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Is cheshunt a nice place to live?

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It should come as no surprise that Cheshunt, which is located in the Broxbourne borough of Hertfordshire, is regarded as a desirable place to live because it was awarded the title of “Best Place to Live for London Commuters in 2019,” is home to a beautiful 1,000-acre country park, and offers affordable housing options.

Is Cheshunt dangerous?

In Hertfordshire, Cheshunt is ranked as one of the top five most hazardous medium-sized towns, and it is ranked as the 24th most dangerous overall location out of the county’s 141 different towns, villages, and cities. In the year 2020, Cheshunt had an overall crime rate of 70 incidents for per 1,000 residents.

Is it a good idea to make your home in Waltham Cross?

In the rankings of the best places to commute to London, Cheshunt came in second place, followed by Waltham Cross, High Wycombe, Hatfield, and Gravesend… The Office for National Statistics assigned a respectable overall lifestyle ranking of 7.92 out of 10 to the region.

Is it risky to cross at Waltham Cross?

Waltham Cross is the most dangerous small town in Hertfordshire, and it is among the top 10 most dangerous overall out of Hertfordshire’s 141 towns, villages, and cities…. Waltham Cross also is among the top 10 most dangerous small towns in the United Kingdom. With a total of 489 crimes committed in Waltham Cross in the year 2020, the city has a crime rate of 45 as a result of the prevalence of violent and sexual offenses.

Is Hertfordshire an unsettling county?

Hertfordshire has consistently ranked in the top 20 counties in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland when it comes to safety. In the year 2020, the overall crime rate in Hertfordshire was sixty offenses per one thousand persons. The most common crimes were acts of physical or sexual assault, which occurred approximately once every twenty-three times one thousand individuals.

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Which area of Hertfordshire is situated in the most immediate proximity to London?

This article provides an overview of Hertfordshire’s most desirable commuting towns and cities.
  • The journey to London from St. Albans takes approximately 19 minutes (via St. Pancras)….
  • Surrounding villages…. Harpenden has a travel time of 26 minutes to London (St. Pancras).
  • Hitchin – Time to London: 32 minutes (King’s Cross) …
  • Ware – Time to London: 45 minutes (Liverpool Street)

What is the incidence rate of criminal activity in Enfield?

An Outline of Crime in Enfield

In the year 2020, Enfield had an overall crime rate of 85 incidents per per 1,000 residents. This is an encouraging result when compared to the total crime rate in London, which is 87 per 1,000 residents. This figure is 3.3% lower than the London rate.

Where exactly in the borough is Waltham Cross located?

The Borough of Broxbourne Council is located in Waltham Cross.

Is it risky to go to The Waltham Abbey.?

Waltham Abbey ranks as the third most dangerous small town in Essex and the twenty-fourth most dangerous overall out of all 319 settlements that make up Essex. In the year 2020, Waltham Abbey had an overall crime rate of 103 incidents per per 1,000 residents.

How would you describe the lifestyle in Broxbourne?

Moving to Broxbourne from the city of London is a smart decision. You will live close enough to the nation’s capital to make commuting for work and entertainment easy, yet you will be removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Let the new chapter of your life begin now that you have found family houses with a good value and decent schools.

Is it a great neighborhood to live in Waltham Abbey?

Maria Markham “Waltham Abbey is a tight-knit community that exists inside an setting that is nice, warm, and inviting.”

How would you describe the atmosphere of Waltham Abbey?

Here’s the skinny: Waltham Abbey

Period country houses, town-center cottages, and Victorian properties can be found in the charming market town of Waltham Abbey, which is located in the county of Essex and is only 26 kilometers (16 miles) away from the heart of London. In addition, there is an abundance of more contemporary bungalows, semis, and terrace homes.

What’s the story behind the name “Cheshunt”?

In the Doomsday Book of 1086, the town of Cheshunt is initially mentioned under the name “Cestrehunt.” This word likely relates to a castle or fortress, which is whence the town gets its name. To the west of Cheshunt is the old Churchgate neighborhood, while to the south of the town is where you’ll find Theobald’s neighborhood and historic Cedars Park.

Which zone is Cheshunt?

In January 2013, an Oyster Card extension was introduced to Cheshunt, and the station is currently located in zone 8 of the Travelcard.

Is the county of Hertford located north of London?

Hertfordshire is the county that is located directly to the north of London. It is included in the East of England area, which is mostly used as a statistical unit. The county of Essex is located to the east, Buckinghamshire is located to the west, while Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire are located to the north.

Is the town of Cheshunt located in Hertfordshire Tier 3?

Matt Hancock has now revealed that the entire county of Hertfordshire would be placed in Tier 3 as of the stroke of midnight on Saturday.

What borough is Goffs Oak located in?

Goffs Oak Community Library is a facility provided by Hertfordshire County Council.

Is Enfield home to Broxbourne as well?

The area covered by EN9 and small portions of EN10 and EN11 includes the western portion of the borough of Broxbourne, as well as the northern parts of the London Boroughs of Enfield and Barnet, the eastern portion of the Hertsmere district of Hertfordshire, the southern portion of the Welwyn Hatfield district, and virtually the entire borough of Broxbourne.

Is Enfield a wealthy neighborhood?

Overview. An outside London borough known as Enfield can be found to the north of the city of London. Earners in the 80th percentile make over three times (2.92) as much per hour as those at the 20th percentile in this borough, which places it among the boroughs in London with the highest pay discrepancy.

Is it risky to reside in Enfield at this time?

Safety. It is widely agreed upon that Enfield is a safe area to live because its rate of violent and property crime is comparable to that of the city of London as a whole. Stealing is the most common crime in the borough, and then there is violent crime, although most locals say they do not feel unsafe in their neighborhood.

Is Ponders End a pleasant neighborhood to live in?

Although Ponders End is not considered to be one of Enfield’s more attractive neighborhoods, the cost of housing there is far lower than in the city’s “nicer” neighborhoods. In terms of quality, Palmers Green is superior to Ponders End, and in terms of cost, it is more competitive with Winchmore Hill and Southgate. Surprisingly, the Haringey neighborhood has recently become quite fashionable and upscale.

Is Hertfordshire a prosperous county or region?

Because the county of Hertfordshire is so well-known for its high level of prosperity, many of the homes located there are extremely costly. In the wealthiest sections of Hertfordshire, such as Radlett and Harpenden, some homes can sell for close to one million pounds; nevertheless, you shouldn’t be concerned because there are also other residences that are significantly more reasonably priced.

What kind of an accent do people in Hertfordshire have?

Received Pronunciation (R.P.) The dialect spoken in the Home Counties region (which includes the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex) is the one that comes the closest to what is commonly referred to as Queen’s English. Received Pronunciation (R.P.)