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How much does it cost to live at touchmark?

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Prices for homes in independent living communities begin at ,345 per month for a one-bedroom unit and ,935 per month for a property with two bedrooms. You also have the option of enrolling in our Residency Deposit Plan, which would reduce the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket each month to a minimum of ,770 and a maximum of ,620, respectively.

What are the monthly costs associated with living at Touchmark Spokane?

Memory care is provided at Touchmark On South Hill, which is a facility that can be found in Spokane, Washington. This community has prices that begin at ,291, which is significantly higher than the average cost of a senior living complex in Spokane, which is ,000.

What kind of monthly payment is required to call Touchmark Bend home?

Memory care is provided at the Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village facility, which can be found in Bend, Oregon. This facility has a starting cost of ,224, which is higher than the average cost of ,553 for senior living communities in Bend, Oregon, which is ,553.

Is touchmark classified as a CCRC?

However, Touchmark communities are not CCRCs because they do not often have a skilled nursing component, there is no admission fee or assurance of lifelong care, and there is no life care guarantee…. As a result, Touchmark’s financial situation is simplified, as the company is no longer required to hold deposits in escrow.

Who is the owner of the aided touchmark?

Touchmark has been catering to the requirements of seniors aged 55 and over as well as the families of these individuals for more than 40 years. Werner G. Nistler, Jr., who still maintains his position as Chairman, is the founder of the privately held company, which has been in operation since the 10th of November in 1980.

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