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How to find claimants in mount and blade?

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They are seeking to gain support for their cause and can be found wandering at random over the land in the keeps of various castles and towns. Claimants will never be located within the borders of the faction for which they are the claimant, with the exception of Fire & Sword, which is the only exemption.

Is it possible to wed a horse and a blade that both have a claim?

It is possible for female claimants to be married.

Who is the one claiming to be the leader of the Nords?

Claimant. Within the Mount & Blade series, one of the factions that you can play as is called the Kingdom of Nords. The raven is considered to be their national animal; in fact, it is represented on both their insignia and the banner that their king, Ragnar, carries. Jarls are what Nord lords are referred to as in Mount & Blade: Warband, which is a change from the original Mount & Blade.

How much of a reputation do you need to have in order to assist a claimant?

You need to have a renown of at least 200 to be able to assist a claimant in gaining control of one of the factions. In order to own a fief, a female character will need to have 700 renown. Your party size is strongly impacted by your renown. When you already have a high level of Renown, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep it and to further increase it.

Can you marry Lady Isolla?

Is it possible for me to wed a female claimant such as Lady Isolla of Suno in vanilla? It is not possible to do it in Native. It is theoretically feasible in Diplomacy and modifications that are dependant on Diplomacy (such as Floris), but it is extremely challenging to wed a female claimant. This is the only type of claimant that can be married.

Mount & Blade: Warband Episode 1: A Claimant’s Quest

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In Warband, is it possible to have more than one wife?

You can flirt with a few different girls at the same time, and then choose one of them at a later time. You can also court a woman who belongs to a faction of which you are not a vassal, although it may be difficult for you to pay her a visit during times of conflict.

How much of a reputation do I need to have before I can become a vassal?

You need to earn 150 renown in order to become a vassal, which may seem like a significant number at first, but have faith that the time will pass quickly. It’s possible that each combat with looters will only net you one or two renown, while battles against enemy armies with one hundred or more troops will net you around ten renown! When you’re at war, you’ll find yourself engaged in fights like these on a regular basis.

Claimants’ Warband is an acronym for what?

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There may be claimants for various factions, all of whom believe that they have been treated unfairly and ought to be the ruler by virtue of their just cause. They are seeking to gain support for their cause and can be found wandering at random over the land in the keeps of various castles and towns.

In Mount and Blade Warband, it is possible to ascend to the throne of a particular faction.

Obtaining the position of King

You need to build your own kingdom before you can become king or queen. You can do this by seizing a fief while you are unaligned, revolting as a vassal when a fief is denied to you, or convincing your husband or wife to assist you in establishing a kingdom.

How can I become a member of the Nords in Warband?

Information about the user: bac_Alexander. Once you have gained a certain amount of renown, you will be able to join any faction that you want. In addition, when some time has passed, you will start getting messages from lords who want you to serve as their vassal. In addition to this, there is the possibility to become a mercenary and join a group.

In Mount and Blade, what does it mean to have the right to rule?

The number of respect points a person has determines their right to rule. This only exists in Warband, and it is utilized when you are establishing your own country from the ground up. The more your right to rule, the greater the likelihood that lords will acknowledge you as the legitimate king and perhaps side with you in your cause.

In Mount and Blade Warband, how do you put down a rebellion and win?

After the time allotted for recruitment has passed, you will need to lay siege to every castle and town that belongs to the group you are conspiring against. When all of the towns and castles have been captured, you will need to search for and kill every lord that belongs to that group. The conflict will be done once you have captured every last one of them and there is nowhere else for them to go.

In Mount and Blade Warband, which horse units are considered to be the most powerful?

Swadian. They have the heaviest armor, the heaviest horses, and the longest lances, and they also wield swords and shields for close combat, making them virtually unrivaled in every single area of mounted combat. The Swadian Knights are arguably the single best cavalry unit in the game. They have the longest lances, the heaviest horses, and the longest lances.

