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In the poem amanda’ the golden silence’ is contrasted with the?

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In the poem ,The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet are the examples of metaphors ,silence is compared to the valuable gold which reflects it’s importance in every sphere of life . Also,freedom is compared with sweetness that would leave a pleasant taste in our memory.

How is silence described in the poem Amanda?

But Amanda wants to play in dust with her bare feet. Moreover, she is so fed up of these constant instructions from her mother, that she says silence is golden which means that silence is very crucial and precious. She further says that freedom is sweet. This means she never feels free when she is with her mother.

What is the sea compared with Amanda?

Poetic Devices Used in the Poem

Metaphor : A device which compares two things or qualities which are unlike. Orphan – Who don’t have nagging parents above their head as Amanda’s. Languid, emerald sea – languid and emerald type qualities are assigned to sea.

What does repetition of Amanda at the end of each line reflect?

iv) What does the repetition of “Amanda!” at the end of each line reflect? a) It describes who the speaker is talking to.

What does the speaker say about silence and freedom in poem Amanda?

(b) The orphan is roaming in the street. (c) The speaker makes designs with her bare feet on the soft dust. (d) The speaker says that silence is golden and freedom is sweet.

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What is silence and freedom for the poet?

Silence is golden, freedom is sweet” is an example of two metaphors. One is the metaphor of comparing silence with the invaluable gold to represent the worth of silence in every sphere of life. Secondly, freedom is compared with sweetness that would leave a pleasant taste in our memory.

Why does Amanda say silence is golden and freedom sweet?

​​​​​​Amanda said that the silence is golden and the freedom is sweet as her mother used to give her instructions and that doesn’t let her enjoy her freedom.

What is Amanda’s sitting posture?

Answer: she is instructed not to bite her nails and not to hunch her shoulders. She is instructed to sit straight.

Why is the word Amanda repeated?

Repetition: It is a literary device in which a word or phrase is repeated two or more times. In the poem, words like Amanda, Don’t etc are repeated again and again for poetic effect. … In the poem, Amanda imagines herself to be mythological characters like mermaid and Rapunzel.

What impression do you form of Amanda after reading the poem Amanda?

What impression do you form about Amanda, after reading the poem ‘Ama ida’? Answer: Amanda feels suffocated because she is controlled and instructed not to do one thing or the other. She feels that her freedom is curtailed.

Who is addressing Amanda?

The addressing of Amanda is done by the poet Robert Klein ….. where as the speaker of this is her mother who keeps on advising her…

Who is Amanda?

Answer: Amanda was a little school-going girl. She seems to love fairy tales, stories like Rapunzel and mermaids. She does not like too many instructions or nagging which make her sulk and moody. Then she does not listen to her mother attentively and starts day-dreaming.

What is the character sketch of Amanda?

Amanda is a school going girl who is in her teens. She is being scolded by her mother for doing things which she is not supposed to do. Explanation:As a teenager she doesn’t like to be nagged by her mother. She wants a carefree life.

How come Silence is golden in the poem Amanda?

Answer: (a) Silence is shown golden using the poetic device metaphor. By making silence golden the poet is estimating the worth of silence. For Amanda seeks peace and calmness, which is absent in her reality.

How is silence golden?

Psychologists’ research says that higher the pitch of the speech, the more negative is its impact on the neural system. Words should be pleasant and appreciating. … This helps them master their speech. Hence it is said, ‘Silence is Golden’.

How come Silence is golden for Amanda?

Amanda’s mother keeps constantly nagging her for finishing her homework, cleaning her room etc. This makes Amanda feel that her life is not peaceful. She thinks silence to be golden because her mother always used to give her instructions and not enjoy her freedom.

What is the rhyming scheme of the poem Amanda?

Rhyme scheme: In this poem, each of the stanzas spoken by her mother follow the rhyme scheme AABA, since the last word of the 1st, 2nd and 4th lines are the same, that is, “Amanda”.

What is expected from Amanda?

Ans : Amanda’s mother is, no doubt, a nagging women . She keeps instructing the girl not to do one thing or another. Amanda is asked not to bite her nails or bend her shoulders.

Who is Amanda How old is she?

Amanda is a school going girl, who must be about 9−10 years old. The things that her mother scolds her for are all typical instructions given to a 9 or10 year old girl.

Why does Amanda’s mother nag her how does it affect Amanda?

Amanda’s mother wants her to follow the code of conduct of good behavior. She constantly keeps nagging Amanda as she wants her to be obedient and well-mannered. … This makes Amanda feel that she is being constantly pressurized in being a well-behaved girl as per her mother’s demand.

What is Amanda being instructed in the first paragraph?

Answer: Amanda is getting instructions from her parents, which become too much to handle for the small girl. She is told not to eat her nails and sit in a proper position. … All these portray Amanda in a positive light while her parents in a negative light.

What can you depict of Amanda’s nature?

Answer: Amanda’s parents are very strict and always points out the mistakes of amanda.. Amanda’s mother does not let her to eat chocolates as she is having acne… So having so much strictness in her life she wants to be an orphan who is free from evryone ….

What type of girl is Amanda?

Explanation: Amanda is a moody type of girl as mentioned in the final stanza. Ans: hunch – to raise, slouching – bending, drifting – moving slowly, roaming – wandering / purposelessly moving about, hushed – silent, tranquil – relaxed / calm, nagged – disturbed.

What is the message of the poem Amanda?

The poem conveys an important message that children should never be imprisoned for their freedom and not grow the feeling that their parents are nagging them for every small thing.

What is the central theme of the poem Amanda?

The central idea of the poem Amanda is that the parents who do not understand the nature of their children. They keep giving commands to their children. They want them (their children) adopt the norms of society. This has adverse impact on the upbringing of the children.