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In the odyssey odysseus comment to telemachus?

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The fact that Odysseus tells Telemachus that “This is not princely, to be swept away by astonishment at your father’s presence” is an indication that ancient Greek princes…. … The loyal dog of Odysseus, Argus, who had been abused and neglected for a long time, responds to the sound of Odysseus’ voice by wagging his tail one more time before passing away.

What exactly is it that Odysseus wants to talk about with Telemachus?

What exactly is it that Odysseus wants to talk about with Telemachus? … Telemachus has been spared from certain death thanks to the intervention of the gods.

The directions that Odysseus gives to Telemachus are as follows:

He instructs Telemachus to “go at early morning at once home, and join the audacious suitors.” After that, he will have Eumaeus, the swineherd, bring him home while he pretends to be a beggar still. He also instructs Telemachus not to lose his temper regardless of how badly the suitors treat Odysseus while he is in disguise.

What does Odysseus reveal to Telemachus about the plans they have for the future?

In the end, the betrayer Melanthius is tortured and slain, and Odysseus has the house fumigated after the bloodbath. Odysseus urges Telemachus to cut them down with a sword, but Telemachus decides to hang them instead, which is a more shameful death.

The first words Odysseus spoke to Telemachus were sarcastic in a number of ways.

Odysseus’s first speech to Telemachus is ironic because he says, “if I were the king,” which is a reference to the fact that he is the king. He says that he would not let the suitors push him around…. When Odysseus reveals his true identity to Telemachus, Telemachus realizes that the gods divinely favor Odysseus.

An interpretation of The Odyssey as “The Tale of Telemachus”

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When Odysseus and Telemachus first meet again, Telemachus has a number of misconceptions about his father.

When Odysseus and Telemachus are reunited, Telemachus initially believes that Odysseus is a beggar, but after Odysseus consults with Athena and alters his appearance, Telemachus believes that Odysseus is a god.

Why does Telemachus initially have reservations about what Odysseus has to say?

If the suitors “practice shots” on Odysseus, who is pretending to be a beggar, Telemachus has to hold his fury and refrain from identifying his father. Telemachus is initially skeptical because of the shift in Odysseus’ appearance, which leads Telemachus to conclude that Odysseus is a god.

In what way does the reader gain the clearest insight into Odysseus’ character through the use of this reply?

When Odysseus responds to Eurymachus’ question, the most important thing for the reader to understand about Odysseus’ personality is that he is seeking vengeance, that he intends to kill everyone, and that he is not interested in any of their goods.

Who is it that Telemachus confides his plans in?

Odysseus tells Telemachus his plan for the next day as he lays it for him. Telemachus acknowledges it but also reminds Odysseus that other gods are in favor of the suitors. Name the six steps in Odysseus’ plan as he outlines it for Telemachus.

How exactly does Odysseus get Telemachus to believe that he is in fact his father?

When Telemachus witnessed Odysseus emerge from his guise, Odysseus is able to convince Telemachus that he is his biological father. But, Telemachus advises Odysseus that there are too many suitors for them to fight.

Telemachus was given some advice by Odysseus on how he should react in the event that the suitors questioned his choice to remove the weapons from the hall.

If the suitors should challenge Telemachus’ decision to take the weapons from the hall, Odysseus advises Telemachus to answer by telling them that he is getting them clean for the next king of Ithaca. Penelope uses this test to determine whether or not the disguised Odysseus is telling the truth.

What sort of treatment do Odysseus and Telemachus provide to the many suitors?

Odysseus will enter the palace dressed as a beggar, and Telemachus will hide the palace’s surplus armaments in a location that the suitors will not find readily. The two of them will then seize the arms and massacre the suitors. He devises a plan to launch a surprise attack from within the palace.

While Telemachus is pretending to be a beggar, Odysseus gives him instructions on what he should do.

Melantho, the disrespectful servant girl who slept with Eurymachus, confronts the beggar who is now playing the role of Odysseus for a second time. Odysseus gives Telemachus instructions to gather the weapons and hide them in a place where the suitors will not be able to easily find them the following day.

