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Fruitberries Face Reveal Age, Twitch Real Name and Instagram

Fruitberries Face Reveal Age, Twitch Real Name and Instagram

The image of Josh AKA Fruitberries’s face was just made public through an online site known as fandom.

Renowned by the aliases Fruitberries and simply Fruit, Josh is a Canadian gaming YouTuber who is most known for his performances in the computer game Minecraft, among other things.

Among those in the Minecraft community, he is well-known for his PvP skills, as well as his speedrunning and trapping skills.

The vast majority of Fruitberries’ videos are about UHC or Skywars trapping, respectively. In order to quickly kill another player, he sets up a trap for him to fall into. He then wins the game with all of the other player’s resources.

Just a handful of the Twitch broadcasts he’s done include Minecraft Championships, Minecraft Saturdays, Minecraft Ultimate, SMP Earth, UHC, Parkour, and PvP, to name a few examples.

He shared the victory in a Twitch Rivals event with Krtzyy, Sapnap, TapL, IlluminaHD, Quig, JojoSolos, and Irushtheworld.


Quick Facts:

Name Fruitberries
Birthday August 28, 2002
Age 18 years old
Nationality Canadian
Profession Streamer
Instagram fruitberriesofficial
Twitter @froubery

Fruitberries’s Face and Age Are Revealed

As previously said, Fruitberries’s face has just lately been disclosed due to the overwhelming positive response from his admirers.
When it comes to his age, he is 18 years old at the time of writing.
He was born in the year 2002 and celebrates his birthday on the 28th of August each year. Because of this, Virgo is his zodiac sign.
Furthermore, he presently lives in Canada and works for YouTube, but there is little information available concerning his personal life.
He is of the ethnicity of the white people.

Fruitberries Twitch and the Real Name of the Fruit

After that, we’ll talk about Fruitberries’ Twitch channel, where he is active under the handle fruitberries and has over 156K followers.
The same is true for Josh, who goes by the stage name fruit berries while being known by his given name.
It may come as a surprise to learn that he also has a verified YouTube account with over 569k followers. On April 2, 2011, he became a member of YouTube.

Instagram accounts for fruitberries

Fruitberries may be found on Instagram under the account @fruitberriesofficial, where he has 580 followers and also follows 52 other individuals, among other things.
Unfortunately, he has only made one post thus far.
His Instagram account, on the other hand, has not been confirmed.

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