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Does the word kickoff need a hyphen?

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The closed compound kickoff can also be spelled with a variant spelling such as kick-off. In American English, “kickoff” is typically spelled without the hyphen since it is considered more correct. In British English, “kick-off” should be spelled with a hyphen as opposed to “kick off.”

Should “kickoff” be written with a hyphen?

1 Answer. In written works from the United States of America and Canada, “kickoff” functions both as a noun and an adjective, and “kick off” is the phrasal verb that corresponds to it. For example, “the kickoff time is noon” and “you missed the kickoff” are both examples of single words despite the fact that “kickoff” is used as an adjective in the first example and a noun in the second example.

What does it mean to “kick off” something?

(of an event, activity, etc.) to start, especially in a particular way: kick off (informal) to start an event or activity, especially in a particular way; (of an event or activity, etc.) to start:Tom is going to begin with some opening remarks. The festival will officially begin on Monday with a concert that is open to the public.

What does it mean to kick off?

1: the act of beginning or continuing a game of football with a placekick. 2a: to get the ball rolling on the proceedings. b: to get started; to get under way The film starts off with a heist on a bank. 3 slang: die.

When would I use the expression “kick off”?

When something begins, whether it be an event, game, series, or discussion, it is said to have kicked off. The first of the performances will begin on October 24. The celebration was officially started by the mayor. When you shake your feet in order to remove your shoes, this action is known as “kicking off your shoes.”

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What are some synonyms for the word kickoff?

Synonyms & Antonyms of kick off
  • begin,
  • commence,
  • embark (on or upon),
  • enter (into or upon),
  • fall (to),
  • get off,
  • launch,
  • lead off,

Is the phrase “kick off” used as a phrasal verb?

The phrasal verb “kick off” is defined along with its synonyms in the Macmillan Dictionary.

Should it be “kick off” or “kickoff”?

In American English, the word “kickoff” can be used both as a noun and an adjective. In British English, the noun and adjective form of the word is spelled “kick-off.” Both American English and British English use the term “kick off” as a verb phrase.

Is it starting off or starting off, exactly?

noun The beginning of something, as well as the act of beginning something or the activity or ceremony that marks the beginning of something, such as an event, a series, or a period of time In this context, the term is typically written as a single unit, with or without a hyphen. A music marathon that lasted for two days served as the launch event for the radio station’s membership campaign.

What exactly does it mean to “start the ball rolling”?

to get something going, especially an activity or a process During the meeting, she attempted to kick off the discussion by asking a few questions in an effort to get people talking.

What does “kick out” mean when you use it in a sentence?

He was similar to a lodger or even a brother-in-law who was staying with you temporarily but you didn’t know how to get rid of him. Watching him perform the operation was very entertaining for me. The museum is going to get a great deal of enjoyment out of it.

What goes on during an initial meeting to start things off?

In most cases, the kick-off meeting will take place once the project poster or statement of work has been completed and all involved parties are prepared to get started. You should take use of the opportunity presented by the kick-off meeting to orient the team to the work that needs to be done, identify how everyone will work together, and create shared project goals and check-ins.

Is the word “person” written with hyphens?

The hyphenated term “in-person” is an adjective, which is a word that tells us “what type of.”… In-person is an adjective that describes an appearance that is carried out personally in the physical presence of another person; for example, “we’ll have in-person discussions” or “I’d appreciate an in-person consultation.”

What does kicked out mean?

: to dismiss or eject forcefully or summarily.

In soccer, what exactly is a kickoff?

After a goal is scored, the game is restarted with a kick-off, just like it is at the beginning of each half of the match and extra time, as well. Other types of restarts include direct or indirect free kicks, penalty kicks, throw-ins, goal kicks, and corner kicks. Corner kicks are the most common type of restart.

What does it mean to “kick off” in the slang of the United Kingdom?

(intransitive, British, idiomatic, colloquial) to get one’s temper blown out of proportion, to begin an quarrel or a fight.

What exactly happens at a kickoff party?

A kickoff party is a get-together that takes place in late October before NaNoWriMo and in late March before Script Frenzy, often typically on the last weekend before the month. Script Frenzy takes place in late October and NaNoWriMo takes place in late March. To get a head start on the writing for the month, some locations may also have a kickoff on the first day of the month. This may be done in conjunction with a countdown to midnight on the night before.

How long should a meeting to start things off be?

The Appropriate Length of Time for a Beginning

To give you an idea of what to expect, kick off meetings typically last between one and two hours.

How do you get the day started off right?

Here are seven methods to get your day off to a good start and maximize your productivity.
  1. Take five attentive minutes. …
  2. Take a sip from that glass of water….
  3. Pre-plan your clothing. …
  4. Create a check list of things that are “must-dos”…
  5. Have a great time with your coffee in the morning…
  6. Spend some quality time with your loved ones….
  7. Consume some breakfast.

Should “in person classes” be written with a hyphen?

No, it is only acceptable to use it as an adjective when placed in front of the noun it modifies, such as in the sentence “I conducted an in-person interview.” But, you are employing it as an adverbial phrase that modifies the verb “addressed,” which means that you should not use a hyphen in this instance.

Is “person in charge” written with hyphens?

You are quite correct, sureshot; it is used more frequently without the hyphens, particularly when it is a component of the sentence “person in charge of ____.” It is recommended that you inquire with the person who is in charge of the hall. It is recommended that you inquire with the person in charge. It is recommended that you inquire with the person in charge.

Does “full time” consist of two words?

Full-time is included as an adverb in the dictionary with a hyphen in front of it… She resided there on a permanent basis. In its capacity as an adjective, it abides by the following rules: If it is a direct adjective, you should hyphenate it, but you should not hyphenate it if it is not in front of the noun.

What should you say during the meeting that kicks off the project?

A typical agenda for the kickoff meeting with stakeholders should look something like this:
  1. A round of introductions: who is in the room? (5-10 minutes)
  2. The background of the project and the mission statement: why are you here? (5 minutes)
  3. The scope of the project and its deliverables: What are you creating? (10 minutes)
  4. Metrics of success: how do you plan to evaluate your achievements? (5 minutes)

How do you get a meeting off the ground to start?

The following are ten measures that can be taken to ensure a successful kickoff meeting.
  1. Make sure you are prepared for the meeting…
  2. Introduce people to one another…
  3. Begin with the reason for doing the project….
  4. Discuss the blueprint for the project…
  5. Outline the parameters of the project….
  6. Determine who will be responsible for what aspects of the project….
  7. Disclose the location at which you will monitor the progress of the project and make real-time updates…
  8. Make time for questions.