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Is high schoolers one word?

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High school student was by far the most popular designation for this group. The high school level participant was a distant third, and the high school level participant barely plotted. This result was unexpected considering the requirement that compound adjectives must have hyphens, but I suppose that the absence of a hyphen in the phrase “high school” is considered acceptable morphology.

How do you spell people who are in high school?

student in high school

Do you know how to spell high school as a single word?

Learning how to spell words in English can be difficult due to the large number of different rules that must be learned, and compound words can be especially difficult to spell correctly. The noun should be spelled with “high school,” but “highschool” should not be used in any context, not even as an adjective.

Can I use a hyphen between high school and school?

For instance, the phrase “high school student” does not contain a hyphen since the compound adjective “high school” is never hyphenated, regardless of where it is placed within a clause. Even adverbs, when used in conjunction with adjectives, frequently require hyphenation in a manner that is analogous to that used for compound adjectives.

What do we call people who are enrolled in high school?

Students are referred to as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors while they are enrolled in grades 9 through 12 (high school). These names are given to them when they start high school.

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What is the name of the 12th grade in India?

Exams for the 12th class (also known as the +2 exam) are given by the state boards of education in India (such as the Maharashtra board, the MP board, the West Bengal board, the Odia board, the Bihar board, and many others) at the state level, and by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) at the national level. In India, the HSC/Intermediate exam is also known as the 12th class exam.

What is high school learners?

Students in high school range in age from 14 to 18 years old. With this vast variety of ages comes a wide range of abilities. … A significant number of students place a higher priority on their personal relationships and the here and now than they do on their education or their future.

Do you hyphenate public school?

If you have the compound modifiers “private-school” and “public-school”, and you need to compound them into the adjective to describe a particular discussion, you would compound them using an en dash: “private-school-public-school debate”.

How would you phrase a sentence involving high school?

(1) Throughout his time in high school, he maintained a perfect grade point average. (2) You were my sweetheart when we were in high school, and you still are. (3) Another word for secondary school is high school. (4) He is an educator at the secondary level.

Is there a legitimate name for high school?

It is possible to use the term “high school” as either a proper or a common noun. It is considered to be a proper noun when it is included as a component of the name of a particular high school, as in…

When referring to high school, do you capitalize it?

When used in a sentence, the phrase “high school” should not be capitalized unless the context clearly indicates that you are referring to a specific high school, such as “Langley High School.” When it is used in a headline or a title, the phrase “high school” should also be capitalized. Sample Sentences Showing Proper Use:… He is a student at McLean High School.

Is going to high school intimidating?

Beginning senior year of high school can be nerve-wracking, and it’s totally acceptable to feel anxious about it. Have a cheerful attitude and keep in mind that your new classmates are probably feeling the same way you are. When you start at your new school, you should make an effort to familiarize yourself with it by exploring its website and the social media profiles it maintains.

Is the term “high schoolers” one word or two?

High school student was by far the most popular designation for this group. The high school level participant was a distant third, and the high school level participant barely plotted. This result was unexpected considering the requirement that compound adjectives must have hyphens, but I suppose that the absence of a hyphen in the phrase “high school” is considered acceptable morphology.

What ages are students in high school?

Kindergarten through fifth grade (ages 5 to 10) make up elementary school; grades 6-8 (ages 11 to 13) make up middle school; and grades 9-12 make up high school (ages 14 to 18). We have provided the following resources for your use in gathering information on public schools and afterschool programs in the surrounding area.

Is there a dash for middle school students?

A. The phrase “middle and high school pupils” is not entirely wrong to use in this context. But “middle school” and “high school” are both listed in Merriam-Webster as unhyphenated noun phrases; when they are used attributively, they can remain unhyphenated. This is because middle school and high school are both considered to be noun phrases. If you are still unsure, you should put the hyphen before the noun, but not after it.

How would one go about describing their high school experience on a resume?

Instructions for including your secondary school education on a resume
  • Make sure that your schooling is highlighted in a separate area of your resume…
  • You should prioritize finishing your high school education after completing your college…
  • Add the name of your school as well as its location…
  • Add the date that you graduated, either recently or in the near future…
  • Think about revealing your overall grade point average.

What exactly is the point of attending high school?

The skills of researching, listening, collaborating, leading, being creative and imaginative, and putting out regular and prolonged time, effort, and hard work into activities, classes, and topics that matter are all skills that can be learned by students in high school.

What does the phrase “public school” mean when used in a sentence?

The public school buildings, as well as those of Alberta College and the high school, are appealing. An elected public school board oversees the administration of the district’s educational institutions. In the year 1850, the city was granted its first charter, and in the year 1857, the first public schools opened their doors.

What are some synonyms for the term public school?

Synonyms of public school
  • common school,
  • elementary school,
  • grammar school,
  • high school,
  • junior high school,
  • kindergarten,
  • middle school,
  • primary school,

What exactly does it mean to attend a public school in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, a public school is one of a very limited set of institutions that educates students at the secondary level for a fee and is independent of the state system in relation to both its endowment and administration. Another name for a public school is an independent school.

Is the ninth grade considered high school?

The first year of high school for most students in the United States begins in the ninth grade. In this system, students who are enrolled in the ninth grade are also sometimes referred to as freshmen. There is also the possibility that it is the final year of junior high school. Students in the ninth grade in the United States are typically 14 or 15 years old.

What is the name of the equivalent of high school in Singapore?

In Singapore, a secondary school, often known as a high school, is an educational establishment that provides secondary school education to students after primary school. In the majority of nations, students are required to attend secondary school as part of their formal education in order to get them ready for higher education in the future.

What is the name of the 12th grade?

When you graduate from high school, you will have earned the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. Get a bachelor’s degree in any subject area.