that they were entirely unquestionable.”

What exactly is the definition of the word reproachable?

to voice one’s objections about, criticism of, or unhappiness with something. Please see the list of synonyms under the heading admonish.

What exactly is meant by the term “greathearted”?

1: having or showing the quality of bravery; courageous. 2: generous, gracious. More Words from the Great Heart Synonyms & Antonyms Sample Sentences Find out more about the term “greathearted.”

What is the correct way to use the word reprehensible?

1. His behavior was utterly deplorable in every respect. 2. Their actions are immoral in my eyes, and I cannot condone them.

What does it imply to say that something is irrepressible in a sentence?

vibrant and animated, indefatigable in their pursuit of excellence: Even the rain could not break his indomitable will to succeed. Compare. uncontrollable. Words and phrases that are connected to SMART Vocabulary.

Irrespective: is that a word? Can it be found in a dictionary?

Irregardless is a nonstandard form of the word regardless, which can be translated as “heedless” or “without concern as to advice, warning, or hardship.” The combination of the prefix ir- with the suffix -less creates a double negative, which is the reason why it is considered nonstandard…. In the final analysis, it should be noted that irregardless is, in fact, a word, albeit a cumbersome one.

What other words may we use instead of unacceptable?

  • distasteful.
  • improper.
  • inadmissible.
  • objectionable.
  • offensive.
  • repugnant.
  • undesirable.
  • unsatisfactory.

Which component of speech should be criticized?

Responsible for blame, deserving of censure, and guilty.

What is another word that can be used in place of deplorable?

adjectives such as dismal, regrettable, grievous, unfortunate, wretched, dire, atrocious, abysmal, very bad, awful, terrible, dreadful, and diabolical are used to describe how awful something is. Words that describe how wretched someone is include: pitiful, pathetic, sorry, unhappy, sad, and dreadful.

What is the definition of opprobrious in the English language?

1: expressing or conveying contempt; using language that is scurrilous or opprobrious. 2: worthy of reproach or notoriety; notorious. Alternative Terms Derived from Obscene Synonyms Additional Sample Sentences Get more information about the word opprobrious.

How should one use the word reprehensible?

A Sentence for the Word “Reprehensible”
  1. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting sugar in my petrol tank.
  2. The act of stealing is morally repulsive.
  3. Instead of making offensive remarks about women, you could go and try to brighten people’s days…
  4. Your behavior is abhorrent, and we will not put up with it in any form!
  5. Today, there was a despicable act of physical assault done at the school.

In what context would you use the word “bemused”?

Sentence examples involving the word “bemused” bemused
  1. The student looked pretty perplexed as he spoke to me before revealing that he had been there the night before and like their pizzas…
  2. She seemed to be confused by all of the attention.
  3. We are more confused than horrified by what has just occurred…
  4. Although signs are supposed to inform and counsel people, many of them instead leave us perplexed and amused.

What does the word reprieve mean when it’s used in a sentence?

Reprieve phrase example
  1. Also, he washed the dishes in the vain hope of gaining an early reprieve from her justifiable wrath…
  2. They were in such a state of misery that they were in danger of being consumed by their sorrow, and there was no relief in sight.