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Has summer wells been found?

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#TNAMBERAlert: Summer Wells has now been missing for more than 8-weeks. TBI agents and @HawkinsCountySO detectives get asked daily if the investigation has ended. The answer is no.

Did they find summer wells in Tennessee?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – Children vanish and tragically, sometimes they’re never found. The hope is that’s not the case with Summer Wells – the missing 5-year-old out of northeast Tennessee. It’s true, the search effort has been scaled back after crews have found no trace of the child.

Why was summer wells hair shaved off?

Wells interjected that Summer had attempted to shave her own head. “[Summer] was a tomboy,” Bly said. … “I think you can see it in some of the pictures, and it was getting out of control, and we decided to shave her head off and let it grow back long. And her mom shaved her head to – so [Summer] wouldn’t feel bad.

Is Summer wells still missing in Tennessee?

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted a video of Lawson Wednesday, during which he addressed concerns from people who speculated that the investigation into Summer’s disappearance had ended. “Summer Wells has now been missing for more than 8-weeks,” the tweet states.

Did they remove Summer Wells brothers from home?

ROGERSVILLE – Summer Wells’ three brothers have been removed from their home in the rural Beech Creek community by the Department of Children’s Services, although the exact reason hasn’t been released.

Exclusive: Search for Summer Wells has scaled back but the investigation continues

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Did Summer Wells brothers get taken by CPS?

(WVLT) – Summer Wells’ three brothers were taken from the family’s Hawkins County home by the Department of Child Services, Donald Wells, father of missing 5-year-old Summer Wells, told the Kingsport Times News Monday. On Monday, WVLT News attempted to independently verify the Kingsport Times News’ reports.

What is summer wells full name?

Summer Moon-Utah Wells

Her parents say she loved to play princess but is very much a tomboy who keeps her brothers in line. Her mother described Summer as “the boss of the family.” The five-year-old was reported to be barefoot and wearing a pink shirt and gray shorts before she went missing.

What is summer Wells grandmother’s name?

It’s devastating,” said Candus Harer, Summer’s grandmother. Candus (Bly) Wells, Summer’s mother, stated she knows Summer would’ve never wandered off alone.

What happened to Rose Bly?

Details: Rose Marie Bly was last seen leaving her residence in St. Croix Falls, WI, enroute to Cushing, WI, a distance of five miles. Her car was recovered five days later in Grantsburg, WI, in a parking lot typically used by truck drivers to park their tractor trailers.

Are summer wells parents guilty?

Don Wells, Summer’s father, has been convicted of multiple violent felonies and served prison time for convictions involving drugs and burglaries in Arkansas, Utah and Texas. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was cited for numerous parole violations.

What happened to summer wells aunt?

Summer’s maternal aunt, Rose Bly, disappeared from Wisconsin in 2009, and police there never stopped looking, either. On the 10th anniversary of the case, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office put out a video in which Rose’s mother, Candus Harer, who is also Summer’s grandmother, talked about the heartache.

Is Summer wells mom a suspect?

The bureau also emphasized the driver is not a suspect, but a potential witness who may have information that could help locate Wells. On Monday, Wells’ mother, Candus Bly, told News Channel 11 that she believes her daughter was abducted and urged the driver of the truck to come forward.

Is there an update on summer Wells?

“Summer Wells has now been missing for more than 8-weeks,” the tweet states. “TBI agents and @HawkinsCountySO detectives get asked daily if the investigation has ended. The answer is no.

Did Summer wells get found?

Summer Wells disappeared on the evening of June 15, sparking a weeks-long manhunt in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Hawkins County. Hundreds of tips called in to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have been dead ends, and some in her family have all but given hope of finding her alive.

Why was summer Wells head shaved?

Both Bly and Summer’s father, Don Wells, described Summer as a tomboy. They explained the reasons behind the 5-year-old’s shaved head. “[Summer] was a tomboy,” Bly said. “I shaved my head; she wanted to shave her head like me and the boys did.

Was Rose Marie Bly ever found?

Her mother speculated that she became disoriented and wandered away from her vehicle due to an injury she had sustained a week before the incident, but there is no evidence to support this theory, the report says. Rose Marie Bly was never found and the case remains unsolved.

Was Rose Bly found?

Investigators have never publicly identified a suspect or any suggested motive, but they did receive an early clue: Just days after she went missing, Bly’s car was found about 30 miles north of her home in Grantsburg, Wisc. Investigators gathered evidence and DNA from the scene, but there was still no trace of Bly.

Who is Rose Marie Bly’s husband?

Croix Falls, disappeared unexpectedly, leaving few clues as to her whereabouts. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, on that evening Bly reportedly told her husband, Christopher Larson, that she was going to meet a cousin at a tavern in nearby Cushing, about five miles from their home.

Who is Summer Wells dad?

Donald Wells, father of missing five-year-old Summer Wells spoke to the Times News on July 12 abot he, his wife and children are coping as the one month anniversary of Summer’s disappearance approaches.

Who is Summer wells father?

(WJHL) – Donald Wells, the father of missing Hawkins County 5-year-old Summer Wells, has told a podcast that his sons have been removed from the Wells family home. Jennifer Youngblood, host of the podcast “Jay is 4 Justice,” told News Channel 11 on Monday that Don Wells joined her on the show over the weekend.

Was a 5-year-old summer found?

(WTVF) – Tuesday marks three weeks since 5-year-old Summer Wells disappeared from her Hawkins County home. Despite no sign of the young girl, officials say the case is still very active and intense. With no trace of Summer found, it appears less likely she wandered off and more likely she is the victim of foul play.

What religion is summer Wells?

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Summer Wells has been missing for a month. Her pastor at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kingsport told News Channel 11 his congregants have faced backlash on social media ever since.

What’s the story on summer Wells?

Summer Moon-Utah Wells is 3-feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was reported to be barefoot and wearing a pink shirt and gray shorts before she went missing. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office at 423-272-7121 or the TBI at 800-TBI-FIND.

Who are the parents of Summer Wells?

(WVLT) – Candus Bly and Donald Wells, parents of missing 5-year-old Summer Wells, appeared in juvenile court for a hearing Tuesday afternoon, a report from WJHL says.

What city is Summer Wells missing from?

Wells was last seen at her family’s home in Rogersville, 65 miles northeast of Knoxville, on June 15 after her mother said the child came inside from gardening with her grandmother. Authorities issued an AMBER Alert for her the next day.