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Is aine lawlor married?

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a person’s private life. Lawlor and her husband, Ian Wilson, as well as their four children — David, the twins Megan and Jack, and Ella — make their home in Dublin at the present time. Her spouse is also a well-known producer at RTÉ 2fm, where he worked for many years.

How old is Anne Lawlor currently?

The presenter, who is 59 years old, also confessed that the treatment she received for cancer has left her in daily discomfort.

Who did today’s presentation of Morning Ireland?

Mon – Fri • 07:00 – 09:00. Live coverage of the country’s top radio show in terms of news, sports, and business as well as weather, and traffic updates. Rachael English, Gavin Jennings, Audrey Carville, Aine Lawlor, and Mary Wilson will be the presenters for this event.

Who has been the most impressive political presenter this week?

The Week in Politics is a news and current affairs program that airs on RTÉ One as well as the RTÉ News channel in Ireland. It is mostly presented by ine Lawlor, however Sharon N’Bheoláin and Paul Cunningham have also filled in on occasion.

Anybody knows where Aine Lawlor is?

Lawlor and her husband, Ian Wilson, as well as their four children — David, the twins Megan and Jack, and Ella — make their home in Dublin at the present time. Her spouse is also a well-known producer at RTÉ 2fm, where he worked for many years. Her hobbies include gardening, as well as raising her own food and preparing it herself.

Interview with Aine Lawlor on Donegal Television

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Who hosts the program Ireland AM?

Presenters. The primary hosts of Ireland AM at the moment are Alan Hughes, Muireann O’Connell, and Tommy Bowe (from Monday to Thursday), as well as Elaine Crowley and Simon Delaney (from Friday to Sunday).

Who was the presenter on TVAM?

On February 1, 1983, TV-am was founded by the “Famous Five,” consisting of Robert Kee, Angela Rippon, David Frost, Anna Ford, and Michael Parkinson. In January of 1983, Nick became a member of the TV-am sports crew. He was the one who delivered the sports reports on the very first TV-am broadcast.

What frequency does RTE Radio 1 broadcast on?

At the moment, listeners in Ireland can catch RTÉ Radio 1 on the 88-90 MHz FM and 252 kHz longwave bands.

How can I tune the radio to receive RTE 1?

You can listen to RTÉ Radio on your computer by going to rte.ie/radio, downloading the RTÉ Radio Player from the Apple or Google Play stores, or simply asking Alexa or Google to play the station you wish to hear (for more information, go to rte.ie/voice).

How do I get RTE gold to play in my computer?

RTÉ Gold frequencies

The program can only be accessed in digital formats, such as DigitalTV and as internet radio via the RTÉ Radio player; however, we recommend listening to the broadcast via the online radio stream. DigitalTV: Virgin Media: Channel 941, Saorview: Channel 208, Saorsat: Channel 29, eirTV: Channel 941 and Vodafone TV.

How can I listen to Radio 1 on my mobile device?

Use the iPlayer Radio App to listen to Radio 1 on your mobile device or tablet… Regardless of where you are, you can stream or download any of our programs, podcasts, playlists, mixes, and more.

What did the original name of GMTV sound like?

It was initially planned that GMTV would be known as “Sunrise Television;” however, due to the fact that Sky News’ breakfast programming also went by that name (and continued to do so until 2019), Sky objected, which led to the name change for GMTV.

What exactly occurred with Mike Morris?

Life and death on an individual level. Following his battle with cancer, Morris passed away on October 22, 2012 at the age of 66 due to heart failure.

What led Aidan Cooney to resign from his position at Ireland AM?

Cooney took part in a three-month challenge on Ireland AM called “Eat less, move more,” which was aimed to help him reduce some of his excess weight. In addition, he was subjected to scientific tests. During the course of 2018, Cooney was noticeably absent from the show for a period of several weeks before it was revealed that he had left his role on the show.

What is the best way to text Ireland AM?

Twitter posts by Ireland AM: “Text your feedback to AM Plus at 53131 for a cost of 30 cents each text.”

Who was the guest host for the cooking segment on Ireland AM this morning?

The most notable aspect of Edward Hayden’s career is undoubtedly the success of his cooking segments on TV3’s Ireland AM.

Who is Penny Smith from the eighth grade?

In the chapter titled “tsunami,” Penny Smith is revealed to be Tilly Smith’s mother.

Where can I find out what happened to Penny Smith on GMTV?

Penny Smith, who is now 58 years old and was born in Nottinghamshire, worked as a presenter on GMTV for a total of 17 years. She is currently the host of a show on TalkRadio as well as the Radio 2 Playlist. Divorced, she lives in London with her actor lover, Vince Leigh, 48.

What did they used to call this morning before?

History. ITV took the decision in 1988 to launch a live daytime morning program, and the network’s five regional companies produced pilot programmes as part of their bids to win the national contract. Home Today was the name of a program that was shown on Television South and was hosted by Andy Craig and Fern Britton.

Is it true that Grimmy is quitting Radio 1?

Nick Grimshaw, who has hosted the drivetime show on BBC Radio 1 for the past 14 years, is leaving the broadcaster. Grimmy, 36, said: “My boyhood desire was to work on Radio 1 and I have been lucky enough to make that dream come true. …

Is it possible to listen to Radio 2 on my mobile device?

Thanks to our brand-new Radio 2 mobile site, you may now get information about Radio 2 on your mobile device… Listeners who are on the go can now use their internet-enabled mobile phones to view the Radio 2 studio webcams, as well as access the scheduling information, features, and competitions that the station offers.