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Has the harlem globetrotters ever lost?

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Have the Globetrotters ever lost a game? Yes. In fact, the Globetrotters have lost 345 games over the course of nine decades. … The Harlem Globetrotters and their opponents both play to win, but the Globetrotters do mix in their signature style of show basketball that will entertain fans of all ages.

When was the last time the Harlem Globetrotters lost a game?

The Harlem Globetrotters rarely finish a game without a “W” next to the final score. But after 1,270 consecutive victories, dating back to Sept. 12, 1995, the Globetrotters finally took a loss Monday night.

When did the Globetrotters lost?

On September 12, 1995, in Vienna, Austria, the Harlem Globetrotters tip off the third game of an 11-game exhibition series in Europe against a team of retired basketball stars led by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, aptly named “Kareem’s All-Stars.” Unlike the previous 8,829 games, the Globetrotters lose, 91-85-the team’s first …

What NBA team did the Harlem Globetrotters defeat?

In 1948 and 1949, the Globetrotters twice defeated the world champion Minneapolis Lakers of the NBA, influencing the discussion over Black players being allowed to join the game on a professional level, according to the Globetrotter’s history.

Do the generals lose on purpose?

Officially, the Washington Generals have always maintained that they “play to win” and both them and the Globetrotters organisation have been claiming the games are “competitive” pretty much since the Washington Generals first started playing the Globetrotters 1953.

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Do the generals ever win?

Figures vary as to exactly how often the Generals have beaten their rivals. Some reports say six, while the team’s official website reports having three victories over the Globetrotters, one each in 1954, 1958 and 1971. The 1971 win is the most storied of these, and is sometimes reported as the team’s sole victory.

Are the Globetrotters games fake?

Are the exhibition games real basketball? They are real basketball games. The Harlem Globetrotters and their opponents both play to win, but the Globetrotters do mix in their signature style of show basketball that will entertain fans of all ages.

Did the Harlem Globetrotters ever beat an NBA team?

The 1948 Globetrotters-Lakers game was a dramatic match-up between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Minneapolis Lakers. Played in Chicago Stadium, the game took place two years before professional basketball was desegregated.

Did the Globetrotters beat the Lakers?

One timer said yes, the other said no, but the final ruling went against the Lakers, and the Globetrotters had pulled out an incredible 61-59 victory. The Lakers went on to win both the National Basketball League title and the World’s Professional Basketball Tournament (which was in its final year).

Did the Harlem Globetrotters ever play in the NBA?

The Globetrotters, founded in 1926, say it’s been 72 years since they last played an NBA team, beating the reigning champion Minneapolis Lakers in 1949. … Adding another team to the NBA is on Silver’s mind too. He hinted at the idea of the league expanding back in December.

Are the Globetrotters actually good at basketball?

The Globetrotters are real basketball players, but the squad is comprised of players who couldn’t find NBA jobs or high-paying European gigs in more serious leagues. And the Globetrotters didn’t just win: they won comfortably, taking a 17-point lead in the first half.

Are the Harlem Globetrotters still active?

Harlem Globetrotters is currently touring across 3 countries and has 16 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Partille Arena in Gothenburg, after that they’ll be at Ballerup Super Arena in Ballerup. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

Do Harlem Globetrotters get paid?

What is the average salary for Harlem Globetrotters employees? Harlem Globetrotters employees earn $73,000 annually on average, or $35 per hour, which is 10% higher than the national salary average of $66,000 per year.

What is the record of the Washington Generals?

It’s been a tough 68 years for basketball’s Washington Generals. Perennial straight men to the famed Harlem Globetrotters, the Generals have racked up just three wins since their 1952 founding, against a record of nearly 19,000 losses.

When was the last time the Washington Generals won?

Each game they play is against the Generals, which have not defeated the Globetrotters in nearly 50 years in what has become one of the great non-rivalries in sports. The Generals last won, by accident really, in 1971. Their current losing streak is unknown, but it’s sure to number at least 10,000.

Who were the original Harlem Globetrotters?

The Globetrotters were the creation of Abe Saperstein of Chicago, who took over coaching duties for a team of African American players originally known as the Savoy Big Five (after the famous Chicago ballroom where they played their early games).

When did the Harlem Globetrotters beat the Lakers?

In 1948 and 1949, the Globetrotters stunned the world by twice defeating the World Champion Minneapolis Lakers of the NBA. The Globetrotters were socially influential and quickly became recognized as the world’s best basketball team, showing that African-Americans could excel on a professional level.

What team did the Harlem Globetrotters beat in 1948 and why was this victory important?

In 1948, the Globetrotters shocked the basketball world by defeating the Minneapolis Lakers, champions of the all-white National Basketball League, the precursor to the National Basketball Association (NBA). The following year, they proved it was no fluke by beating the Lakers again.

What is the date of the game between the Lakers and Globetrotters?

But February 19, 1948, proved the Lakers day of reckoning. On that date, the Lakers played an exhibition in Chicago against the Harlem Globetrotters.

Who was the most famous Globetrotter?


One of the most famous and dominant players in Harlem Globetrotters history, Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain began his professional career in 1958 when the Globetrotters signed the University of Kansas standout to one of the largest contracts in sports.

Are the Harlem Globetrotters professional?

Harlem Globetrotters, predominantly Black professional U.S. basketball team that plays exhibition games all over the world, drawing large crowds to see the players’ spectacular ball handling and humorous antics.

Why are the Harlem Globetrotters in Futurama?

The Futurama Globetrotters are a parody/spoof of the real-life Harlem Globetrotters. Their inclusion in the series may be a reference to their popularity in the 80s, where they inexplicably appeared as guest stars in several Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Has there been any White Harlem Globetrotters?

There have been three white Harlem Globetrotters beginning with Abe Saperstein who was there first SUBSTITUTE player. There have been three white Harlem Globetrotters beginning with Abe Saperstein who was there first SUBSTITUTE player.

How long are globetrotters games?

After the game, Globetrotter stars will sign autographs and take photos with fans. Plus, you can meet the team on the court before the game with the purchase of “Magic Pass” – a 30-minute pre-show that begins 5:30 p.m. – prior to the 7 p.m. game. Games are approximately 2.5 hours.