What is the consequence for Odysseus’s disrespectful behavior toward the god?

Odysseus was punished by Poseidon with what turned out to be a ten year journey home to Ithaca. Further insults against Poseidon complicated this journey. One insult includes the blinding of the Cyclops Polyphemus, who was the son of Poseidon. As a result, Poseidon swore that Odysseus would never see his home again.

What took place while Odysseus and Telemachus were trapped inside the tent by themselves?

What is Odysseus’ strategy for dealing with the suitors?… When Odysseus and Telemachus are alone in the hut, Athena removes Odysseus’ disguise, which enables Telemachus to recognize the presence of his father. Why does Eumaeus go to the palace?

What exactly do Odysseus and Telemachus have in mind when it comes to getting back to the house?

According to the plan, they are to return to their home separately the following day. Telemachus is to go to the palace in secret first, and watch the suitors in Odysseus’ absence. He is also supposed to take hold of their arms. After some time, Odysseus will arrive at the palace disguised as a beggar to engage the suitors. Telemachus is to watch the suitors in Odysseus’ absence. Telemachus is also supposed

What does Telemachus tell the suitors when they approach him?

The suitors are informed by Telemachus that if the hoof had hit the person they believe to be a beggar, he would have thrown a spear through Ctesippus. He then instructs the suitors once more to avoid from committing such transgressions and to not conduct any more crimes while they are at his house.

How does Telemachus react when Antinous gives his response in front of the Assembly?

Antinous, one of the suitors, is the only one to respond to Telemachus and he does so in an angry manner. “Telemachus, insolent braggart that you are, how dare you try to throw the blame upon us suitors? It is your mother’s fault not ours, for she is a very artful woman,” Antinous says to Telemachus. “How dare you try to throw the blame upon us suitors?” Telemachus asks Antinous

What is it that Telemachus charges the suitors with having done?

The suitors defend their behavior by blaming Penelope, saying that if she got married, all of the tumult would stop. Telemachus accuses the suitors of destroying everything, and the suitors respond by saying that they are to blame.

What advice does Odysseus give to Telemachus on the use of all of his armor and weapons?

Odysseus instructs Telemachus to deposit the armor and weapons in a vaulted storeroom, but they are to keep two broadswords, two spears, and two shields for their personal use. Odysseus prays to Athena and Zeus.

What do you think the overarching moral of the Odyssey is?

There are three key themes that run throughout this epic poem, and they are retribution, loyalty, and hospitality.

Why does Telemachus fear that Odysseus will not be successful in his battle against the suitors?

Why does Telemachus worry that Odysseus won’t be able to prevail against the suitors? Because gods can assume different forms, and it’s possible that he’s a god masquerading as a human. “There will be killing until the score is paid.” What does this say about Odysseus? That he won’t let anything stand in his way.

What can we learn about the mentalities of the ancient Greeks from Telemachus’s reaction to Odysseus’s change in appearance?

What does Telemachus’ reaction to Odysseus’ change in appearance tell us about the ancient Greeks’ feelings toward the gods? They feared the gods…. He believes that he is a god because only gods are able to change forms. Epic Simile: What are Odysseus and Telemachus’ cries compared to in the epic simile that can be found in lines 1063-1065?

In what ways does Telemachus contribute to the overall success of the fight?

Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, comes to his aid during the war and even offers to sacrifice his own life in order to obtain armor and weaponry that will assist his father in winning the conflict.

What kind of treatment does Telemachus provide Eumaeus? What kind of treatment does he give Odysseus? What does this tell us about Telemachus?

Odysseus is treated with kindness and respect by Telemachus. He is not rude to him, as you might expect a prince to be to a beggar, as Odysseus looked. Telemachus treats Eumaeus with respect because he is like a father to him. He raised him while Odysseus was not there…. Telemachus treats Odysseus with kindness and respect. He is not rude to him.