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In stark contrast meaning?

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Definition of in stark/marked/sharp contrast with/to

: very different from (something else) His words stood in striking opposition to the ones he had made early on in the conversation.

What is the correct way to utilize the phrase “stark contrast” in a sentence?

Her pursuit of religious tolerance stood in stark contrast to the intolerance that permeated French culture at the time. The simplicity with which tobacco crops can be transplanted stands in stark contrast to that of caffeine crop transplantation. The Wasps, on the other hand, were content to have finished the season and just walked off the field pleased for their accomplishment.

In the context of art, what does it mean to have a striking contrast?

Together with the experiments with horizontal or vertical line and geometrical shapes, this extreme difference in contrast prevents the eye from finding a place to rest…. Because of their position on the color wheel precisely opposite one another, they serve as the ideal examples to assist teach the concept of color contrast.

What is the meaning of stark difference?

: exceedingly clear; anything that may be observed without much effort. There is a striking contrast between the two of them. In stark contrast to the acclaim that the movie has garnered from a number of other people, he has some negative things to say about it.

Is starking a word?

The present participle of the verb “to be stark.”

A Startling Contradiction

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What does it mean to issue a stern warning?

uncomfortably out and in your face: the tragedy of his passing should serve as a stern lesson to others about the perils of drug use.

Is “stark” an example of contrast?

Definition of in stark/marked/sharp contrast with/to

: very different from (something else) His words stood in striking opposition to the ones he had made early on in the conversation.

Why do creative people like to employ contrast in their work?

Why do painters choose to include contrasting elements in their works? They do this to add interest, to modify the speed, to establish or underline a mood, or any combination of these things. The contrasts may provide a visual treat, establish a mood, or make a statement that catches our attention and even motivates us to take some sort of action.

What does stood in stark mean?

distinctly different in a harsh or jarring way: a stark contrast. Learner’s Dictionary of American English from WordReference and Random House, published in 2015The intensely contested first half provided a striking contrast to the performance displayed in the second [half]. The second half of the game was extremely dissimilar than the first half in almost every way.

What exactly is a Stark?

1a: to be immobile in or as though one were dead. b: the state of being firmly adhering (to a pattern or ideology); strict and total discipline. 2 In the past: robust and strong. 3: complete, absolute stark foolishness. 4a: barren, desolate.

What does In contrast mean?

: when compared to another : when looked at or thought about in relation to similar objects or people to set off dissimilar qualities She had a dynamic personality, which, in comparison, made her spouse appear to have little character.

What is marked contrast?

: very different from The current pleasantness of his demeanor stands in stark contrast to the manner in which he typically behaves.

Does contrast imply that there is a difference?

The definition of the verb contrast is to demonstrate a difference, such as in the case of photographs that demonstrate how much weight a person has lost by comparing “before” and “after” shots. You are presumably familiar with the concept of contrast in connection to compare.

What is the polar opposite of the idea presented in contrast?

Examining a topic from an opposing viewpoint is the opposite of doing so from a contrasting perspective. the same way, in the same way, equally also.

Is the word while used to contrast?

whereas, on the other hand, in contrast

Comparisons can be made with the use of these linking words. However and on the other hand are typically included between two entire sentences. Contrary to common usage, unlike is only ever used with one subject.

What exactly does it mean to say that stark reality?

The brutal reality of the schedule’s deadline cannot be sugarcoated or romanticized; it must be presented in its unvarnished form.

How do you put “stark” into a sentence?

A severe illustration of a sentence
  1. The sharp contrast of her blood’s bright crimson color against the floor’s white marble was…
  2. The fact that she was staying in Katie and Bill’s house served as a jarring reminder of the things that would be absent from her life with Alex…
  3. The lights suddenly went out, and the night was pitch black.

What exactly is the uttermost terror?

a dread that is unrelenting, total, blatant, or sheer: starkness. Strong; forceful in an archaic sense.

What other words may we use instead of strikingly?

synonyms for strikingly
  • considerably.
  • decidedly.
  • greatly.
  • notably.
  • obviously.
  • remarkably.
  • clearly.
  • especially.

What exactly does it mean to be stark?

The several meanings of the word stark. a shocking absence of any kind of furniture or decoration. I was taken aback by the bareness of my father’s room. starkness is another word for bareness. plainness is the sort of.

What exactly do you mean when you say “stalk”?

1: to sneak up on quarry or prey in order to hunt them. 2: to move with a stiff gait or an air of superiority. transitive verb. 1: to pursue in the manner of stalking. 2: to search through (an area) for prey or quarry The hunter stalked through the woods looking for deer.

What exactly is the jarring effect?

The Stark effect is when spectral lines of atoms and molecules move and divide as a result of the presence of an external electric field. This phenomenon is known as the Stark effect.