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Inquietude in a sentence?

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Her uncertainty on the nature of what she needed to grasp was accompanied by feelings of both bewilderment and unease. The next long hour followed immediately after the previous long hour, yet the unease in her disposition did not abate. She stood up, her air of cool hauteur belying a hint of unease beneath the surface. Should I be successful in removing the source of your unease, I will be overjoyed.

What is the meaning of inquietude?

: disturbed state : disquietude.

What is the meaning of indefatigably?

: unable to become tired; not easily exhausted; not tiring; a worker who never tires.

How do you put terms into proper context within a sentence?

Terms sentence example
  1. The conditions have been fulfilled…
  2. Are all of the requirements met? …
  3. The conditions of their agreement had been fulfilled….
  4. The knowledge of that reality had formerly bothered him, but by this time he had accepted it….
  5. Dean could tell that his wife was looking forward to the service, and he knew that it would assist her in adjusting to her son’s unexpected marriage.

Vilification: what does the word mean when it’s used in a sentence?

How to Use the Word Vilification in a Sentence?
  1. The spiteful opinion articles that the backbiting editor writes are what made her famous, as they are infamous for their vilification of those the editor does not like.
  2. Although Gracie’s criticism of her mother-in-law was unjustified, she did not let this fact prevent her from smearing the reputation of the unfortunate woman.

Inquietude Meaning

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What exactly is behavior that is derogatory?

A person or group of people is considered to be subjected to vilification when they engage in behavior that incites or fosters hatred, extreme scorn, disgust, or severe ridicule towards them because of their race and/or religion.

What is an illustration of the practice of vilification?

Examples of racial vilification include someone yelling racial slurs at another passenger on a bus; exhibiting racially inflammatory posters in public; and wearing a T-shirt with racially offensive slogans printed on it.

What exactly are some examples of terms?

A single mathematical expression is what we refer to as a term. It may be a single number (either positive or negative), a single variable (a letter), or numerous variables multiplied together, but it would never be a combination of addition or subtraction… Examples of terms that stand alone: There is only one term for 3x. A coefficient is what the number “3” is. The letter “x” represents the variable.

What exactly does the term example mean?

Term: Explanation Together with Several Examples

In an expression, a term may function as either a constant or a variable, or it may do both. With the statement “3a plus 8,” both 3a and 8 are considered to be words. Another illustration is shown below, in which the terms 5x and 7 are used to produce the phrase 5x + 7.

How would you say “with regard to”?

  1. as to,
  2. on the subject of,
  3. respecting,
  4. in respect of,
  5. as regards,
  6. with reference to,
  7. in re,
  8. in the matter of,

What is another word that may be used in place of imbroglio?

Imbroglio and embroilment are not only considered to be synonyms of one another, but they also share a common etymological root.

Which category of word best describes indefatigable?

incapable of being worn down to the point of exhaustion; not giving in to fatigue; tireless.

What is the meaning of the word “inanition” in English?

inanition (pronounced: in-uh-NISH-un) is defined as the situation of being completely exhausted due to a lack of food and water. 2. a lack of or a diminishing of social, moral, or intellectual life or vigor

What does it mean to refer to something as pecuniary in English?

1: having to do with or expressed in terms of money monetary assistance monetary presents 2: of or related to money, including monetary demands and monetary rewards pecuniary wants and benefits

What does aggrandizement mean?

transitive verb. 1: to make great or greater; to raise the size of (an estate) by aggrandizing it. 2: to cause someone to look to be great or greater; to praise highly. 3: to increase the power, fortune, status, or renown of by taking advantage of the situation, the person attempted to aggrandize himself.

What does it mean when we say that someone is capricious?

1 : marked by an often ill-natured tendency to stress faults and raise objections captious critics a captious rivalry 1: marked by an often ill-natured tendency to stress defects and raise objections 2: intended to confuse, entrap, or entangle in dispute a captious question.

What exactly is a constant?

A constant in algebra is either a number that stands on its own or a letter, such as a, b, or c, that can be used to stand in for a fixed integer. As an illustration, the numbers 5 and 9 are considered to be constants in the expression “x plus 5 equals 9.”

Where can I get the mathematical symbol that looks like a V?

The mathematical symbols from the question concerning intersections and unions in mathematics. In the question posed by the reader, the “V” symbols are and, which respectively stand for “Logical Or” and “Logical And.” The Greek letter Lambda is written with a capital letter. The symbol for the exponentiation function is a tiny, sometimes known as a “caret,” which can be found on most keyboards by pressing “shift-6.”

What are some instances of terminology that are similar?

Like Words Definition
  • Similar terms are terms that have the same variables raised to the same power as one another…
  • Similar expressions make use of the same variable, which is then multiplied by the same power.
  • For instance, the formula 5x + 10x is an example of an algebraic expression that contains like terms…
  • Think about multipliers such as 5x, 6x, 2x, and -3x.

What exactly does each of your words mean?

When you do anything “on your terms,” it means that the conditions under which you carry out the activity are ones that you establish since you are in a position of authority. They won’t sign the union pact unless it meets all of their requirements first.

In mathematics, what exactly are variables?

In algebra, a variable is a symbol (often a letter) that serves as a stand-in for an undetermined numerical value within an equation. Variables such as x and y (which represent real-number unknowns), z (which represent complex-number unknowns), t (which represents time), r (which represents radius), and s are used frequently.

What exactly does it mean to discriminate in a indirect manner?

Indirect discrimination occurs when there is a practice, policy, or law that applies to everyone in the same way, but it has a worse effect on some people than it does on others. This type of discrimination can be difficult to detect since it occurs in the background. According to the Equality Act, this places you at an very severe disadvantage.

What exactly is meant by the term “vilification” in the workplace?

What exactly is vilification? Vilification occurs when an individual says or does anything in public that has the potential to incite other individuals to ridicule or despise a certain group of individuals.

What exactly does it mean to be victimized?

Victimization is when someone treats you poorly or subjects you to a detriment because you have complained about discrimination or helped someone who has been the victim of prejudice. Victimization can also occur when you help someone who has been the victim of discrimination.