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How to benevento’s treasure?

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In order to get the Benevento Treasure in Resident Evil Village, you will need to locate the broken slab from the church graveyard within the Village. It’s important to note that this broken slab item is only available during your third visit to the village, which takes place after the ‘House Beneviento’ mission.

What’s in Benevento’s treasure?

  • Combinable Treasure.
  • Azure Eye Ring.
  • Dimitrescu’s Necklace.
  • Miss Madalina.
  • Wooden Goat.
  • Heisenberg’s Hammer.

What do I put on Benevento’s grave?

Crouch down in the snow and retrieve the Broken Slab. Inspecting the item reveals that the name on the grave is ‘Claudia‘, so let’s take it back to where it belongs.

How do I get maestros treasure?

To access it, you’ll need to have beaten the Beneviento Mansion portion of the game.
  1. It’s in the house nearest the red cross.
  2. The key you’ll need.
  3. The Maestro’s Collection is marked by the treasure chest symbol.

How do I open grave re8?

The door is found behind the church in the central village, and opening it requires the Iron Insignia Key. You’ll get this while completing the Dimitrescu Castle portion of the game, meaning you can return to the main village to open it once you’re free of Lady Dimitrescu’s grasp.

Beneviento’s Treasure Puzzle & Locaton | Resident Evil 8 Village Walkthrough: Benevento Grave

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How do I get luthiers key?

Those looking for Luthier’s Key will want to go north toward the Garden. There is a treasure icon marked on the map for the general area that the key is. The key is actually just north of this location, on the right side of the path and inside of a shack that has a save point.

Should you sell Angie RE8?

After completing your boss fight with both Donna Beneviento and Angie at House Beneviento, inspect Donna’s body to pick up the Angie Treasure. If you choose to sell her to The Duke, you’ll make 28,000 Lei in return.

How do you unlock the Benevientos treasure?

Get the broken slab for the Beneviento tombstone

The first will crawl out from under the snow, but the second one opens the small mausoleum. Kill them both, then enter the mausoleum and grab the ‘Broken Slab’. You need to return this to Claudia’s grave in order to get the Beneviento Treasure.

What is the code to maestros collection?

The Resident Evil Village Maestros Collection code is 270917, so pop that in the lock and you’ll get the F2 high capacity mag for you troubles.

Can I sell Angie?

After Donna crumbles away, Angie can be collected as a treasure that can be sold to The Duke as an equivalent to the “Crystal” remains collected from the other three Lords upon their defeat.

Where do I use luthiers key?

Luthier’s Key in Resident Evil Village is used to open the violin door house in the south of the village. You’ll come across this house if you explore the village a bit more in detail.

How do I get juicy RE8?

Juicy Game is obtained from a rare blue bird that can be found in the central part of the village. This bird appears in the Photo of a Strange Bird, which can be found in the Garden area near House Beneviento. This bird is located in the Graveyard in the main part of the village right outside of Castle Dimitrescu.

Who is Claudia Beneviento RE8?

Claudia Beneviento (1987-1996) was a noblewoman born into House Beneviento. She was a close relative of Donna Beneviento. She was buried in the garden with Berengario’s Chalice, a family heirloom.

Where does the sun and moon ball go?

It’s meant to be placed at the labyrinth inside the room with a Typewriter near the Garden at The Village 1F. Gives the Onyx Skull.

How do you get Beneviento ball?

The Sun and Moon Ball can be found inside a chest on the ground near a gravestone in the Garden area as you make your way back from House Beneviento. Note that you can only access this area after defeating Angie and Donna.

How do you get the treasure in river Evil 8?

To unlock solve the Riverbank Treasure House puzzle, start by lighting the two torches in the first room. While you can try your luck at pushing, it’s much easier to crouch down behind the brazier to angle your pistol shot upward so the brazier swings hard into the torch – then do the same for the other side.

How do you get treasure under stronghold?

On the map, the treasure appears to be inside a pillar that is inaccurate since it can only be collected from underground a lot later in the game. To get under the stronghold, players must first fight through a bunch of scripted battles against lycans and make their way underground.

How do you get the 4 winged unborn key?

Four-winged unborn key is obtained once you solve the doll puzzle and defeat the boss in house Beneviento. Until you’ve finished this whole section you can’t progress with the main story anyways. Once you defeat the boss look at its remains. You should be able to pick up a key.

How do you defeat Moreau?

Moreau – Tips & How To Beat
  1. Attack the body inside the mouth of Moreau.
  2. Battle Moreau while maintaining distance.
  3. Use explosives in the area to deal huge damage.
  4. Avoid the acid showers attacks of the boss by hiding in roofed places.

Can I sell Angie Re village?

Angie is a treasure item in Resident Evil Village. It drops when Donna Beneviento is killed and can be sold for 28,000 Lei.

How do you get Donna’s treasure?

To unlock this treasure you need to first beat Angie and Donna in their boss fight. This means completing the Beneviento Estate, so don’t worry about it during your first time through the graveyard. Once you have vanquished these foes, make your way back to the village.

What can I sell in re Village?

So, yes – in summary, you are safe to sell absolutely anything that is simply described only as “Valuable” or “Very Valuable”. The very just denotes that it is a rarer item that is worth more; but anything that is simply valuable you can sell to the Duke to get a bunch of Lei to pump into upgrades and resources.

What is the code in luthiers house?

On the wall, you’ll see a poster made which shows the date of her birthday. Approach the dresser and input the code 27-09-17 to unlock this container.