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How old is kristyn hartman?

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Hartman, who is 45 years old, only recently found out that she had ductal carcinoma in situ in her right breast, which is an extremely treatable form of the disease. A mastectomy is scheduled to take place today at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital for WBNS-TV (Channel 10) anchorwoman Kristyn Hartman, who was recently given a diagnosis of breast cancer at its early stage.

When did Kristyn Hartman first start working at WCPO?

Kristyn Hartman Age

She will be 51 years old this year.

So who is this Kristyn Hartman person?

WBBM-TV offered Hartman an internship in the news department while she was a student at Northwestern University, from which she graduated in 1992. Before coming back to WBBM-TV in 2004 to serve as a general assignment reporter, she held positions as an anchor and reporter in the following cities: Joplin, Missouri; Peoria, Illinois; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Phoenix, Arizona.

How many years has Courtney Francisco been alive?

The age of Courtney Francisco

It is estimated that she is 32 years old.

Did Timyka quit working at WCPO?

Jasmine Minor and Timyka Artist, two of the Black journalists who were prominently featured in the film, have both departed from their positions at the station. After hosting the weekend edition of Good Morning Tri-State for a total of five years, Artist claims that she is no longer working for WCPO, despite the fact that she has not anchored weekend morning newscasts for several weeks now.

The final shift for Kristyn Hartman at WBNS 10TV

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Who won’t be returning to WCPO?

Reggie Wilson, the weekend sports anchor for WCPO-TV, and Alexis Rogers, who formerly worked as a reporter and anchor for WLWT-TV, are moving to Minneapolis. Wilson will be the sports director at the NBC station KARE-TV in Golden Valley, which is located in the western suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Wilson came to Channel 9 from Dayton’s WKET-TV/WRGT-TV two years ago.

Who is the newest member of the WCPO weather team?

In the near future, WCPO-TV’s morning weekend team will welcome a new anchor as well as a weather forecaster. Beginning on May 22, Channel 9 news reporter Kristen Swilley will take over as the principal news anchor for the weekend versions of “Good Morning Tri-State,” which air between the hours of 5-7 and 8-9 in the morning on both Saturday and Sunday.

Where can you find Andrea Cambern at this time?

Andrea S. Cambern was a former television news anchor for WBNS-TV. She was born on March 6, 1959, and her maiden name was Shapiro. Santa Barbara, in the state of California, is her home at the moment.

Is Tanya orourke married?

Tanya O’rourke Husband | Marital StatusTanya is currently married, although she does not disclose the name of her husband. She has a husband and a family. Tanya and her husband have been given the gift of a son, and they have called him Quinn.

What ultimately became to Julie O’Neill?

She works at WCPO in Cinccacitti, Ohio, where she is both an anchor and a reporter at the moment. Back in July of 1995, Julie started working at the station.

Who walked out of WCPO this morning?

Ryan Houston will be joining a television station in Pittsburgh, and he will be leaving WCPO. Author: Dan Yount That newspaper, the Cincinnati Herald Ryan Houston, a daytime anchor and reporter for WCPO’s “9 On Your Side At Noon,” will be leaving the station on December 9 to take a position as an anchor and reporter in Pittsburgh, which will begin on December 31. Houston will begin his new role in Pittsburgh.

On WCPO, who did Adrian Whitsett take the place of?

Adrian Whitsett, a veteran of the war in Iraq, has been hired by WCPO-TV to co-anchor Good Morning Tri-State alongside Julie O’Neill. The former Marine formerly worked as a morning anchor at WESH-TV in Orlando, where he was based. “We are looking forward to having him join us.

Who resigned from 9 News most recently?

In the span of one year, a television station in Denver fired three Latina journalists: Kristen Aguirre in March 2020, Lori Lizarraga in March 2021, and Sonia Gutierrez in November of the previous year. (From left to right)

Where did Tamika go?

Timyka Artist will be leaving her job as a general assignment reporter at WPXI, where she has been for almost ten years, to take a new position as a weekend anchor for the ABC affiliate WCPO in Cincinnati, Ohio. Timyka Artist will be working there in the future. The 26th of June will be her last day of work. “The most incredible city I’ve ever visited was Pittsburgh. In all honesty, I now consider it to be my second home.

How do I get in touch with WCPO news?

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  2. Mike Canan is the Senior Director of Local Content here at the company.
  3. 513-852-4040. [email protected]
  4. Facebook: WCPO9.

Why did Becky decide to stop working at 9 News?

“She has done an incredible job for us, and although we would have loved to continue working with her, Becky has made the decision to depart due to personal circumstances, and we will miss working with her. Her pleasant attitude, professional demeanor, and depth of scientific understanding will all be sorely missed. We hope that everything works out wonderfully for Becky and her family.”

Do Liz and Ryan still share a relationship?

Liz Kotalik Ryan Haarer, who is also a journalist in the United States and works for the same station as her spouse, is the wife of Kotalik, who is the husband. In August of 2018, the pair announced their engagement.

Is Tom Green of Channel 9 already settled down?

The Wife of Tom Green

It is unknown who Green dates because he has been successful in keeping his personal life out of the public eye, so dating information is not available. It is therefore unknown whether Green is married or if he even has a significant other with whom he is engaged. It is also unknown if or not he has any children of his own.

Who is Sanika Dange?

Sanika Dange, a journalist and anchor who has won multiple awards, started working for WESH 2 News in January of 2018…. Sanika received her diploma from Lake Highland Preparatory School, which is located in the central business district of Orlando. Also, she is a proud alumna of the University of Florida.

Who precisely is this Summer Knowles?

Co-anchoring the newscasts on WESH 2 at 4, 6, and 11 in the evenings, award-winning journalist Summer Knowles can be seen. In January of 2015, she started working for WESH 2 News. Since moving to Central Florida, Summer has been successful in landing a number of high-profile interviews, including, but not limited to, a former representative of the United States.

Where can you find Craig McKee?


He is now assigned to the H, and is stationed in San Diego, California.

What is Austin Winfield’s height like?

Austin Winfield is a 5-foot-5 safety who weighs 155 pounds and hails from The Woodlands in the state of Texas.

Who does Craig McKee call his wife/husband?

Craig spent his childhood in Joplin, Missouri, and for this seasoned journalist, being back in the Midwest holds a lot of significance. Lynne, who is his wife, is also present. Craig acknowledges that the majority of his family is aware of the fact that he married his wife in a private ceremony in Denmark in 1998, just four months prior to the massive family wedding that took place in the United States.

Who is the man that is married to Summer Knowles?

On behalf of everyone here at WESH 2 News, please join me in congratulating news anchor Summer Knowles and her husband LaVar on the birth of their lovely daughter Sade.