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Is bae ro na alive?

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There is still hope for Bae Ro Na!

Fans all across the world were thrilled when it was disclosed that Oh Yoon Hee’s daughter Bae Ro Na, who had been reported as having passed away on the day of the Cheong Ah Arts Festival, was, in fact, still alive the entire time. This revelation was another shocking turn of events.

Is it true that Bae Ro Na has passed away?

It was Joo Dan Tae who was responsible for what happened. He carried out the assignment given to him and murdered Bae Ro Na. He had the ability to rescue her or to call for assistance or an ambulance, but he chose not to. Joo Dan Tae, in his role as the manipulator, was present when Ha Eun Byeol attacked Bae Ro Na and then ran away from the scene of the crime.

Who was it that took Bae Ro Na’s life in the hospital?

Dante says that Ha Eun Byeol was the one who killed Bae Rona, and a video of Joo Dante unplugging the oxygen plug in the hospital on the fateful day is shown to us.

Is Min Seol A still in existence?

To begin, the death of Min Seol Ah occurred in the Penthouse. Because of Joo Dan Tae, Su Ryeon was unable to have a biological connection with her daughter Seol Ah, who was born out of wedlock. There will be the occasional demise of a minor character, but you probably won’t feel too much sympathy for them. They got what was due to them from Karma.

Is it possible that Shim Su Ryeon is still alive?

It is difficult to accept that the main character, Su-ryeon (played by Lee Ji-ah), has passed away at this point in Penthouse 3: Battle in Life because the show and its prior seasons have teased viewers so much about the possibility that she has passed away. In episode 12, for instance, Cheon Seo-jin was able to flee in spite of the chandelier falling on her.

The Penthouse 2 Bea Rona has RESURRected!! The Reunion of Seok Hoon and Bae Rona

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Are you still alive, Joo Dan Tae?

In the twelfth episode of the third season, viewers see Joo Dan Tae meet the same grisly fate as the other main characters. Throughout all three seasons of the drama, he has played the role of the antagonist. After being shot by Shim Su Ryeon, the final image that we see of him is him plummeting to his death. Shim Su Ryeon is seen taking a shot at Joo Dan Tae as the two are shown facing off against one another.

Who was responsible for the death of Seol A?

Yoon Hee, while in her inebriated state, reveals that she is the final murderer who is responsible for pushing Min Seol Ah from the 47th floor. She did this in order to clear a space for her own daughter to enter Cheong Ah Arts High School.

Who was the one to stab Shim Su Ryeon?

It was subsequently disclosed that Na Ae Gyo is, in fact, Shim Su Ryeon, and that the person who was actually named Na Ae Gyo was the one who did not make it through the stabbing incident. They had switched roles at the very last minute, but unfortunately they still managed to walk right into Joo Dan Tae’s trap.

Is Min Seol planning to make a comeback?

After watching the new teaser, a lot of viewers are anticipating that Min Seol Ah, the daughter of Shim Su Ryeon who passed away, will make an unexpected dramatic entrance into the drama. This is because there have been other characters who have made spectacular entrances in the past. In the meantime, the premiere of the first episode of the third season of ‘Penthouse’ will take place on June 4 at 10 PM Korea Standard Time.

Did Oh Yoon-Hee died in Season 3?

Ha Yoon-cheol said, “I’m going now. I never loved anyone else but you, Yoon-hee “subsequently passed away. Seo-jin The words “You make me a bad guy to the end” came out of Cheon’s mouth in a fit of rage. Shim Su-ryun attempted to entice Cheon by using Ha Eun-byul as bait. Seo-jin.

Who was it that stabbed Bae Ro Na in the back of the head?

It was subsequently disclosed that Na Ae Gyo is, in fact, Shim Su Ryeon, and that the person who was actually named Na Ae Gyo was the one who did not make it through the stabbing incident.

What comes of Cheon Seo Jin in the end?

During the time that Cheon Seo Jin is dangling from the chandelier and falling to the ground, it eventually lands on top of her and stabs her. Cheon Seo Jin and Ha Yoon Cheol, who were both observed to be unconscious and to be bleeding blood, will very certainly perish as a result of this.

