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How tall is erin napier?

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Ben is 6’6″ and Erin only 5’5″.

How much are the napiers worth?

As of 2021, Erin and Ben share a net worth of about $5 million. The couple’s HGTV’s home town TV series success and small businesses in Laurel, Mississippi have amassed them a great deal of wealth.

How tall is the guy on hometown?

6 feet 6 inches tall and 300 lbs.

Do Ben and Erin Napier really work on the houses?

Some fans, particularly Laurel residents, tell the HGTV stars how cool it looks to be on TV, but Ben and Erin say it’s just a normal job. “We get up, we work with our coworkers, and we go home.”

How do Ben and Erin get paid on hometown?

Home Town salaries explored

A confirmed salary for the Home Town hosts has not been revealed, but we have found out the usual pay cheque amounts given to HGTV presenters. … So, it’s likely that Ben and Erin receive a similar pay cheque, due to the five-season success of the renovation series.

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Do the buyers keep the furniture on Home Town?

‘Home Town’ clients keep the furniture, but only sometimes

Homeowners must decide if they want to work that furniture into their final budget.

Can I hire Ben Napier Erin?

HGTV dream team Ben and Erin Napier are now hiring for their charming retail store, Laurel Mercantile. … Candidates must be local to Laurel, Mississippi, or able to commute daily. You can read the more about each position and its requirements here.

How old is Erin Napier of hometown?

The series follows husband and wife team Ben (36) and Erin (34) Napier as they welcome newcomers to their beloved town of Laurel, Mississippi, and help them find and renovate old homes to their former glory.

Do Ben and Erin Napier live in Laurel Mississippi?

Erin and Ben live in Laurel, Mississippi, a town of about 20,000 people just northeast of Hattiesburg. They’re passionate about sharing their love of Laurel-and small town life in general-and hope the work they’re doing there will help revitalize and preserve the quaint, historic town.

Does HGTV pay for renovations on hometown takeover?

As per Distractify, the homeowners’ budget almost always covers the cost of any new furniture. The homeowners aren’t paying for Erin and Ben’s service, though, so their fee is covered by HGTV.

Did Erin Napier have a baby?

On Monday, HGTV Home Town star Erin Napier shared an Instagram post, revealing an Easter egg from season 5 of This Is Us honoring her new daughter with husband Ben. The HGTV stars welcomed their second baby, daughter Mae Napier, on May 28.

Did Ben Napier ever live in North Carolina?

Ben: I grew up in small towns in Mississippi and North Carolina. I’ve done manual labor alongside some of the hardest working and smartest people in the world.

Is Erin from Home Town pregnant again 2021?

Erin Napier from ‘Home Town’ announced she was pregnant in April 2021. Erin and Ben spoke to People in April 2021 about expecting their second child together and inviting cameras into their lives once more to document their journey as they also work on their show.

How much are Dave and Jenny Marrs worth?

As of 2020, Dave and Jenny Marrs’ net worth is estimated to be between $2 million – $5 million. But with the popularity and steady fan following that their show ‘Fixer To Fabulous’ enjoys, we are sure this net worth is only slated to go up in the near future.

Is Laurel Mississippi a good place to live?

Laurel is a great place to work, live, play and raise a family. We have great schools, great shopping, wonderful restaurants and bars inside these restaurants.

How Safe Is Laurel Mississippi?

Laurel has one of the highest overall crime rates of any U.S. city. For comparison, the national total crime rate is 2,489 incidents for every 100,000 people. Laurel’s overall crime rate is 89% higher than the overall crime rate in Mississippi.

Where does Erin Napier buy her clothes?

The HGTV host revealed on Instagram that she’s donated a lot of her outfits from previous seasons of Home Town to The Remnant. The Remnant is described by Erin as a “a co-op shop with a purpose” in Laurel, Mississippi, where women in need can buy her worn clothes.

What does Erin Napier do for a living?

Erin Napier is a designer, author, and entrepreneur with a fine arts degree who started her career in corporate graphic design before founding her own international stationery company, Lucky Luxe.

Was hometown Cancelled?

The couple’s reality series Home Town has just been renewed for a sixth season. Plus, Ben is also set to star in a second season of his spin-off show, Home Town: Ben’s Workshop, which streams on discovery+.

Who is Erin and Napier?

Erin and Ben Napier have been the hosts of HGTV’s Home Town for 5 seasons, and in the meantime, they’ve also created two additional shows: Home Town Takeover and Ben’s Workshop. Erin took to Instagram on Monday, August 9 to share exciting news with fans about the future of their TV shows.

Does Ben Napier sell his furniture?

Ben Napier makes handmade reclaimed wood furniture and sells it exclusively at the store they own with two other couples, Laurel Mercantile Co.

How much is it to hire Ben and Erin Napier?

The estimated speaking fee range to book Ben and Erin Napier for your event is $50,000 – $100,000.

Is fixer to fabulous staged?

Like many other shows on HGTV, the furniture utilized in the homeowner reveal at the end of each episode of Fixer to Fabulous is often just there for staging purposes. Unfortunately, even though the clients are often commenting on specific pieces during the show, those items are not usually theirs to keep.

Which HGTV shows are fake?

7 Reality Home Shows That Aren’t Real (& 7 We Think Are)
  1. 1 Think It’s Real: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
  2. 2 Fake: Love It Or List It. …
  3. 3 Think It’s Real: Hoarders. …
  4. 4 Fake: Property Brothers. …
  5. 5 Think It’s Real: Tiny Luxury. …
  6. 6 Fake: Beachfront Bargain Hunt. …
  7. 7 Think It’s Real: Flip Or Flop. …
  8. 8 Fake: Fixer Upper. …

Do homeowners get to keep the furnishings on Love It or List It?

“The homeowners always pay for the renovation and they are given the opportunity to purchase the furnishings and d├ęcor used for the staging. What they don’t purchase is removed from the home,” the HGTV rep said, while confirming the “renovations remain intact.”