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Has the watcher ever interfered?

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Despite this, other Watchers have occasionally meddled in the affairs of other civilisations, most notably when the robot that destroys worlds, Omegex, came close to the Milky Way and they judged it to be a threat severe enough to warrant taking direct action against it.

Do viewers ever intervene?

The Watcher’s sole responsibility is to keep a watchful eye without ever interfering… Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creation of Uatu the Watcher, who made his debut in issue #13 of “Fantastic Four” in 1963, is widely regarded as one of the most significant cosmic characters in the annals of Marvel Comics.

Why don’t the people watching get involved?

This race has long since abandoned its former moniker; now, its members have taken to calling themselves after the function they fulfill. The Watchers had good intentions when they tried to share their knowledge with another race; unfortunately, this led to the other race’s extinction. As a result, the Watchers have adopted a policy of non-interference.

Who was it who ended the Watcher’s life in the sin of originality?

After Fury realized that the Watcher’s eyes were where the things he had witnessed were saved, and that the only way for him to stop the criminals before they could do anything was to have one of the eyes, so that their identities would be revealed to him, Fury killed the Watcher and took the remaining eye. This was the only way for him to stop the criminals before they could do anything, and it was the only way for him to stop them before they could do anything.

Will the Watcher have an appearance in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film?

Who exactly is Uatu the Watcher in the Marvel comic book series What If? Jeffrey Wright (Westworld), who will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Uatu the Watcher, a mysterious celestial being who serves as narrator of the series, is the only entirely new addition to the cast. The vast majority of the cast has previously appeared in the film series.

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