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Has alicia keys won the voice?

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Winning Coach: Alicia Keys. Chris Blue’s victory marked Keys’ first win on the NBC series.

How many times did Alicia Keys win The Voice?

Alicia Keys (Season 11 – 12, 14)

Image: Trae Patton/NBC. Alicia was only a Voice judge for three seasons. But she did win once in her second season on the show with season 12’s Chris Blue. She left the show after season 14.

What season did Alicia Keys win The Voice?

The Season 11 champ had previously appeared on Season 6 of American Idol, but was eliminated just one week shy making the Top 12. Gwen Stefani subbed in for Miley Cyrus but it was Alicia Keys who would win as coach in season 12.

What judge has won the most on The Voice?

It’s hard to argue against Blake Shelton being the best coach on The Voice. Not only has he produced the most winners and runner-ups, but his team members have done the most off the show too!

Why did Alicia Keys leave The Voice?

Though no official reason has been given for her Season 15 departure, it’s likely to be the same as her Season 13 reason – she wanted to focus on her music. Keys explained her Season 13 absence to Entertainment Tonight, saying that she was busy working on her first album since 2016’s Here.

The Voice 2017 The moment Alicia Keys started singing they all lost !!!

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Did Alicia Keys win The Voice?

Winning Coach: Alicia Keys. Chris Blue’s victory marked Keys’ first win on the NBC series.

When was the last time Alicia Keys was on The Voice?

Alicia Keys was a coach on The Voice during Season 11, Season 12, and Season 14 as well as Pharrell’s advisor in Season 7.

What is Blake Shelton’s salary on The Voice?

According to one report by The Wrap, the country crooner takes home around $13 million per season. Meanwhile, his fellow season 21 coach Kelly Clarkson is estimated to earn at least $15 million per season, whereas newcomer judge Ariana Grande is slated to have a whopping $20 to $25 million salary.

How much are The Voice judges paid?

Like Shelton, Levine was also an OG coach on The Voice. He left after season 16, but in 2016, The Wrap reported that he signed the same deal as Shelton to receive $13 million per season ($26 million a year.)

Who Won The Voice 2016?

Season 10: Alisan Porter

Porter achieved a major milestone by becoming the first “Voice” artist to win with a female coach, Christina Aguilera, in 2016.

Who won 2017 the voice?

Season 13: Chloe Kohanski

Chloe Kohanski won Season 13 in the fall of 2017.

Was Alicia Keys on The Voice?

Find out whose voice the Grammy-winning singer likes the most. As a former judge on “The Voice,” Alicia Keys is used to assessing aspiring musicians’ talent. But she’s never been asked to rank the singing skills of her former co-stars – until now.

Has Gwen Stefani won The Voice?

Gwen Stefani wins first ‘The Voice’ championship thanks to 15-year-old Carter Rubin. Gwen Stefani had a bananas 2020. … During Tuesday’s grand finale of Season 19, Gwen’s artist Carter Rubin claimed victory over Jim Ranger & Ian Flanigan of Team Blake, Desz of Team Kelly Clarkson and John Holiday of Team John Legend.

How much does The Voice pay Kelly Clarkson?

How much does Kelly Clarkson make on The Voice? According to Variety, Clarkson’s work as a full-time coach on The Voice, which started in 2018, earns her a cool $14 million per season.

What does Kelly Clarkson earn on The Voice?

As of September 2021, she’s starred on seven seasons of The Voice (seasons 14 through 21) and won three times in seasons 14, 15 and 17. According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly amid her divorce from Blackstock, Clarkson’s salary in 2021 sits at $1.9 million per month (or $22.8 million per year).

How much does Kelly Clarkson get paid for her talk show?

She Earns $14 Million per Season of The Voice

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly’s The Voice salary is $560,000 per episode, or around $14 million per season.

Who has won The Voice in the past?

The winners of the twenty seasons have been: Javier Colon, Jermaine Paul, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, Tessanne Chin, Josh Kaufman, Craig Wayne Boyd, Sawyer Fredericks, Jordan Smith, Alisan Porter, Sundance Head, Chris Blue, Chloe Kohanski, Brynn Cartelli, Chevel Shepherd, Maelyn Jarmon, Jake Hoot, Todd Tilghman, …

Is Blake Shelton The owner of The Voice?

Blake Shelton has certainly made his mark on The Voice franchise after being a coach every single season since it first aired in 2011. Team Blake has won the show six times, and his paycheck certainly reflects his success, as he makes a whopping $13 million per season.

Who won 2019 voice?

Carter Rubin was crowned the Season 19 champ of “The Voice” during Tuesday’s finale, handing Stefani her first win in her fifth season as a coach. (She served as a coach on Seasons 7, 9, 12 and 17.)

Who have been the winners of The Voice Australia?

Winners of the ten seasons have been: Karise Eden, Harrison Craig, Anja Nissen, Ellie Drennan, Alfie Arcuri, Judah Kelly, Sam Perry, Diana Rouvas, Chris Sebastian, and Bella Taylor Smith.