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How does killjoy ult work?

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Lockdown, the ultimate ability of Killjoy, causes any hostile players who are imprisoned inside of it to suffer a movement speed penalty for eight seconds. It sends out a throbbing energy wave that serves as a countdown to the time of its explosion… This gives teammates the ability to clean up frags and eliminate foes who made poor placement choices.

What does killjoy ULT do?

The name “Lockdown” accurately describes the effect of Killjoy’s ultimate ability, which has the same name. The device requires a significant amount of time to set up, but once it is, it will capture any foes that are inside its range for eight seconds. The device is vulnerable to being destroyed by adversaries.

How long does a universal limited time killjoy last?

All hostile players who are still present in the region after the ultimate has been active for its full duration, which is thirteen seconds, will be held at the end of this period. Before the effect of the device takes place, the adversaries will have this little opportunity to either escape the area affected by it or destroy it.

How many health points does the Killjoy ULT have?

ULT powers related to #Killjoy Lockdown: 150 HP 13 seconds of windup time, and the ability to disable enemy weapons and abilities within range. Signature Turret: 125 hit points and fires three times after 0.75 seconds. 8 dmg/shot (20m+) 6 dmg/shot (30m+) 4 dmg/shot Alarm Bot Nanoswarm is a non-damaging invisible trap that may be summoned anywhere on the map.

Are you able to kill Nanoswarm with your gun?

Because it is physically impossible to fire the Nanoswarms through the wall, players are unable to continuously bombard the zone before it is defused. It is possible for KAY/O to destroy the grenades, although it is unlikely that most players will use an ability in this location. This also requires Killjoy to remain alive after the plant, so make absolutely certain that your Killjoy player is protected at all costs.


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Is killjoy a girl?

Killjoy is a young woman from Germany who has dark brown eyes and hair that is sleek and dark.

Is killjoy good Valorant?

When used appropriately, Killjoy can become one of the most helpful Agents in VALORANT. Her skills equip her with useful tools for defending territory and keeping an eye on the flanks.

Is Cypher a man or a woman?

Biography. Cypher, the Moroccan information broker, is a one-man surveillance network who monitors the activities of the adversary and keeps track of all of their movements.

Is it challenging to play killjoy?

Killjoy is difficult to master and acts erratically when in the hands of unskilled players. Due to the fact that she is a recently released agent, she has a high pick rate; nevertheless, not many people understand how she operates, so make sure you are not one of those guys. If you want to increase the ranks, playing solo queue with Killjoy is not as successful as playing with other players.

What exactly does Killjoy yell when she uses her Ult?

Killjoy only says “Initiated” whenever an ally uses her ultimate ability, in contrast to the trailer and other languages, where she says “Countdown Started.”

Who of the Valorant agents is the most skilled?

The best agents in VALORANT, ranked
  • 1) KAY/O.
  • 2) Jett.
  • 3) Sova.
  • 4) Viper.
  • 5) Killjoy.
  • 6) Reyna.
  • 7) Skye.
  • 8) To violate.

What kind of damage can be caused by Killjoys Molly?

Killjoy’s Molly deals 270 damage in total and has a duration of around 5 seconds.

Which race does Killjoy belong to?

She is a “wunderkind,” a clever young tactician who uses her arsenal of robots and gadgets to gain the upper hand over her adversaries. She hails from Germany, and the term “wunderkind” has been used to describe her.

What kind of race is Valorant, the killjoy?

Killjoy is a German Sentinel and a member of the VALORANT team.

Is Omen a female Valorant?

Omen is a man of unknown origins who focuses on obstructing the vision of his adversaries using various devices, such as an orb that causes anyone who are in his line of sight to experience nearsightedness and another that bursts to obscure the vision of everyone in the surrounding area.

Can you shatter Cypher cage?

When approaching it, enemies will notice a warning sign, which gives them the opportunity to destroy it if they choose to do so. As the adversary pulls the trigger on the trap, he has a few seconds to disarm it before it begins to have its full impact, which will obscure his eyesight and make him more susceptible to attack. Each round, Cypher is allowed to purchase up to two trapwires.

Do you have the ability to shoot Cypher ULT?

It only takes one shot from any gun to completely eliminate the threat. Disabled and made public after Cypher’s passing away. Ability 2 – Cyber Cage (one hundred Creds): Put Cypher in the middle of a cyber cage as soon as possible.

How do you master killjoy Valorant?

Advanced Killjoy gameplay advice and strategies
  1. When rushing, flanking, or performing counter rotations, use Alarmbot in shallow corners.
  2. Use Alarmbot behind the spike post plant in order to jiggle peep at players who are defusing it and easily eliminate them.
  3. Make use of Nanoswarm in parts of the map that are obvious chokepoints when the opponent is attempting to rush you.

Who among the Valorant killjoy Mains is considered to be the best?

#1. Steel. Joshua ‘Steel’ Nissan Steel is a British-Canadian player who currently competes for 100 Thieves. He is regarded as one of the most important Killjoy players in the professional Valorant scene. He utilizes Killjoy’s powers in order to make full use of her potential as an competent sixth member of the team.

Is it possible for you to defuse when you are being held Valorant?

Effect. Affected players are substantially slowed down and prevented from utilizing weapons or defusing spikes during the duration of the Detained effect. As a result, affected players are more easily fragged for the duration of the effect, which lasts for eight seconds.

What gender is Jett Valorant?

As the female with the lightest skin and the fewest inches to her height, Jett is the most diminutive of the VALORANT agents.

How do you play as killjoy?

Killjoy is the third Sentinel Agent for Valorant, and much like Raze and Cypher, she has a lot in common with the other two. You may think of Killjoy as the result of combining both of their playstyles and giving them some creative editing.