How many poems are included in the collection Warband?

There are a total of only five poems available to read in this game.

In Mount & Blade: Warband, do you have the option to wed a companion?

Mount & Blade: Warband

This is my question: When playing as a female character in Warband, the only male friends you may marry are other male characters… As the mods that enable you to marry companions as a man, even if they are noble, are open source, they cannot be included in a commercial downloadable content pack like Viking Conquest.

What is the highest level you can get in Mount and Blade?

Because to a malfunction that causes an overflow at level 63, the highest level that may be reached is 62. After reaching level 59, the required quantity of experience to advance to the next level increases at an alarmingly rapid rate, making it incredibly challenging to do so without resorting to cheating.

In Mount and Blade Warband, how can you make changes to your renown?

Begin loading your game and starting Warband. Then, when on the world map, press either CTRL or CTRL’ depending on the layout of your keyboard (or Shift / Shift’), and type “cheatmenu” in the box that displays. After you have finished, use the same key combination and type “nocheatmenu.” EDIT: for the sake of elucidation.

In Mount and Blade Warband, how do I go to the menu where I may enter cheats?

The cheatmenu is a new feature introduced in Warband that provides access to a plethora of additional cheat options. The console can be opened by pressing Ctrl and the tilde key, which is located next to the number row. By entering “cheatmenu,” you will be able to open the cheatmenu, which provides access to a broad number of debug cheats (for those whose where tilde does not work, hit ctrl+ [below escape]).

How can I improve my skill level in Mount and Blade Warband?

10 Suggestions That Will Help You Become a Better Mount & Blade Player: Warband – A Beginner’s Guide
  1. Recruit Lords. When it comes to recruiting lords, there are pros and cons to consider….
  2. Don’t Elope. …
  3. Control Your Troops. …
  4. You Are Not Using the Lance Enough. …
  5. Want to Speed Up the Map? … Do You Require Additional Fame? …
  6. Keep Your Morale Up. …
  7. Get Your Strength Up First.

In Mount and Blade Warband, how do you actually use the cheats?

To begin, head into the Config menu and select the option labeled “Enable Cheats.”
  1. You will receive 1,000 Gold when you press CTRL + X in the inventory.
  2. You can wipe out all of your soldiers by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F6.
  3. CTRL + F6 will eliminate one of your soldiers from the battlefield.
  4. 1,000 Experience Point Bonus – CTRL + X.
  5. Increase your weapon proficiency by 10 points by pressing CTRL and W.

How can I build up my reputation even further?

Renown is attainable via completing various Campaign quests, as well as the two weekly missions, “Replenish the Reservoir” and “Shaping Fate.” Both of these quests take place every week. In addition, it is possible to acquire Renown through max-level gameplay, such as dungeons, raids, player against player, or Callings, in a random fashion.

How can one get famous very quickly?

Other than finishing the tutorials, one of the quickest methods to increase your Renown is to work through the challenges that are available. You will have access to additional tasks that, upon accomplishment, will reward you with Renown Boosters if you have purchased the season pass. These boosters raise the base amount of Renown that you receive after victories in matches.

How long does it typically take to level up a character in Bannerlord?

How to gain renown in Bannerlord as rapidly as possible
  1. Participate in a monarchy. In Mount & Blade II, one of the best methods to increase your reputation is to become a member of a kingdom: Bannerlord. …
  2. Battle more difficult adversaries in battle. It is simple to pick battles with looters, but no one will be concerned if you defeat stone throwers (nor should they be)….
  3. Take part in various competitions.

In Mount and Blade Warband, is it possible to raise a family?

In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, if you want to start a family, you have to go through the somewhat complex procedure of courting and marrying someone first. Only then may you have children. Fortunately, we have devoted an entire guide to the topic of marriage. When you marry someone, that person will become a member of your family. Spending quality time with one’s partner is an essential component in the childbearing process.