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How often to spray roses with lime sulphur?

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Spray the foliage of your rose plants with this solution every 10 to 15 days during growing season. Make sure all visible foliage is thoroughly wet with the solution.

How do you use lime Sulphur on roses?

Wait for a cloudy day or do it early in the morning before the sun hits the roses. The reason is the combination of sun and lime/sulfur will burn leaves. Spray the lime/sulfur on the roses at a mixture of 1 tbs per gallon of water. Don’t use a spreader/sticker or anything else with it.

Is lime Sulphur good for roses?

Lime Sulfur can be used to spray on roses and ornamentals during spring – autumn to control diseases such as rust and powdery mildew and also to control two spotted mites that may be present. You will use a lower rate of 10mls per litre at this time of year.

When can you spray lime Sulphur?

For the most effective results, it is preferable to wait until the daytime temperature reaches 12-15 oC three to four days in a row. Applying too soon will not produce satisfactory results. However, applying too late (when the buds have started opening or are already open) may cause damage.

How often can you spray fungicide on roses?

Spray Schedule

Apply a dormant spray that contains lime sulfur right after the first pruning of the season, in January. This will take care of any spores that made it through the winter. From then on, plan on spraying the roses with fungicide every 10 days, from April to October.

How to Use Lime Sulfur Spray

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Why is lime sulfur banned?

Lime sulfur had been used for years to control fungi on roses, fruit trees and ornamentals. There is a reason lime sulfur hasn’t been available. … Bonide Products, Inc., which made a similar lime sulfur product, cancelled their registration at the same time.

Is lime Sulphur poisonous to dogs?

It will cause a yellow tinge to the hair coat of the animal while being treated. It has an odor that is strong when wet and diminishes when dry. In general, lime sulfur is safe in puppies and kittens, but consult a veterinarian and obtain a prescription after examination by a veterinarian prior to any application.

Is lime Sulphur toxic to humans?

Undiluted lime sulfur is corrosive to skin and eyes and can cause serious injury like blindness.

What is lime Sulphur good for?

Lime sulphur can be used to control a range of fungal diseases including Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Freckle, Leaf Curl, Rust, Shot Hole and Brown Rot, as well as various Scale and Mite pests.

Is lime sulfur spray safe?

These horticultural oil sprays contain a high concentration of lime sulfur that is only safe to use on plants that are dormant, because the sulfur can burn leaf tissues. … When used properly, lime sulfur is a safe and effective treatment of fungal diseases such as: Powdery mildew.

Is lime Sulphur good for black spot on roses?

Best used on roses after the Winter prune to kill all fungal spores, cleaning the area of problems such as Black Spot and Powdery Mildew giving a fresh start for the following growing season. Usage rate: Summer Useage – 10ml per litre of water. (extreme cases only as may cause leaf drop)

Is lime sulfur toxic to bees?

Natural liming materials do not present a hazard to bees. Sulfur, by itself, is considered highly toxic to bees, yet the sulfur level in lime sulfur products is low enough to be considered safe for the bee community.

Can you use lime Sulphur on vegetables?

Yates Lime Sulphur is registered for use on vegetables at a rate of 10ml per 1 litre of water. If, while spraying another plant, some of the residue falls onto the vegies, the plants would still be safe to eat as no witholding period applies.

Can you put lime on roses?

Ensure the soil where you plant your roses has a pH of around 6.5, which is slightly acidic. … You can raise the pH level by adding lime if the soil is too acidic. If it is too alkaline, add garden sulfur. If your roses grow poorly and have yellowing leaves, it may indicate that your soil is too alkaline.

How do you dilute lime sulfur?

Dilution: Shake concentrate well. Add 4 oz of concentrate to 1 gallon of water. After adding concentrate to water, mix well.

Is lime Sulphur an insecticide?

Lime Sulphur Fungicide is an insecticide for the control of certain diseases, insects and mites on citrus, grapevines, ornamentals, pome, stone fruits and vegetables. It is readily miscible in water and should be used on the same day as it is mixed. … Effective against mites & scale.

What can I use instead of lime Sulphur?

Copper. Copper-based pesticides and fungicides are a popular dormant spray and lime sulfur alternative. Copper is a more harsh chemical and can be damaging to ponds and waterways, so take care to use copper dormant sprays according to the indications on the label.

How long does lime sulfur smell last?

It’s sulfur concentrate, so it smells like boiled eggs. If your cat has white fur, it becomes yellow, but wears off within half-an-hour. The 4 oz. bottle makes a gallon, but it doesn’t use much when dipping the cats.

Is lime and sulfur the same?

Lime sulfur is obtained by reacting calcium hydroxide, commonly called slaked lime or hydrated lime, with sulfur. Hence the word ‘lime’ in Lime Sulfur. Both, elemental sulfur and lime sulfur are used as organic fungicides and insecticides. Both benefit the plant health by killing pests.

What happens if you breathe in sulfur?

What immediate health effects can be caused by exposure to sulfur dioxide? Inhaling sulfur dioxide causes irritation to the nose, eyes, throat, and lungs. Typical symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, burning eyes, and cough. Inhaling high levels can cause swollen lungs and difficulty breathing.

How long does lime sulfur dip take to work?

Cultures take two weeks to be sure they are negative, but a positive result can be seen in as few as 4 days. Usually, it takes at least 6 dips in the lime sulfur solution (about 3 weeks) before a negative result is obtained.

How do you store lime Sulphur?

Storage. Store at controlled room temperature. If a crust or precipitate forms, immerse closed container in warm water for 15 minutes, shake well, and use according to directions.

Is lime sulfur organic?

Lime sulfur (calcium polysulfide) is a caustic material and after application it breaks down, releasing sulfur. It is very effective against diseases that overwinter on the host. … Some formulations of lime sulfur are OMRI certified as organic, but check with your certifier for confirmation.

Can I use lime sulphur on fruit trees?

The best spray to use is either copper oxychloride or lime sulphur sprayed in alternate years. The first spray should be in late autumn at leaf fall just before the tree enters its dormancy. Spray again at bud swell or bud burst in late winter or early spring.

Does lime help keep bugs away?

Hydrated lime is also called calcium hydroxide. This simple substance has been mixed with water and sprayed over plants as a basic pesticide for many years. It is known to repel aphids, flea beetles, Colorado potato beetles, squash bugs, cucumber bugs and other undesirable insects.