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Is casey moss coming back to dool?

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Fans were excited to learn that Casey Moss would be returning to Days of Our Lives as JJ Deveraux. However, we can confirm that the actor’s brief reappearance on the NBC soap opera has come to an end – once again – after the holidays. … Fans can still watch the actor in the upcoming film The Last Champion as Scott Baker.

Which characters are coming back to Days of Our Lives?

Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, Peacock’s five-episode limited series spawned by the long-running NBC soap drama, has added Days of Our Lives alums Thaoo Penghlis, Leann Hunley, Christie Clark and Austin Peck to the cast. Also returning to the Days world are Greg Rikaart, Chandler Massey and Zachary Atticus Tinker.

Why did Casey Moss leave Days of Our Lives?

On August 28, we reported that Moss left the NBC soap on February 18 after suffering the devastating loss of his girlfriend, Haley Chen. He went to Bill Horton’s funeral which was held in Africa, along with his mother Jennifer, his father Jack, and sister Abigail.

What happened to Jennifer Days of Our Lives?

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recasts Jennifer – But For How Long? Due to the pandemic, Reeves didn’t return to California when filming began again. It was announced in September 2020 that Reeves had opted not to return to the show when production resumed following a pandemic shut down.

Who was Paige’s father on Days of Our Lives?

Paige was born on May 29, 1995 and would grow up with her single mother Eve Donovan. Her father would later be revealed to be Eduardo Hernandez, aka Eddie Larson, making Rafe, Arianna, Dario and Gabi her half-siblings.

Breaking news – DOOL brings Casey Moss return?

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Who is Rafe Hernandez father?

After mother encounter with Gabi, Rafe tells Gabi that Eduardo is their father.

Is Jennifer on Days of Our Lives leaving the show?

Days of Our Lives Vet Melissa Reeves Eyes Christmastime Return as Jennifer. It appears Days of Our Lives’ preeminent Jennifer Horton Deveraux will be home for Christmas. A Days source confirms to TVLine that Melissa Reeves is eyeing a return to the role she played off and on for three decades.

Is Ciara coming back to Days of Our Lives?

Although “Days of our Lives” has already completed filming all episodes for the remainder of its current 56th season which is set to air through September 2021, head writer Ron Carlivati recently revealed that Victoria Konefal will reprise her role as Ciara Brady Weston on the daytime drama series sometime this summer.

Is Victoria Konefal coming back to days?

Ciara (Victoria Konefal) left town recently with amnesia. It’s been announced she’s returning later this year. … When Miss Konefal returns to Salem, whenever that day comes, it won’t be to the same Salem she left. However, Ben and Ciara are star-crossed lovers-we won’t ever forget that Ben and Ciara are special.

Is Eric coming back to Days of our Lives 2021?

Greg Vaughan’s return to “Days of our Lives” was sadly a short one. The actor will exit Salem this week after his character, Eric Brady, heads back to Africa after learning his wife, Nicole (Arianne Zucker), had an affair with Xander (Paul Telfer).

Are Carrie and Austin coming back to DAYS?

As previously announced, Lisa Rinna, who plays Billie Reed, will be returning for the Days of our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem, but now Peacock has revealed that Billie’s brother Austin Reed will also be returning. … Peck will be joined by Austin’s onscreen love, Carrie Brady, when Christie Clark also returns.

Are John and Marlena leaving the show 2021?

This Friday, January 23, John and Marlena will officially leave Salem. Whether fans agree or disagree with Days of Our Lives’ controversial decision to axe the popular duo, there’s no denying the supercouple will be gone after Friday.

Does Ben and Ciara get back together on Days of Our Lives?

An amnesic Ciara had no recollection of her time with Ben and ended their marriage to be with Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson). But the storyline had a happy ending, with Ciara getting her memory back. The couple reaffirmed their love for each other by marrying in a small ceremony.

Who is leaving days of our life in 2020?

In July 2020, Kristian Alfonso exited the soap after 37 years. She told Entertainment Tonight she decided to leave after producers suggested that she take a five-month break off the show and return in a new storyline. She said: “It was not something that had ever been discussed but that’s what it was.

Why did Rafe and Hope get divorced?

Hope finally agreed to marry Rafe, but unfortunately, he cheated on her with a recently-returned Sami, and she didn’t find out about it until after they tied the knot! She left him and they were separated for a time, but continued working on their relationship and eventually got back together.

Where did Rafe and Gabi go?

Although she left again briefly in the summer of 2020, Banus was back by the end of November! Gabi moved to Salem to live with her older brother Rafe Hernandez and sister, Arianna.

What happened to Eve Donovan’s daughter?

Tragically, Paige was murdered by the Necktie Killer, and Eve was wracked with guilt about how she’d failed her daughter. Eve became friends with Justin Kiriakis and wanted to help Claire Brady find success in the music industry, but it was clear she was using Claire as a surrogate daughter.

Who killed Paige on Days of Our Lives?

True O’Brien, who played Paige Larson from 2014 until 2015, and then reappeared for the haunting Halloween episode in 2017, is returning to Days of our Lives. Her character was murdered in 2015 by the now reformed Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) who was the Necktie Killer.

Is Deidre Hall leaving Days of Our Lives in 2021?

Deidre Hall, who plays Evans, will be leaving Days of Our Lives in January after 28 years in the role.

Is Drake Hogestyn leaving Days of Our Lives 2021?

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, one of the most popular supercouples of all time, are departing Days of Our Lives.

What happened to Carrie and Austin on Days?

Over time, Dr Mike Horton develops feelings for her and they slowly grow closer together. Carrie and Mike eventually have an affair, and Austin and Carrie divorce. Austin leaves Salem. Carrie accepts Mike’s marriage proposal, and they move to Israel.