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How safe is roslindale ma?

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Is Roslindale, MA Safe? The grade of B+ indicates a lower rate of crime compared to the typical city in the United States. When it comes to safety, Roslindale ranks in the 70th percentile, which indicates that just 30 percent of cities are safer, while 70 percent of cities are more dangerous.

Is Roslindale a pleasant place to live overall?

Roslindale is a quiet community that offers a wide variety of convenient amenities. Roslindale is a wonderful place for families to live since it has excellent restaurants and easy access to the Arnold Arboretum. Having spent one’s formative years in this community, it is quite exciting to observe new families and businesses establishing themselves here.

Is Roslindale a neighborhood that you would avoid?


This community has a livability score that is so high that it is regarded extraordinary… The residents of this neighborhood, which has a total population of 36,129, have the lowest reported rate of criminal activity. For every 100,000 residents, there are 345 cases of violent crime and 1,062 cases of property crime.

What are some things that Roslindale is famous for?

In addition to this nickname, Roslindale is frequently referred to as the Garden City of Boston. Have fun exploring Arnolds Arboretum, a park in Roslindale that spans 265 acres and is the nation’s first and oldest public tree garden… The Roslindale Village Main Street section is the area’s first Main Street district and is home to a variety of quaint stores.

Is Roslindale considered Boston?

Roslindale is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, that is mostly comprised of residential properties and is surrounded by Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, West Roxbury, and Mattapan…. In 1873, residents of the neighborhood cast their ballots in favor of becoming a part of the city of Boston. As a result of the crossing of South Street and the railroad in the 1860s, the locals referred to this location as South Street Crossing.

Explore Roslindale, Massachusetts, and Its Neighboring Boston Neighborhoods

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How many people call Roslindale their home today?

There are 37,664 people living in the neighborhood of Roslindale, which is located in West Boston, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. There are 17,654 male individuals residing in Roslindale, while the city has a total population of 20,010 female citizens.

Is it safe to go to West Roxbury?

During a typical year, the rate of criminal activity in West Roxbury is 14.65 incidents for every 1,000 residents. Residents in West Roxbury have a tendency to believe that the area of the city that is located to the northeast is the most secure.

Is Mattapan safe?

For public health and safety, Mattapan ranks in the 53rd percentile, which indicates that 47% of cities are safer, while 53% of places are riskier. Just the appropriate limits of Mattapan are considered in this research. Check out the table on adjacent places that we’ve provided below for information on nearby cities. On a typical year, there are 25.43 reported criminal acts for every 1,000 residents living in Mattapan.

Where can I find the most impoverished part of Boston?

The poverty rate in Boston is 19% when college students are excluded from the calculation. The percentage of college students in Boston who live below the poverty line is 28.2%. o Having children is a reality for 48.6% of college students who live below the poverty line. South Boston Waterfront (3.1%), West Roxbury (5.5%), and Beacon Hill (9.8%) all have percentages of poverty that are significantly lower than the city’s average.

Where can I find information about New York’s most dangerous neighborhoods?

The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City
  • Soundview. It was a close call, but the Soundview neighborhood in the Bronx and Brownsville both made it onto this list. Brownsville is one of the few neighborhoods in New York that has managed to avoid being significantly altered by gentrification to the same extent as other parts of the city. …
  • Bedford Park. …
  • High Bridge. …
  • Norwood. …
  • Fordham. …
  • Tremont. …
  • Mott Haven.

Is it risky to go for a nighttime stroll in Boston?

Safety: Although Boston is a very safe city, you should still exercise the same level of caution that you would in any other major city…. Even though it has been decades since its heyday, you should still avoid walking at night around Chinatown and some portions of Downtown Crossing, which make up Boston’s red light district.

When did Roslindale High School finally shut its doors?

You will be able to locate every yearbook published by Roslindale High School within this website. The earliest yearbook dates back to 1937, while the most recent one was published in 1976.

Is East Boston considered to be a city?

Almost 45,000 people call the area of East Boston, sometimes known as Eastie, home. East Boston is located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. It was annexed by the city of Boston in the year 1836, and the municipalities of Winthrop and Revere are located on its borders. The neighborhood of Charlestown and the central business district of Boston are located on opposite sides of the harbor from it.

What is the nine-digit postal code for the town of Mattapan in Massachusetts?

Map, Demographics, and Other Information for the 02126 ZIP Code Area Serving Mattapan, Massachusetts

What is the ZIP code for Hyde Park in Massachusetts?

Hyde Park, Massachusetts’s ZIP Code 02136, along with its Map, Demographics, and Other Information.

Where in Boston might one feel the most secure?

The Safest Neighborhoods in Boston
  1. West Roxbury. Despite its ideal location close to the center of the city, the neighborhood of West Roxbury has the appearance and atmosphere of a suburban community due to its tidy and lush parks, single-family houses, and peaceful evenings. …
  2. Charlestown. …
  3. Jamaica Plain. …
  4. East Boston. …
  5. Hyde Park. …
  6. Dorchester. …
  7. Allston/Brighton. …
  8. Mission Hill.

Where exactly in Boston is the seedy neighborhood?

For a very long time, South End in Boston has been regarded as one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, and despite the fact that the overall crime rate has decreased, it is still very high. The overall crime rate in this area is 49 percentage points higher than the norm for the nation, and the rate of violent crime has skyrocketed by an astounding 147 percentage points.

Is it true that Boston is a safer city than New York?

It is much safer to live in Boston than in New York.

Living in Boston will make you feel more protected than living in New York City will. The crime rate in New York is lower than the average for the nation, despite the fact that New York is a more hazardous city. The rate of violent crime in New York City is 3.5% lower than the average for the rest of the country, which is 3.7%.

Is it a wealthy neighborhood?

Although there is a diverse community, the neighborhood is home to more than 30,000 people and has a sizeable population of Irish Catholics…. In addition, according to Home Snacks, West Roxbury is one of the wealthiest areas in all of Boston, with a median household income of ,763 in the area.

Is it pricey to live in West Roxbury?

The neighborhood of Mattapan, which has maintained its status as the most affordable in the entire city, is followed by Hyde Park, which has an average monthly cost of ,700, and Roxbury, which has an average monthly cost of ,800. The South Boston waterfront has surpassed Downtown Boston as the most expensive place to live in Boston, with a monthly rent of ,060, making it the most expensive neighborhood overall.