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Does savage lee drop unkempt harold?

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Notes. As of the 6th of August in 2013, the likelihood of Savage Lee shedding the Unkempt Harold has increased… Once The Road to Sanctuary has been finished and handed in, the only time Savage Lee will spawn in Marrowfield is after you have completed it.

Did Savage Lee drop unkempt Harold in TVHM?

Indeed, I did farm for a while in TVHM before moving on to my UVHM game in order to prepare for it. However, the most of those he was dropping for me were about level 49, and it took me approximately two hours to acquire the DPUH that I want.

Who gets rid of Harold the slob?

Torgue is known for producing the iconic firearm known as Unkempt Harold. In Borderlands 2, it is possible to acquire it at random from any source of appropriate loot, however Savage Lee, who can be found in Three Horns – Divide, has a greater chance of dropping it.

How likely is it that Savage Lee will provide you a Harold who isn’t well-groomed?

The Drop-Rates of Unkempt Harold (BL2) and Any and All Sources: Savage Lee: 10%

Does Savage Lee always reappear when you play?

It is possible for Savage Lee to spawn twice on the map at the same time, once close to the fast travel station in addition to his regular location in Marrowfield…. After The Journey to Sanctuary has been finished and handed in, Savage Lee won’t spawn in Marrowfield until that quest has been completed.

How To Farm Savage Lee | Borderlands 2

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Which version of Harold is the most appealing to you?

There are more bullets with a double piercing round, and the torgue grip has a larger magazine capacity and produces results more quickly. When playing in standard mode, the DPUH isn’t quite as effective because it requires a lot of ammo and any Unkempt Harold can kill in a short amount of time. Other from that, the DPUH is definitely the most appropriate choice in most circumstances.

Who messes up the nozzle on the grog?

Tiny Tina’s Attack on Dragon Keep features the one-of-a-kind pistol known as the Grog Nozzle, which was produced by Maliwan. Even though it was a potential loot item during the Borderlands 2 0,000 Loot Hunt, this weapon can only be obtained during the task “The Beard Makes the Man,” which is the only time it may be used.

Is Harold Good if he’s bl3 and untidy?

Is there any merit to the Unkempt Harold? The Unkempt Harold is a monster, and you ought to make it a point to acquire one for yourself through farming.

How much of a drop occurs when the fastball is thrown?

The drop rates for Fastball (BL2) and any Other Sources: 10% Decrease Throughout the World

How do you improve weapons in Borderlands 2?

Once you have arrived in the city of Sanctuary, you will be able to pay a visit to Crazy Earl (shown by a square on the map) and purchase upgrades that increase your capacity for ammo, weapons, grenades, as well as inventory and bank space. Each subsequent upgrade of the same kind incurs an additional cost. The capacity upgrades, on the other hand, are restricted. Eridium is used as the transactional currency for each upgrade.

Do all Moxxi weapons have the ability to heal?

You have overlooked the fact that the controller shakes while it is being fired. The Moxxi weapons are a variety of firearms that restore a portion of your health equal to the amount of damage you deal. You want them on a Gunzerker because the benefit they provide also applies to any other gun you have drawn while you are Gunzerking. This is the primary reason you want them.

Does the Grog Nozzle give you the straight scoop?

@BlackHeartV is absolutely correct; the objective stuff will level up alongside you. If you accept the quest on any level, it will not reset your progress until the end of the game, regardless of the level it was accepted on. This means that there will be no main menu resets.

How do you use Grog Nozzle?

Place the other in your off hand and keep the DPUKH in your primary hand. Grog should be in your left hand, and Harold should be in your right. Because the effect of the nozzle will spread to your right-hand weapon as well, you can think of this weapon as a grog nozzle double-penetrating untidy harold.

How do you get slag Rubi?

Barrel. The Rubi is a one-of-a-kind handgun that was made by Maliwan and can be found in Borderlands 2. Giving the booze to Mad Moxxi during the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous, which is located in The Dust, is required in order to acquire this item.

How do I get badaboom?

The infamous Badaboom is a rocket launcher that was developed by robbers and scavengers. In Borderlands 2, it is possible to get it at random from any source of appropriate loot, however King Mong, who can be found in Eridium Blight, has a greater chance of dropping it. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the Badaboom can be acquired at any time and from any source that provides sufficient treasure.

How far along the levels does the warrior go in the TVHM?

Because the missions in TVHM have a fixed level up until you reach level 50, this ensures that if you’re at the appropriate level for the story objective, you’ll be well on your way to reaching level 50 by the time you finish TVHM.

Where can I get Torgue Tokens through farming?

Drop Guide

Tokens of the Torgue may only be acquired within Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, either by completing objectives, receiving them as loot from particularly formidable foes or bosses, or winning them from the Torgue slot machines that are included within that DLC.

What exactly is a DPUH?

DPUH is an abbreviation that stands for “double penalizing unkempt harold.” Displaying comments 1 through 15 out of 17. Borderlands 2 > General Discussions > Subject Details.

Where exactly can I find the safe haven in Borderlands 2?

Background. Sanctuary is Dahl’s chief mining ship, which he brought to Pandora to mine rare minerals from an location that is today known as the Caustic Caverns. The ship was given the same name as the city that he built on top of it.

In Borderlands 2, what is the highest possible level?

The level maximum will be raised to 80 for players who have already purchased the DLC, while new players will have their levels automatically upped to 30 so they can access all of the updated content.