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Is enrollee a word?

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a student who is enrolled in a certain class, school, academic program, etc.

What does an enrollee mean?

The several meanings of the word enrollee. a student is a person who enrolls in a class or course of study, or who already is enrolled.

Which of these is accurate? Enrolee or enrollee?

In American English, “enrollment” is the standard word, whereas in British English, “enrolment” is the standard word.

How do you spell enrollee?

An individual who is defined as having signed up for anything is referred to as an enrollee. An example of an enrollee is a person who has submitted their information in order to take part in a certain activity.

Is “disenroll” an acceptable word to use?

to remove someone from a program of care, instruction, or the like, or to cause their removal from the program: Twelve cadets were kicked out of the academy’s program.

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What does disenrolled mean in English?

: to exclude (as a name) from a roll in a general sense: to relieve (a person) of their membership obligations to an organization

Is it possible to withdraw membership from a Native American tribe?

A Native American person’s citizenship or their right to join within a Native American tribe can be taken away through a process called tribal disenrollment in the United States…. More than 80 of the 567 officially recognized tribes in 17 different states have implemented the practice, and the reasons for doing so are mainly political or financial.

What does it mean to enroll late?

“Late enrollee” refers to an employee or dependent who makes a request for enrollment in a health benefits plan after the initial enrollment period that is provided under the terms of the health benefits plan, assuming that the initial enrollment period is at least thirty-one days long. “Early enrollee” refers to an employee or dependent who makes the request during the initial enrollment period.

Someone who has signed up for something is referred to as an enrollee.

recruited, included in the roster. (also referred to as impaneled, empaneled, and empanelled), inducted.

What does the term transferee mean?

1: a recipient of a conveyance; the recipient of a conveyance. 2: a person who is moved to a new location.

What is the correct spelling of “enrollment” in the UK?

Both the American and British spellings of the word “enrollment” can be used to refer to the following:
  1. Matriculation is the procedure of starting the process of attending a specific school.
  2. The process of adding a piece of information to a roll or scroll.

What is the correct spelling of Unenroll?

The definition of “unenroll” is “to cause (oneself or another person) to not be enrolled; to undo the process of enrolling.”

Why should honor be spelled with a capital H?

As used as a noun, honor refers to respectability, virtuousness, or a code of conduct that places a high value on these ideas. To honor is to regard with esteem when used as a verb. The word “honor” should be spelled “honor” when spoken to an American audience in American English. When speaking to a British audience, “honour” is the spelling that is most commonly used.

What is the correct pluralization of the word “enrollee”?

Enrollees is the plural form of enrollee.

What does enrollee mean when used in a sentence?

Enrollees sentence sample

In both the usual patient visit and the metropolitan statistical enrollment pool, the government has participants. And pharmacies that actually enroll children in the program are required to pay an additional charge. Do not make it possible for new enrollees to have both of those options available to them.

Does “enrolled” signify that one has been accepted?

When you are offered a spot to pursue a course at a university, you are said to have been “admitted.” When you are “enrolled,” however, it indicates that you have accepted the position and have satisfied all of the necessary requirements, such as paying the appropriate fees for the semester and the course itself, among other things.

What exactly does it mean to recruit someone?

To get someone to become a member of something is the definition of the word “recruit.” You could recruit members for your quilting organization, or you could recruit individuals for the navy. The act of formally joining an organization or group, such as the armed forces or a corporation, is typically what is meant when the verb recruit is used.

What other term can be used virtually interchangeably with survival?

Survival requires the use of synonyms and near synonyms. survivance, survival.

Is it possible to be a member of more than one Native American tribe?

For the Purposes of the Tribe If the tribal constitution or enrollment ordinance does not expressly exclude from membership persons who are already members of another tribe, a person who satisfies the requirements for membership in more than one tribe may be considered a member of both tribes for the purposes that are controlled by the respective tribes.

How can I locate the Indian tribe that I belong to?

www.bia.gov/bia/ois/tgs/genealogy Publishes a Handbook that Can Be Downloaded to Help You Track Out Your Indian Genealogy. Finding Native American Family Origins provides access to a comprehensive digital library. www.ncai.org/tribal-directory This page offers access to the online tribal directory, which contains information on how to get in touch with certain tribes.

How can I withdraw from the Medicaid program?

Make a call to the health department of your state.

You should be able to find this number on your Medicaid card, and it will also be included on any Medicaid notices that you have received. When you contact, you should explain that you would like to leave your HMO and request a disenrollment form at the same time. They will send the form to you via postal mail.

What are the steps I need to take to terminate my Medicare Advantage plan?

One of these three options is available for exiting a Medicare Advantage plan:
  1. You should get in touch with the plan you intend to leave and request a disenrollment paperwork from them.
  2. You can request that your disenrollment in Medicare be done over the phone by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

What does it mean to say that I’m Honored?

to experience a strong sense of pride regarding anything, most frequently regarding something that another person has bestowed upon one. I am incredibly humbled by the fact that you have asked me to serve as your best man. Jill felt privileged to be the recipient of such a distinguished prize.