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How did santosh record his diary?

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Santhosh recorded his journal entries on the phone that belonged to his mother.

What did Santhosh do with the time he had while he was in the river?

When Santhosh went to the river, what did he do with the time he had there? As Santhosh went to the river, he passed his time by swimming in the refreshing water and playing in the water with his pals. He also sat on a large, smooth rock and watched his buddies swim like pros. 5.

Did Santhosh enjoy his morning walk?

Indeed, Santhosh looked forward to his early strolls. He relished the refreshing breeze, and he sensed that the atmosphere was permeated with the lilting song of the birds. 5. When Santhosh got to the river, what did he do with the time he had there?

What became to Dr. Karmugilan after he was introduced in the narrative?

Those who were suffering from dengue were given medical care by Dr. Karumugilan. In the end, he also succumbed to the illness and passed away as a result.

Where exactly does the action in the story Earth, the Deserted Home take place?

The plot unfolds against the backdrop of life on Mars.

Tn Samacheer’s Class 5 English: My Home Country, Unit 2: A Visit to Grandparents’ Town and Book Back

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What exactly is meant by the term “desolate house”?

(First Entry of Two) 1: having no residents or visitors; being utterly destitute and uninhabited: an abandoned town 2: a person who has been left joyless, disconsolate, and sorrowful because of or as though they have been separated from a loved one a desolate widow 3a: displaying the results of abandonment and neglect; a run-down and deserted ancient house