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How to use the oraculum dishonored 2?

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Dishonored 2

The faulty lenses can be used to eliminate Breanna non-lethally by taking her powers from her. In order to do so, the lenses must be found and inserted to the Oraculum, which must then be activated by pulling the lever.

What do I do with the Oraculum in Dishonored 2?

The Oraculum is an arcane device located inside the Royal Conservatory, on the second floor. It maintains the connection between Delilah and Breanna Ashworth. It also keeps all the witches inside the Conservatory awake.

Where are the lenses in Dishonored 2?

They are found in Breanna Ashworth’s effigy lab on the fourth floor of the Royal Conservatory, on the workbench, next to her notes.

How do you knock out Breanna Ashworth?

You have to knock her cold to be able to take the two charms. There are two ways to do this: the first is to sprint towards her, tackle with a slide and press the takedown key in the right moment.

How do I get into the Royal Conservatory in Dishonored 2?

To get in, you can crawl through the nearby window to the main floor entrance, and then back into the room and unlock it from inside, and smash a display with the bonecharm. Don’t forget to grab the Archive Key while still in the room.

Dishonored 2 – Oracular Echoes Achievement / Trophy

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How do you activate the Oraculum?

The faulty lenses can be used to eliminate Breanna non-lethally by taking her powers from her. In order to do so, the lenses must be found and inserted to the Oraculum, which must then be activated by pulling the lever.

How do you spare Kirin Jindosh?

There are two methods that can be used to take out Jindosh. The first one is to flip the lever in the main hall, having a conversation with the man and then going through subsequent rooms filled with mechanical soldiers. This option is reserved for players focusing on direct confrontations, murder and destruction.

Can you rob the black market in Dishonored 2?

To rob the Black Market in Mission 2, you’ll need the backroom key. The path to the back room is behind the vendor storefront, in an alleyway. Black Market Key Location: The key is found in a condemned, infected bloodfly building across the rooftop where Mindy Blanchard will give Emily / Corvo a mission.

How do you get the Roseburrow prototype?

It is kept in a secure exhibit case on the second floor of the Conservatory. To access the prototype, you must first enter the Security Room behind the exhibit, locate a Rewire Tool if you don’t already have one, and rewire the Security Panel. This allows unhindered access to the item.

How many missions are there in Dishonored 2?

In total, there are nine missions in Dishonored 2. However, there are numerous ways to approach them with Arkane Studio’s “play your way” mantra. The developer recommends playing through Dishonored 2 at least twice.

How do you escape Clockwork Mansion?

To make your escape, break the planks on the other pressure plate in the room, and step on them to re-open the door out. Make sure the Clockwork Soldier isn’t near the entrance as you move forward and to the left to step on a plate.

What are the different endings in Dishonored 2?

Kill Duke Serkonos – Luca Abele; Kill Paolo and vice-overseer Byrne; Kill Anton Sokolov and Meagan Foster in the last mission – Death to the Empress; Claim the throne for yourself without saving Corvo/Emily.

How can I get Jindosh without being detected?

Climb up the second elevator shaft to the last floor to reach Jindosh’s laboratory, where he is sitting at his desk. Avoid being spotted by the patrolling Clockwork Soldier and dispatch Jindosh with a sure hit, for example an incendiary bolt, to complete the achievement.

How do I get enough power in Jindosh?

There is 11 power available and the Electroshock machine requires 7, so you need to make sure the other 2 panels do not exceed 4. To do this simply select Anatomy & Optics and you’ll have enough to power your machine.

What is the code for the Jindosh riddle?

Let’s begin with dividing the riddle into base elements: Female Names – Natsiou, Contee, Finch, Marcolla, Winslow. Items – diamond, war medal, ring, bird pendant, snuff tin. Colors of Clothes – red, green, blue, violet, white.

Where is overseer confiscation key?

The Overseer Confiscation Room Key is the key to the Confiscation room inside the Overseer Outpost in the Dust District. It is looted from one of the Overseers sleeping on the second floor of the Outpost. Loot each guard twice to find the key.

How do you get Durante’s key?

Durante’s Key is the key to Durante’s Office in The Crone’s Hand Saloon in the Dust District. It is found on a desk inside the Overseer Outpost, next to the Vice Overseer’s Report .