Is there a happy ending in store for Bae Ro Na and Joo Seok Hoon?

Love is a redeeming force, and Seok Hoon was able to redeem himself once he fell in love with Rona. You Are Not Alone – Seok Hoon is typically there for Rona and guards her against being bullied by other students. Even though their breakup was never depicted on screen, it is obvious that they are no longer together but that their love for one another has not faded.

Is it possible for Logan Lee to regain his life?

When Su Ryeon found a weird bag in Logan Lee’s car when the bomb exploded, he became suspicious that Baek Jun Ki was involved in Logan Lee’s killing…. Su Ryeon began to think that Baek Jun Ki was responsible for Logan Lee’s death. Logan Lee is truly alive and Seo Jin is the one who covers his face and tries to get him through the hands of Dr. To save ha.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Oh Yoon Hee murdered Min Seol A?

Oh Yoon-hee entered Hera Palace with the help of Shim Soo-ryun (Jia Ji-ah), but she was the real culprit who killed Shim’s real daughter, Min Seol-a (Jo Soo-min), and later said that she killed Shim Soo-ryun through the conspiracy of Ju Dan-tae (Um Ki-jun).

Who killed Su Ryun?

The tragic end of Shim Soo Ryeon

She makes an attempt to locate him in their hidden room, but ends up being stabbed twice in the dark by Dan Tae, who then falsely accuses Yoon Hee of murdering their friend.

Is Su Ryeon still alive at the start of Season 3?

Do we know for sure that Logan Lee and Su-Ryeon have passed away? Indeed, as we discover in the show’s penultimate act, the couple has both passed away at this point in time. The final performance for Ro-Na is performed not once, but twice, with the second time around revealing what actually took place.

Who is the mother of Min Seol Ah?

Coming to terms with the fact that Shim Soo Ryeon is Min Seol Ah’s mother.

Does Shim Su Ryeon have any idea who was responsible for the death of Min Seol A?

Oh Yoon-hee could hardly hear Shim Su-ryun as she whispered in her ear, “It’s you….” Oh Yoon-hee, who did not know this reality, found that he did not kill Min Seol-ah. Yet, Shim Training already had the evidence in their possession. A result report that was consistent with Oh Yoon-hee’s was obtained from the unidentified DNA that was found on Min Seol-ah’s nails.

What exactly took place, Joo Dan Tae?

The destruction of the Hera Palace. The most stunning conclusion was given in episode 12, which aired last. Joo Dan Tae sneaked inside Hera Palace while working undercover as a janitor and detonated bombs all across the structure…. Joo Dan Tae was brought to a violent end after being shot in the head by Shim Soo Ryun, who then caused him to tumble from the penthouse and land on the fountain below.

Why is Joo Dan Tae Baek?

Joo Dan Tae was formerly employed by the prosperous Joo family as a servant. During that time, many referred to him as Mr…. Baek deceived Soo Ryeon about his history, changed his name to Joo Dan Tae, and then married her. Hence, given that the son is wanted for a crime he did not commit, he makes the decision to assume Joo Dan Tae’s identity in order to plot his retaliation.

Who exactly is Eun Byul’s biological father?

Ha Ryu

Is it possible that Oh Yoon Hee took Logan’s money?

In addition, he took their fortune in Penthouse: War in Life III, and as a result, Mr. Baek was reborn as Ju Dan-tae. Logan had arrived at this realization and located the genuine Dan-tae through some means. The real Dan-tae, who now goes by the name Baek Jun-gi, makes the decision to eliminate the imposter while Logan is being killed directly in front of him.

What prompted Oh Yoon-Hee to steal money from Logan was it?

Hence, Logan suggested to Yoon-hee that she make use of the funds so that she could learn the truth about the mysterious twin without Su-ryeon being aware of it.

Who took the money belonging to Logan?

Veronica pays a visit to the Echolls’ residence and has a conversation with Logan, who reveals that he believes Connor took the money from them. Veronica pays a visit to the film set that Connor is working on, and while she is there, she asks Connor about the poker game. Yet, he has no idea who might have been responsible for stealing the money. Veronica makes an effort to visit Sean, but Sean’s father refuses to let her in.