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In the anime quintuplets who does he marry?

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In the manga story, Futaro and Yotsuba end up getting married. Yotsuba is a wonderful young lady, and she is also the subject of the photograph that Futaro has carefully preserved all these years. It would be appropriate for her to take her place as Futaro’s bride.

Who does Fuutarou marry in archetypal quintuplets?

Five years later, Fuutarou married Yotsuba, and not long after their wedding, Yotsuba told him that she had kissed him under the bell five years before, which caused him to flush. Five years later, Fuutarou was married to Yotsuba.

Who did Uesugi meet as a kid?

One of the Nakano quintuplets uses the alias Rena (?) while they are trying to hide their true identity from the world. It’s possible that she is the enigmatic young lady that Fuutarou Uesugi met in Kyoto five years before the events of the story when he was on an elementary school trip there.

Who kissed Fuutarou?

Effect of the Story When one of the Nakano Quintuplets kisses Fuutarou, it causes the “Bell of Vows” to come together in a more complete form. This quintuplet will eventually turn into The Bride.

Who is the young lady in the picture of Fuutarou?

Young Nakano, also known as The Girl in the Photograph, is a possible allusion to a young girl named Fuutarou Uesugi met on a school trip to Kyoto five years before the events of the main story. Young Nakano is also known as “The Girl in the Picture.” The Nakano Quintuplets include her as one of their members.

In the conclusion of The Quintessential Quintuplets, who did Futaro end up marrying?

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Who does Miku Nakano end up with?

Miku was already five steps ahead of the game while the other Quints were trying to figure out how they felt about each other. When Miku has told Ichika about her feelings for Futaro, Ichika assures her that the two of them can do anything they want, but in the end, she is going to come out on top.

Who does Futaro ultimately wind up pairing up with?

In the manga story, Futaro and Yotsuba end up getting married.

Is Nino Nakano a tsundere?

Nino Nakano (, Nakano Nino) is a character in Gotoubun no Hanayome who, along with her sister Itsuki Nakano, is a tsundere…. Nino Nakano is the younger sister of Itsuki Nakano. She does everything for the quintuplets that a mother would do, including preparing meals for them and taking care of the housework.

What was the motivation behind Nino Nakano’s hair cut?

Trivia. This is the second time that Nino has deceived everyone by disguising himself as Yotsuba; the previous time was in Chapter 19. Fuutarou’s comments about forcing one of his siblings to chop his hair served as the impetus for Nino’s latest do. The new haircut that Nino has chosen (most likely) took into consideration the circumstances that Yotsuba is in right now.

Who is best girl in classic quintuplets?

Yotsuba is the best of the quintuplets, and here are ten reasons why. Yotsuba is truly the most admirable member of The Quintessential Quintuplets due to the fact that she puts her whole heart into everything that she undertakes.

Why did Itsuki choose to disguise herself as Rena?

Itsuki felt she couldn’t keep the secret hidden much longer as she thought it was unfair to both Yotsuba and Futaro. She decided to dress as “Rena” on her own once again to make Futaro remember who he met, only for his advances to be rejected by him, as he had since figured out that she was the girl of…

Who among the Nakano is the most skilled?

Fans from countries other than Japan were asked to vote for their preferred member of the Nakano quintuplets, and the results, well, they speak for themselves: Miku, the middle child, received more than 193,000 votes, giving her the lead. Itsuki, the fifth sister, finished in a distant second place, receiving almost 100,000 less votes than her older sister Miku.

Is Nino familiar with the character Kintaro?

The identity of Fuutarou as Kintarou was revealed to Nino. Once more, Nino administers a medicine to Fuutarou by informing him that he is careless for meeting her in a room with a lot of light.

With whom does Itsuki eventually pair up?

After Itsuki’s mother passed away, Itsuki’s father remarried only three years later, to Chihiro’s mother. This negatively impacted the connection that Itsuki had with his father. At the latter part of the show, he made a marriage proposal to Nayuta. Towards the conclusion of the series, he has tied the knot with Nayuta, and the couple had a son named Sora.

Is The Quintuplets Season 2 GOOD?

Because the girls actually started confessing, and it is SO SWEET YOU, the second season is even better than the first one. If you enjoyed the first season, you are going to really adore the second one. This series is, in my opinion, the best harem anime of all time because of how wonderfully it is executed and how beautifully it is written.

Who does Itsuki Nakano like?

Itsuki comes to like Raiha, in part due to the fact that she is so adorable, and in part after learning about the predicament of the Uesugi family.

Who is the lucky woman who will wed Uesugi?

Manga. In the Timeskip, one of the Nakano quintuplets’ sisters got married to Fuutarou Uesugi, and she is referred to as “The Bride.”

Who is Hatsune Miku’s husband, if anyone?

Akihiko Kondo married a hologram of Hatsune Miku, a virtual idol. As Akihiko Kondo returns home from his job as a school administrator in a suburb of Tokyo, he is greeted by the love of his life, who physically beams with excitement in response to his arrival. His wife, who he refers to as “Hatsune Miku,” is actually a hologram that was manufactured by a computer.

Does Zorome like Miku?

They have the impression that Zorome and Miku really love one another, despite the numerous arguments that they have had with one another over the years. This love is similar to the love that siblings have for one another. The very first episode of the Special Playback Series emphasizes this point even further.

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