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How to say sister in sign language?

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To communicate the concept of sister using American Sign Language (ASL), just construct a horizontal ‘L’ sign with your thumb and index finger on both hands. Take your dominant hand and, beginning with your thumb under your jaw, bring it to the top of your non-dominant hand and tap it down. Your non-dominant hand should be facing away from you.

What does the sign for “siblings” look like in ASL?

BROTHER / SISTER: The American Sign Language signals for “brother” and “sister” The hand shape used to convey the concept of “brother” is a modified “L” hand that, as it moves from the forehead down to make contact with the base hand, transforms into a “1” hand.

What does the phrase “elder brother” look like when signed?

To show that you are a brother, form the shape of the letter ‘L’ with both of your hands, extending your thumbs and index fingers. Keep your “L” hand, which is your non-dominant hand, down by your chest. Take your dominant hand and start at the forehead, producing the tip of a baseball hat. Then, bring the hand down to rest on your non-dominant hand, changing it into an ‘L’ shape. Start over at the forehead.

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