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Is it re-enable or reenable?

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When it comes to the correct spelling, both “reentry” and “reenact” are words that are spoken and written. Personally, I find the “reen” combination to have an weird visual appearance; until the spelling “reenable” is firmly established, I would incline to write re-enable instead of reenable.

How do you spell re enabled?

Simple past tense and past participle of re-enable.

What exactly does it mean to re-enable something?

1To restore one’s ability to perform a certain action. 2To cause anything (often a gadget) to become operational or active once again; to restore the capability of, to revive.

Is “re enable” a word that can be used?

Enable again. Etymology: re- + enable.

What is reactivation?

: the process of making something active again or the state of having something become active once more: the action, process, or state of becoming reactivated, as well as the condition of having been reactivated reawakening of a dormant virus the revival of several decommissioned vessels in the military.

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What exactly is meant by “reactivation lock”?

What exactly is the Reactivation Lock feature? If you have the Reactivation Lock feature turned on, no one will be able to reset your device without first entering their Samsung Account ID and password. Even if someone else gets their hands on your device, you’ll still be able to keep it safe thanks to this function.

How can I get my bank account back up and running?

What steps need to be taken to reactivate your account?
  1. Please provide a formal application for reactivation. In order to reactivate your inactive account, you will be required to submit a written application….
  2. Submit KYC documents. Together with your reactivation application, you will be required to submit your KYC documents in order to proceed….
  3. Make a little deposit.

Is there a hyphen in the word “re-enable”?

When it comes to the correct spelling, both “reentry” and “reenact” are words that are spoken and written. Personally, I find the “reen” combination to have an weird visual appearance; until the spelling “reenable” is firmly established, I would incline to write re-enable instead of reenable.

What is the meaning of the word enabling as it is used in this passage?

transitive verb. 1a: to make available to them the resources or opportunities for education that will enable them to earn a life for themselves. b: to make a bargain that would make it practicable, practical, or easy to enact a new law through the legislative process.

Is “enable” same with “allow”?

to enable; to bestow with power, means, competence, or ability: With this passport in his possession, he will be allowed to go freely within the territory controlled by the adversary. Magnifiers and computer software that reads the screen are made available in the classroom for students who have vision impairments. to cause to be feasible or simple: Aeronautics helps us to overcome huge distances.

How can I be supportive without being enabling at the same time?

How to Provide Assistance Without Making Changes
  1. Take part in the counseling sessions designed for families…
  2. Get knowledge concerning addiction…
  3. Establish appropriate boundaries…
  4. Maintain an open line of communication….
  5. Avoid using drugs or alcohol in their presence at all costs…
  6. Participate in some physically active pursuits together.

What are some examples of those who enable others?

Giving money to an addict, gambler, or debtor; repairing common property that the addict broke; lying to the addict’s employer to cover up absenteeism; fulfilling the addict’s commitments to others; screening the addict’s phone calls and making excuses for the addict; or bailing the addict out of jail are all examples of enabling behavior.

Should “re-evaluate” have a hyphen in it?

When you add a prefix to a word that begins with a capital letter, such as in the phrase “anti-American,” you must use a hyphen. Second, a hyphen is required in order to prevent the creation of a double i or double a in the following words: anti-insect, ultra-active. (Yet a double e or double o is ok: reassess, cooperate.)

What exactly is meant by the term “re imagined”?

re-create is a transitive verb that means to build a fresh idea of something by imagining it again or for the first time.

Is it read again or is it reread?

Both reread and re-read, with or without the hyphen, are used interchangeably in all forms of written communication. When you have settled on a single version, be consistent with it throughout the copy. The use of hyphens within words has become less common in recent writing, however there are always going to be exceptions to this rule.

Can I restart my bank account by using the online banking system?

You can activate an inactive account by logging into your online banking account, navigating to the service request section, and clicking the button labeled “Activation of Inactive Account.” Customer Care: In order to get the account activated, please call Customer Care and make your request over the phone.

What do I need to do to thaw out my bank account?

You will need to go to the branch of your bank that is closest to your home in order to accomplish this. At this section, you will be required to submit a written request to revive the account. Please ensure that you are in possession of the required papers for the KYC process. Keep in mind that the bank is prohibited from charging you a fee in order to reactivate your account.

How long does it take for a bank account to become active?

It’s a five-year minimum in the state of California. In certain places, the sentence might be as little as one year, while in others, it can be as much as 15 years.

Will the activation lock be removed after a hard reset?

In the vast majority of instances, performing a factory reset will not free the device from its activation lock. For instance, if a phone is reset to factory settings when it is logged in to a Google account, the phone will continue to request the credentials for that account when it is turned back on.

How can I enable the reactivation lock on this device?

Adjust the Reactivation Lock settings.
  1. Launch the Samsung Wearable app on the phone you’re using. The next step is to swipe to and select either the Find My Watch or Find My Gear option.
  2. After tapping the Set security button, tap the Reactivation lock button….
  3. Followed by a hit on the OK button, enter the password for your Samsung account.
  4. To disable it, you need only tap the switch once more and then input the password for your Samsung account.

How can I disable the reactivation lock on this device?

Lock for reactivating Samsung devices
  1. Visit the Settings menu.
  2. Choose Locate My Mobile by navigating to the Lock screen and security menu option.
  3. Tap the Confirm button after entering the password for your Samsung account.
  4. Turn off the Reactivation Lock feature.
  5. Tap the Yes button after reviewing the Turn off Reactivation Lock warning.
  6. Enter the password for your Samsung account, then hit the Confirm button.

What does unwaveringly mean?

: continuing in a powerful and steady manner: constant, steadfast her unshakable faith/support an unwavering dedication to justice continuing in a way that is strong and steady devotion to justice. Words that are similar to unshakable Synonyms & Antonyms Additional Sample Sentences Find out more about remaining unmoved.

What are some synonyms for the term reevaluate?

Discover here 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related terms for reevaluate, such as reconsider, rethink, review, reassess, reexamine, re-assess, readjust, thoughts, and re-evaluate. Also find here similar words such as: reconsider, rethink, review, re-assess, readjust, and thoughts.

Is the word’reevaluate’ indeed a word?

reevaluate Including on the list Share. Reconsidering or investigating anything multiple times results in a reevaluation of that subject.

What is the distinction between assisting someone and enabling them?

To put it in the simplest terms possible, supporting someone means assisting them in doing something that they are capable of doing themselves given the appropriate circumstances. On the other hand, enabling someone means interceding and minimizing the effects of negative choices that would otherwise be the result of those choices.