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How do bealls bucks work?

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You are eligible to receive in Bealls Bucks whenever you spend at least on eligible merchandise at any one of the department shops operated by Bealls. These rewards are valid at any Bealls location and can be redeemed with any purchase. Bealls Bucks can only be earned up to a maximum of 0 by each consumer, however these discounts can also be combined with coupons.

What are the points for Beall?

Each Bealls point is equivalent to an average value of 2.5 cents. For instance, if you have 10,000 Bealls points, their dollar worth is about equivalent to 0. As a consequence of this, the points you get at Bealls are worth more than the rewards points you receive at the typical department store, which are worth 1.72 cents apiece.

When does Bealls provide a discount of 15%?

Every Tuesday, Bealls Outlet will discount your purchase by 15% if you shop there.

I have a gift card for Bealls; can I still use it?

Bealls Shops, BeallsFlorida.com, and over the phone at 800-569-9038 option 3 are the only locations where the Bealls Gift Card can be used for products (other gift cards are not eligible). The purchase of gift cards does not result in the application of shipping fees or promotional offers.

What sets Bealls and Bealls Florida apart from one another?

There are three different retail chains in the United States that all go by the name Bealls: Bealls (Florida), which has its headquarters in Florida and is also known as Burkes Outlet in certain regions, may be confused with Bealls (Texas), which is also owned by Stage Stores Inc. Bealls (Texas), on the other hand, is a department store that is located in Texas.

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Who exactly is the owner of Bealls Florida?

Bealls, Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet, and Home Centric are some of the retail brands under which the family-owned business, which was established in 1915 and has its headquarters in Bradenton, Florida, runs its more than 550 locations across the United States. Matt Beall serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bealls Inc.

Which department store will take Bealls’ place?

Bealls, the flagship store at the Plaza Shopping Complex at the intersection of Crockett Road and South Loop 256, has disclosed that it would be closing in the near future and rebranding itself as Gordman’s in the year 2020.

Do you get a discount on your birthday at Bealls?

You get a reward of for every 0 you spend in addition to getting 15% off a single item of your choosing during the month of your birthday.

How can I find out how much money is left on my Bealls Outlet gift card?

You may check the balance of your Bealls Outlet gift card by calling Bealls Outlet at 1-800-683-8655 or checking it online at our website. You could simply go into any Bealls Outlet store and ask the cashier there to check the amount for you.

How can I check the balance on a gift card I purchased at Walmart?

See if you’re in the black.

You can check the balance of a Walmart Gift Card by calling 1-888-537-5503, doing so here on Walmart’s website, or by visiting any Walmart store, as long as you have the 16-digit card number and PIN.

What day of the week does Bealls have their discount day?

At Bealls, Tuesday is Senior Citizens’ Discount Day! If you are 50 and Fabulous, you are eligible for an additional discount of 15% off in-store today.

What day of the week does Ross have their sales?

On Tuesdays, customers aged 55 and over can sign up for Ross’ Every Tuesday Club and receive a discount of 10 percent off their purchase total. On certain days of the week, many Goodwill stores offer senior citizens a discount that can be put toward the purchase of gently worn clothing or other items that have been previously owned.

Is there a day where seniors get a discount at TJ Maxx?

Every Tuesday, senior citizens can obtain a discount of 15% on shoes and home items, as well as a discount of 20% on other items…. Since it opened in 1976, the discount department store known as TJ Maxx has provided customers with markedly reduced rates on a wide variety of merchandise, including garments, footwear, bedding, toys, and presents.

Is there a day when Bealls Outlet offers special discounts?

Bealls. You’ll want to celebrate your 50th birthday on a weekly basis after experiencing all of the happiness that comes with “Bealls Day.” Every Tuesday, the discount department store provides customers with great discounts.

What exactly is the senior discount at Bealls?

Every Tuesday, Bealls Florida will offer a discount to senior citizens. Senior people are eligible for an additional discount of 15% off Florida styles, in addition to other extra special benefits for individuals over the age of fifty.

Is Bealls Outlet offering a discount of 15% on Fridays?

If you are under the age of 49 and bring your One Card with you to our monthly Friday club tomorrow, you will receive a discount of 15% off of any purchases that you make!

Do gift cards from Bealls have a expiration date?

Terms and conditions for gift cards are as follows: Please present this card as payment; it can only be redeemed for products… Gift cards purchased from Bealls never go out of date.

Where exactly may I utilize my gift card for the stage?

The Stage family of retailers, including Stage, Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal, and Peebles, as well as stagestores.com, accepts gift cards purchased from Stage.

How do I find out how much money is left on my Stage gift card?

Stage Stores Gift Card Balance
  1. Store Locator.
  2. Call 800-941-4473.
  3. Stage Shops is the place to shop.

Does Bealls have a veterans discount?

Bealls offers a 15% military discount on anything in the store to anyone who is now serving in the military or has previously served in the armed forces. During check-out, all that is required of you is to provide a military ID that is in good standing.

When I shop at Bealls Outlet, can I utilize my Coast to Coast rewards?

A membership in the Coast2Coast Rewards program can only be used at participating Bealls Shops, on BeallsFlorida.com, and at the Bealls Customer Service Center.

Is Bealls going out of business for good?

Is it true that Stages Stores will soon cease operations? In May of 2020, Stages Stores submitted their petition for protection under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code… All Stage, Goody’s, Palais Royal, Bealls, Peebles, and Gordmans stores will be closed for good by the merchant in the near future.

Is there a difference between Bealls and Burkes?

Burkes Outlet Stores, Inc. is a subsidiary of Beall’s, Inc., which is the parent corporation. The corporation is responsible for the operation of more than 500 retail outlets. Bealls started out as a little business in 1915, but it has since expanded to become one of the most important employers in the state of Florida and an invaluable asset to the communities it serves.

What is the new name of Bealls?

Farewell, bye Bealls? The parent firm is in the process of rebranding its locations in Texas as Gordmans. Many people in Texas who buy for clothes and gifts are already familiar with the name “Bealls.”