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For honor scavenger crates?

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To find your unlocked scavenger crates or to buy new scavenger crates, navigate from the main menu to Customize, select Heroes, select the hero you want to receive the items from your scavenger crate (the items to not transfer between heroes, they will be placed into the inventory of the hero you select here) and …

How do you get scavenger crates in honor?

You can buy scavenger crates from For Honor’s customization menu at any time, but you’re better off waiting until you reach reputation level 1: that’s when higher quality gear becomes available. You can tell which gear is better than others by its color. Gear in blue text is a step up from common gear, for example.

When should you use scavenger crates for honor?

You can purchase scavenge crates through the customization menu. However, it’s best to avoid buying scavenger crates until you’re at least reputation level one. This is because you get high quality gear once you reach reputation level one.

How do you get more honor boxes?

If you run out of scavenger crates to get a Premium Pack, it will instead cost 500 Steel. To get more scavenger crates, you get a few from the Story Mode but mostly they’ll be awarded for Event Orders (where the whole community works toward the goal and everyone gets rewarded if successful).

How do you equip honor effects?

If you navigate to Appearance on the left, you can find your unlocked outfits and ornaments and equip them there. If you navigate to Abilities on the right, you can find all effects, executions and emotes you unlocked and equip them there.

For Honor – Reputation System and Scavenger Crates

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What is the box currency in for honor?

Uses. As the game’s main currency, Steel can be used to purchase everything, from Heroes to cosmetics. If you do not have any scavenger crates, Steel can be used to purchase different “Crates” to scavenge for gear.

How do I get better gear For Honor?

Once you level up your character to level 20, you can reset it to rank 1 without losing your gear or anything else. As you climb up the Reputation levels, you will earn better quality gear. Once you reach Reputation level 3, you will start getting legendary gear as well.

How do you get honor outfits?

For Honor: How to Get Mythic Outfits

Steel is obtained by either purchasing it via a store or earning it in-game by completing matches and Orders. If you want to view these Mythic Outfits before buying them, go to your selected Hero and then enter the Customize tab. From here, go into Appearance and then into Outfits.

How do you Parry For Honor?

All characters in For Honor parry the same way – by pressing heavy/strong attack towards the opponent that’s attacking you. Timing is absolutely key: you want your attack to connect with your opponent’s attack mid-air, thus stopping it from coming in and hitting you properly.

How do you get warmonger For Honor?

To become a Warmonger, one must abandon their former identity, so that they can be “reborn” as one with the Order of Horkos. Their transformation is materialized through the forging of their blade and armor. Most of the Warmongers use materials from their past gear to reforge a new armor.

What gives the most steel for honor?

General Breakdown
  • Breach is the most steel you can get from playing 1 match, no matter your settings or the match duration.
  • Duel is the least steel you can get from playing 1 match, no matter your settings or the match duration.
  • Winning or losing has no impact on your score (although your personal performance does).

How much steel do you get per Honor match?

The particular math here comes from Reddit user bystander007, who calculates that unlocking all the emotes, executions, effects, outfits, and ornaments for a single character in For Honor costs 91,500 in-game “Steel.” That includes the most recent batch of emotes which cost a hefty 7,000 Steel each just for the benefit …

At what reputation do you get legendary gear?

Once you hit Reputation level 1, rare level loot start to appear, however at a low rate. This will obviously increase until you reach Reputation 3, which then allows you to get legendary gear.

What honor gives most XP?

Answer: Breach and Dominion. Both award the most XP for their time investment. Additionally, since XP is awarded based on duration of the matches, Breach is a fantastic choice if you have the time (and the patience for the matchmaking).

Does story mode in for honor give Steel?

Luckily, any difficulty of the story mode will reward the Steel and Scavenger Crates from Breakables. Players simply wanting to grab their free Steel and Scavenger Crates quickly can do so by running through the campaign on easy.

What do you get from for honor story mode?

When you play Story Mode, you can gain Gear Boxes by finding Breakables, Observables, and completing Story Mode on harder difficulties. You can save all of these Gear Boxes for later, rather than use them immediately.

How do I raise my honor reputation?

The best way to level up quickly in For Honor is to follow orders. Orders are basically randomly generated missions that encourage you to play the game in different ways, such as by trying to specifically rack up honorable kills or by trying out a different character.